Robert Gottliebsen

Robert Gottliebsen

Robert is one of Australia's most respected investment experts and has been a key commentator on Australian business and finance for over three decades. Robert co-founded Eureka Report in 2005 and was also a founding member of Business Spectator, a business news and commentary site. Robert was the founding editor of Business Review Weekly in 1981 and spearheaded the magazine for the next 19 years. He  was the original Chanticleer in The Australian Financial Review and after this, between 2000 and 2005 he was National Business Commentator for The Australian.

Morrison braves himself for another battlefield

Scott Morrison's successful stint as Immigration Minister has made him a prime contender for the top defence job, but he must stand his ground amid fire from critics.

Bye-bye, bankers: good managers will rule the roost

Private equity firms are no longer banking on the wisdom of investment bankers to run business, opening up new avenues for aspiring moneymakers.

Kohler shows good journalism is alive

Journalists in rival media organisations united behind Alan Kohler to stop a return to big commissions ravaging small investors. The government responded. Banks need to change their model.

Why Australians may soon turn sour on their beloved banks

Australian savers have embraced bank deposits, hybrids and shares, but two events could eventually bring an end to the love affair.

How to sack executives: Leighton's big chance to show Australia

Like Qantas and many others, if Leighton is to prosper in Australia, it has to remove executives still playing by the old rules.

Rising unemployment: self-managed funds to the rescue

Government advisors can now see big unemployment pressures in 2015-16. Unique policies involving bank regulation and self-managed funds will have to be considered.

Abbott's plan to cut the public service and change taxation

While the rest of Australia is focused on refugees and the carbon tax, the Coalition is dramatically changing the way the public service operates. The taxation system will be next.

How Bouris will take on the big four

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The mortgage manager and television host has rearranged Yellow Brick Road to build a suite of products that will challenge the major banks.

Has Sinodinos just delivered a super reprieve?

Arthur Sinodinos standing down from the frontbench has huge implications for Treasury's push for changes on superannuation.

A nasty Chinese flu could hurt Australia

Two dangerous flow-ons from the Chinese economy mean the saying that ‘if China catches a cold we get pneumonia’ applies more to 2014 than any year so far.

Dwelling costs are about to be slashed

The Coalition's proposed legislation to improve construction efficiency will deal a huge blow to union power, but the community is set to reap substantial benefits.

A new way to fund rail, roads and hospitals

The ADC Infrastructure Summit decided new projects should be structured so self-managed funds could be a key direct provider of infrastructure money. This would also transform retirement funding in Australia.

Australia needs the dollar to fall now

The iron ore-copper commodity crisis has now spread to oil, which will place pressure on gas export and coal prices. Australia desperately needs a fall in the dollar, but capital inflows aren't helping.

Six reasons for a Coalition legislation blitz

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If recent Senate results are any guide, the Coalition will be optimistic about retaining its Senate seats in WA and achieving its legislative agenda.

The hidden crisis behind copper and iron ore price collapses

Hedge funds are shorting copper, BHP and Rio Tinto because they see dangerous weaknesses in China's banking system. The next stop for the market manipulators could be the Aussie dollar.

Why Crimea is important to Australia

Russia’s Crimea victory is a warning sign of approaching balance of power changes as the US air power declines. Russia will soon have European air superiority, just as Indonesia and China will hold the same advantage in Asia.

The overlooked truth in Australia's jobless recovery

Roy Morgan Research warns that businesses are rapidly reducing employment, accelerating pressure on interest rates -- the reverse of what the market thinks is happening.

Woolworths and Coles draw different battle lines

Woolworths and Coles have deployed contrasting growth strategies in the store wars, with each retailer believing they have a competitive edge. Only the sharemarket can declare the winner.

Woolworths' $1 billion plan to rewrite the retail rule book

Woolworths' radical $1 billion transformation plan will change the entire Australian retail landscape and once again see the group lead the way.

Ukraine's eight world market pointers

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The market reaction to the Ukrainian conflict will rewrite how future world crises will impact the global economy. And I make a brave prediction as to how it may end.