Robert Gottliebsen

Robert Gottliebsen

Robert is one of Australia's most respected investment experts and has been a key commentator on Australian business and finance for over three decades. Robert co-founded Eureka Report in 2005 and was also a founding member of Business Spectator, a business news and commentary site. Robert was the founding editor of Business Review Weekly in 1981 and spearheaded the magazine for the next 19 years. He  was the original Chanticleer in The Australian Financial Review and after this, between 2000 and 2005 he was National Business Commentator for The Australian.

Greece's new finance minister is just what Europe needs

Yanis Varoufakis believes with a passionate intensity that the Greeks can’t leave the euro. But he has a clear plan that could benefit both Greece and Europe.

The turnaround story that should be a model for Australian business

Three years after it was set for the scrap heap, Australia's frozen vegetable processing industry has been revived. And it's all thanks to good management.

The battle for the discretionary dollar

As salaries stall and retailers scrap it out for a share of the consumer dollar, Asian investment in Australian real estate appears to be our only source of optimism.

A shocking lack of foresight from Australia's power companies

Power companies spent billions in an effort to centralise power generation, and will now need to spend more as the system moves towards decentralisation.

SMSFs should get a piece of the infrastructure pie

By making it easier for self-managed super funds to invest in infrastructure projects, the government could both bolster its push for infrastructure-led growth and build community consensus for major projects.

Companies must seize Australia's hidden opportunities for growth

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Companies across a wide range of industries are only just starting to wake up to Australia's enormous potential for long-term growth.

The big end of town is stunting jobs growth

We need to get rid of unfair contracts so that small businesses can put Australia back to work.

The new cabinet ministers must recapture Abbott's vision

Bad advice and cover-ups felled former defence minister David Johnston. Other ministers must not let the public service's blunders obstruct the Coalition's plans for Australia.

Abbott needs to get his house in order

Tony Abbott was a very effective opposition leader but, if he wants to rank alongside the likes of Hawke and Howard, he needs to clean house.

Australia is drifting into an economic storm

A Treasurer out of his depth, a weakening economy, and global instability all point to difficult times ahead for business and expose the lack of direction in Canberra.

Hockey must revive Andrew Robb’s vision

The Coalition has shelved Andrew Robb’s plan for economic prosperity, but it must be revived to get Australia back on track. Here’s nine steps that should be taken.

Why Australia needs Chinese property investors

The Chinese will become even bigger players in our property market, and Leighton's sale of John Holland to China Communications Construction Co is just the beginning.

What Hockey can learn from Medibank

The government needs a lesson in how technology can drive down costs. The Treasurer and his Health Minister would do well to look closely at what George Savvides is doing.

Brace for the knock-on effects of the oil price slide

The low oil price, coupled with Australia’s LNG gas disaster, will have wide-ranging repercussions and potentially see some companies go broke.

Why the East West Link is not dead yet

There is still a chance the East West Link will proceed because of the incredible mess the new government has inherited, and it will cost Victoria at least $1bn.

Eight ways Murray could transform Australia

The Murray inquiry has thrown down the gauntlet for changes in key areas that impact all Australians. Now, it's up to the government and the Opposition to make things happen.

Why Sydney won't mirror Melbourne's apartment glut

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The apartment markets in Australia's two largest cities have diverged and it looks as if Melbourne prices could be headed for a fall following a flood of investment.

How the public service conned Hockey

Joe Hockey has become a puppet for parts of the public service that have lost touch with the nation. He needs to wake up and take charge.

The social network cashing in on emerging markets

Facebook has been a roaring success in developed countries, but a new social media platform is about to take developing countries by storm.

Trouble is brewing in the bond market

A dramatic fall in bond rates and equity values and decline in commodity prices are signs of more tumultuous things to come for the Australian economy.