Oliver Marc Hartwich

'Whatever it takes' is not the whole story

Whether or not you accept the ECB's view on new euro strength as a deflationary risk, the need for a weaker currency is not a given. In fact the ideal exchange rate for each euro country is vastly different.

Snails, worms, concert halls and airports: Germany's endless waste

Germany's track record of managing large government projects is a far cry for the efficiency it pretends to parade before the rest of Europe.

Miracles and mirages in the eurozone wonderland

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A nearly-bankrupt Greece is planning its return to capital markets, while the ECB impresses markets despite its inaction. Now more than ever, absurdity reigns in the eurozone.

France is Europe's largest time bomb

An electoral thrashing and the token replacement of his Prime Minister won't stop François Hollande from determining France's direction, but his track record so far offers little cause for optimism.

The secrets of great managers

Many employers to turn to management gurus for advice on how to achieve outstanding business practice, but the best route to corporate excellence is often the simplest one.

Why government spending doesn't pay

Sobering British research has found no positive correlation between public investment spending and economic growth... and some kinds of investment corresponded with lower GDP.

The slow death of Europe’s utility icon

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German utility company RWE AG has fallen victim to the country's energy policy shifts of the past decade. But the structure of the policies means RWE's sacrifice will likely be for nothing.

Europe's para-democratic madness

Europeans’ dissatisfaction with the EU's political parties and direction will only be exacerbated by the upcoming European Parliament elections, which will emphasise exactly what's wrong with Europe.

Why the markets got it wrong on Europe

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The market has taken an optimistic view of eurozone periphery bonds, but shrinking capital stocks, rising public debt and questions over the ECB's legal mandate still ensure a high risk of default.

A Swiss crevasse for EU relations

Switzerland's referendum on migration intakes delivered a radical backlash to the EU’s common market policy, and a dangerous precedent for other countries.

Will the euro die in the courts?

Germany has delivered a bold double assault against the ECB and European Court of Justice, which effectively leaves Mario Draghi's 'whatever it takes' pledge to save the euro dead in the water.

Great Scott! Britain's two faces on Europe unmasked

As the Scottish referendum looms, the UK is spruiking the EU’s benefits to Europhile Scots while lambasting it to sceptics. And Scotland wants to retain both EU and English ties on its own idiosyncratic terms.

Saint turns sinner: Germany's dubious crusade

It's no longer the growth machine of Europe, but that hasn't stopped Germany from embarking on a domestic spending spree while preaching austerity to the rest of Europe.

Athens 2014 is not Sarajevo 1914

The centenary of World War I will see many commentators looking to draw parallels between the political ructions of today's Europe and the calamity that led to the Great War. It should not be used as justification for failing European integration.

Silent assassins chase German savers

German savers, stuck as hapless players in Europe’s zero sum game, face annual bank deposit losses of 1 per cent. But that's only the start – they are in for more rude shocks.

Rates of wrath: Why the EU needs real reform

It's clear deficit spending and currency devaluations have run their course in their eurozone. But implementing loose monetary policy is not going to kick-start growth.

Don't put Germany on the economic axis of evil

Instead of calling for Germany to reduce exports and boost domestic demand, the US should accept the competitive challenge.

I spy the demise of the 'Old West' alliance

The Europe and the US know their economic and geopolitical clout is fading. The only way for them to retain significance is to work together, not against each other's interests.

Big government makes Europe a no-grow zone

Unwieldy state tentacles are strangling Europe's economic advancement, with government still responsible for over 45 per cent of GDP. If the region wants to grow, it must downsize.

Blowing the cover off Europe's bank crisis

A new round of ECB stress testing will finally expose the extent of the eurozone’s bad bank problems, and fan the flames of dissent on how to address them.