Mark Gregory

Telstra's Wi-Fi play demands stricter scrutiny

The telco's bold plan to build a national Wi-Fi network may seem innocent enough but it raises some vexing issues for its rivals and regulators.

The NBN twilight zone

The Coalition's multi-technology mix NBN poses technical and rollout coordination challenges that could well leave quite a few premises out in the cold.

NBN and net neutrality: What it means for Australian consumers

In the next decade the NBN will become the dominant medium for content distribution and without net neutrality laws the larger service providers will make merry and further entrench their dominance.

Time to end the NBN spin cycle

It’s critically important that NBN Co is allowed to continue the rollout without the shackles of ideological persuasion, dubious timelines and an opacity that emboldens its many critics.

NBN Co's great gamble

HFC might be able to give NBN Co a boost in connection numbers at the right time but it won't be easy or cheap.

What's good for Telstra is good for NBN Co

The draft carrier licence condition released by the government penalises the industry in favour of Telstra and NBN Co. With the fate of both entities closely intertwined Telstra's rivals are running out of options.

The NBN phony war is over

Breaking Telstra's dominance was never going to be easy and the Coalition's NBN 2.0 has inevitably compounded the problem. With its rivals up in arms how is the Telstra split going to play out?

Attack of the NBN zealots

Diehard fibre fans aren't NBN Co's only problem. The company's fate is being written by economic zealots that need to be put back in the box.

NBN Co tied up in fibre knots

The past couple of weeks have not been pleasant for NBN Co's senior management and things could get a lot worse, especially if the cost of running fibre straight to premises continues to tumble.

Turnbull's NBN headache rages on

With David Thodey saying that the Telstra-NBN Co deal still has 'long way to go' and TPG continuing on its merry way, the NBN complications are piling up for the Coalition.

Why the NBN's cost-benefit analysis is flawed on arrival

Millions of dollars later, the Vertigan committee's report has so far failed to shed any useful or rigorous insight into the future direction of the NBN.

A fibre freeze is hampering Tasmania’s tech transformation

The Apple Isle is forging a new future in the global digital economy, but issues with the NBN, data centres and backhaul are holding it back.

What the NBN cost-benefit review doesn't tell you

Nine months in the making the Coalition's landmark cost-benefit analysis still leaves many important questions unanswered.

Clearing the air on a fibre-to-the-node NBN

With FTTN and HFC now set to form the backbone of the NBN, it’s time for NBN Co to shed some further light on the design rules.

Labor’s NBN bubble has burst

When it comes to Australia's broadband future the opposition has seemingly lost its voice.

Choking on a one-lane NBN freeway

NBN Co badly needs to revisit the capacity and congestion problem plaguing Australia's telco networks, as a multi-technology mix will clog the pipes up quickly.

Baby steps for embattled NBN Co

The Coalition’s NBN policy remains a lemon, but at least NBN Co chief executive Bill Morrow and his team are trying to make it a little more palatable.

Playing NBN politics with the ACCC

The government must be getting desperate if its appeal to the competition watchdog about the pricing of Telstra's fixed-line services is anything to go by.

Turning NBN Co into another Telstra

The Vertigan NBN panel's first report was expected to shake the foundations of NBN Co but it's steady as she goes for the moment. However, there's plenty here to suggest what might be in store for the NBN.

Wrapping the NBN in cotton wool

NBN Co may have been given legislative protection that is unsurpassed in the nation's history, but is it the biggest anti-competitive arrangement ever?