Pat McConnell

The risks in Bunnings’ UK strategy

Bunnings is upbeat about its acquisition of UK chain Homebase, but analysts are wary.

Seeing through the banks’ tax avoidance schemes

When it comes to dodging their fair share of tax payments, the banks are the biggest culprits.

Financial fraud in the 21st century

Regulators and bank executives need to bolster their IT resources in order to combat increasingly sophisticated forms of financial fraud.

The finance industry's Asian pipe dreams

As politicians spruik the benefits of a batch of freshly minted free-trade agreements, it's unclear whether our financial services industry is up to the challenge of competing in Asia.

Naming and shaming helps keep banks honest

Instead of asking bankers to behave nicely, Australia should look abroad to see how other jurisdictions are tackling similar issues.

ASIC is still grappling with the swap rate fixing scandal

Australian banks and the financial industry regulator need to face up to the consequences of the recent manipulation of the Australian interest rate benchmark.

ASIC lacks bite as the UK chews down

Greg Medcraft's warning to SMSFs on financial spruikers is cold comfort for super holders. A regulatory clampdown by his UK counterpart shows just how weak ASIC's stance is.

The bank claims genie is out of the bottle

The rise of claims management companies has seen the private legal sector take bank regulation into its own hands. But rampant litigation is no way to run a financial system.

Setting a better trap for financial fixers

In contrast to a recent Storm Financial settlement, Wingecarribee vs Lehman Brothers shows that regulators can nail the perps. We must give ASIC, APRA and co more backing.

New APRA proposals are risky business

Treasury's consultation paper on APRA powers contains proposals which could leave taxpayers at greater risk of picking up the cost of a bank bailout.

A false dawn for bank regulation?

There's little evidence APRA investigations are improving the behaviour of Australian banks, despite ample evidence of problematic behaviour since the GFC.