Stephen Bartholomeusz

The delicate balancing act beneath BHP's simplification strategy

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BHP Billiton remains committed to generating volume growth despite its push for increased operational productivity and capital efficiency. It won't be an easy task.

Primo sale brings home the bacon

The big price paid by fresh meat processor JBS for smallgoods business Primo highlights the desire among food producers to capitalise on the rapidly growing Asian market.

The iron ore price slump won't stop BHP and Rio

Even as the price of iron ore continues to decline, the economics of ramping up volumes will remain compelling for Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton.

Tiger will test Virgin's flight path to stability

Improved dynamics in the domestic aviation market will be welcomed by Virgin, but question marks remain over its profitability and balance sheet stability.

Why investors have swamped the Medibank float

Strong demand for the Medibank Private float has pushed up the indicative price range, which will please retail investors but rankle institutions.

Energy producers feel the pressure of an oil price plunge

A major structural change in the oil market has seen prices slump, with oil and gas producers around the world likely to endure significant pain in the near term.

The benefits of breaking up NBN Co

Disaggregating NBN Co might be one way to encourage infrastructure-based competition, but it could prove a tricky process.

Glencore gets slugged by a thermal coal slump

Glencore’s decision to temporarily shut down its Australian coal production highlights the severe stress experienced by the thermal coal sector, and it could be years before the outlook improves.

NBN Co takes a stand for common sense

Despite the absurdities surrounding NBN policymaking, NBN Co has formulated a clear and rational plan for delivering the Coalition's NBN in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

A clean slate for Westpac's new CEO

Gail Kelly will leave Westpac in pristine condition, and the timing of her exit will allow her successor Brian Hartzer an opportunity to carve out his own strategies for the regulatory challenges ahead.

Virgin insures itself against Tiger turbulence

Despite improved market conditions, Virgin Australia's plan for a US debt raising is a prudent one.

Don’t believe the iron ore conspiracy theory

Are the big iron ore guys really conspiring to put the small producers out of business? The short answer is ‘no’, and here’s why.

The LNG pricing pressure that could blow up supply

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In holding out for cheaper LNG pricing, Asian buyers could be shooting themselves in both feet by causing gas supply projects to be delayed.

The media rule changes that have to happen

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Current media ownership and content rules were drafted in a bygone era, way before the internet and mobile technology. The rules simply have to change.

The reasons behind our dollar’s dazzling drop

The violent fall in the Australian dollar overnight has everything to do with US events, but it also reflects what’s happening in Europe, China and our own backyard.

Watchdog would feature in any Foxtel-Ten script

Any planned tie-up between the two TV networks will attract plenty of viewing interest, and the ACCC’s Rod Sims will make sure he’s in the front row.

Captain Narev keeps CBA on an even keel

The latest $2.3bn quarterly earnings result shows the bank is sailing along nicely.

Why the enforcers need the banks’ protection money

The big banks are tipping in the lion’s share of $275bn into a liquidity facility that may never be used, but it’s an insurance policy we all have to have.

Now Woolies' CEO has a fresh headache

Woolworths’ disappointing first-quarter food and liquor sales growth adds to the issues in other parts of the retail group.

For the major banks, it’s all about Murray

The latest bank results are interesting, but the real story is around capital and the likely recommendations from the Financial System Inquiry.