Robert Gottliebsen

Robert Gottliebsen

Robert is one of Australia's most respected investment experts and has been a key commentator on Australian business and finance for over three decades. Robert co-founded Eureka Report in 2005 and was also a founding member of Business Spectator, a business news and commentary site. Robert was the founding editor of Business Review Weekly in 1981 and spearheaded the magazine for the next 19 years. He  was the original Chanticleer in The Australian Financial Review and after this, between 2000 and 2005 he was National Business Commentator for The Australian.

Infrastructure investment needs a super shake-up

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Many self-managed super funds are about to get hit as bank shares come under pressure from disruptive new players. Opening up infrastructure investment could plug the gap.

Thodey's sitting pretty on Telstra's NBN war chest

David Thodey managed to lock in a huge NBN bounty with Labor, largely because Rudd wasn't across the numbers and Conroy was anxious to get a deal done. Telstra's CEO has big plans on how to spend that money.

The union inquiry is splitting the Coalition in two

Big companies are just as much to blame as unions for lowering productivity but some conservatives' black-and-white view of IR could get in the way of justice.

Appeasing unions is taking its Toll

Toll’s deal with the Transport Workers Union underscores that cartel-style agreements are not confined to construction and are damaging Australia’s productivity.

CBA can't make the same mistakes at Bankwest

If Ian Narev has learned anything from the financial planning scandal he will act quickly to address allegations of impropriety around the Bankwest buy – and he will bypass management when he does.

China’s corruption crackdown could deliver a blow to Australia’s property market

The Chinese government's efforts to stamp out corruption could result in regulators turning off the real estate tap, with detrimental consequences for the Australian housing market.

Shorten must go cold turkey on union cartel cash

The new building codes of conduct have severed a lucrative funding source for Labor but any incoming government must resist winding them back if they care about supporting the community.

The domino effect that will crush the building cartels

After years of disgraceful cartel-style agreements between Australia's major builders and unions, suddenly there has been a dramatic breakthrough that could change everything.

Something rotten at the Grocon picket line

Grocon construction workers were expressly opposed to forming a picket outside Myer last year – so who was protesting? It’s time for the competition watchdog to sharpen its teeth.

Abbott risks losing the middle class to Palmer

Tony Abbott’s plan to extend fair contracts provisions to SMEs is exactly what Australia’s struggling middle class needs, but is it enough to beat the increasing popularity of Clive Palmer?

Lend Lease's huge task to beat the cartels

As the royal commission turns its attention to corruption in the construction industry, it's time to reveal what really happened when pro-cartel forces tried to destroy Grocon. The problem is much bigger than just unions.

A CBA scandal wake-up call to all banks

Commission-driven financial planning does not meet the needs of savers, who are turning to self-managed funds in droves. Banks that don’t invest in what their customers want will soon realise their mistake.

The big four banks can't afford any more IT mistakes

The big four banks have found agile adversaries in the likes of Google, Alibaba and PayPal, which could challenge up to 30 per cent of their revenues. Big investments in IT will be needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Lend Lease's about-turn leaves the unions seething

Now that Lend Lease chief Steve McCann is backing the government's new code of conduct in commercial building, unions have revealed their fear by launching desperate personal attacks on their one-time ally.

Who will stop the dollar's carnage?

Australia's rising dollar is causing tremendous damage to our export industries, but the RBA can't cut rates further for fear of creating a property bubble. The government can no longer sit back and hope for a miracle.

Retailers pay the price for the government's bad sales job

The hit to consumer confidence is spreading further throughout the economy and major cost-cutting is already taking place.

Unlocking the wealth of Australia’s self-managed funds

Australia’s booming self-managed super fund industry is an untapped well for funding essential areas such as infrastructure, but the big institutions are not exactly willing to play ball.

What does a company do when it can't raise prices?

Simply lifting prices is no longer a cure-all for many brands, including Coca-Cola. Alison Watkins is dealing with the challenge by taking a fresh approach to marketing and workplace flexibility.

Clive Palmer proves he's no fool

In one stroke Clive Palmer has shown he can fix the carbon tax issue in a way the Greens, the ALP, and the Coalition could not. He's also just given our major politicians a much-needed lesson in marketing.

ASADA gets a taste of its own medicine

Whatever the outcome of the imminent federal court trial over the legality of ASADA’s Essendon investigation, the anti-doping authority’s standing is already severely diminished.