Oliver Marc Hartwich

A Greek olive branch for Steve Keen

It is not so much evil austerity policies that are crippling Greece, but its membership of the eurozone.

Greece’s presidential gamble could trigger the next eurozone crisis

Just as the Greek economy was finding its feet, political uncertainty has reared its head, with huge implications for the eurozone.

New Zealand's lessons for Australia

Politicians avoid talking about economic reforms for fear of alienating voters. But New Zealand's experience proves that genuine policy changes are possible.

Why abolishing cash is not on the money

Cash might not be needed for the majority of business transactions, but it remains the most effective way to keep central bankers honest.

Germany's elites reveal their true colours

Two high-profile scandals afflicting a prominent chief executive and a former federal chancellor shine an unflattering light on Germany's political and business culture.

Can Juncker survive 'Lux Leaks'?

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The release of thousands of leaked documents implicates European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in a major corporate tax scandal, putting his career on the line.

Taking a gamble with negative interest rates

Having money in the bank isn’t what is used to be. The ECB’s negative interest rates are filtering through the system, with one German bank now charging its customers to store their cash.

Will the Swiss drive up gold prices?

A popular movement clamouring for the Swiss National Bank to increase its gold reserves could send global prices higher - but only if the fickle Swiss vote to do so.

France's indecent proposal is an affront to policymaking

France's plan to press Germany for more fiscal stimulus isn't just informed by spurious logic -- it's also economic blackmail.

Has Germany's bubble finally burst?

German policymakers have long been complacent about the country's economic health, but it now appears their inaction will come back to haunt them.

Juncker's multi-billion stimulus phantom

Jean-Claude Juncker has yet to assume the role of President of the European Commission but he's already revealing why there was so much resistance to his appointment.

The joys of forming a European government

The convoluted process of appointing new EU commissioners will likely delay the formation of Europe's new political line-up for some time.

An acid test for French-German diplomacy

The reception the French Prime Minister received on a recent visit to Berlin leaves no doubt as to the gulf of misunderstanding and mistrust between the EU's two leading nations.

Why Scotland's vote has Brussels spooked

Whatever the outcome of Scotland's referendum on independence, the political ramifications for the UK and EU will be severe.

The strange death of liberal Germany

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Germany's numerous challenges require economically liberal solutions, but they won't be found amid the country's fractured political landscape.

The sublime irony of Draghi's dilemma

ECB president Mario Draghi has the power to move European economies, but the policies he advocates also stall the chances of a genuine, sustainable recovery.

There's only one cure for the eurozone's terminal disease

Anaemic growth rates in the eurozone are having a deleterious effect on debt levels, making it near impossible for countries to turn their finances around. There is a solution, but it's a politically messy one.

The calm before the eurozone storm

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The ECB's implicit guarantee of a bailout may have calmed the euro crisis temporarily, but it has also caused governments to become complacent with their reform agenda.

Schooling the anti-capitalists on inequality

The redistribution of a shrinking wealth pie will not solve the West's inequality woes. Providing education for all while protecting the wealth-creating ability of the free market is a better way to achieve prosperity.

A new legal challenge to the ECB's mandate

As with its intervention to do 'whatever it takes' to save the euro, there are serious doubts about whether the ECB has a legal mandate to deal with the region's banking mess.