Stephen Bartholomeusz

A healthy prognosis for Medibank's float

It's been a long time coming but there's little doubt that Medibank will be a strong addition to the ASX, and there could be winners all round.

The hunt for yield takes a risky turn

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The types of high-risk debt securities that triggered the GFC are on the rise again, and the global fallout could be catastrophic.

Too late for Vertigan's best NBN lessons

The core element of the Vertigan Committee's attempt to introduce infrastructure-based competition to broadband won't be adopted any time soon. That makes TPG's efforts more meaningful at this point in time.

Murdoch goes back to the future with Move

News Corp's acquisition of real estate platform Move Inc. provides some insight into one potential leg of the group's growth strategy.

Corporate tax avoidance reports are avoiding the real facts

Claims that a large chunk of Australia's top companies are avoiding tax are completely baseless, and many of them aren't even Australian.

Gas cooking means no reservations

Despite a short-term shock for local manufacturers reliant on gas, it's in their own long-term interests as well as the national interest, that resources be developed without domestic reservation quotas.

Why Treasury Wine closed the lid on KKR and TPG

The price offered by the prospective bidders was just not full bottle, and there’s other opportunities that CEO Michael Clarke will want to explore.

Why the RBA wants the dollar to keep cracking

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Among other things, a much weaker dollar will help free up the RBA's ability to bring monetary policy to bear on the housing market.

A London listing will ease the birth of BHP's spin-off

BHP's about-face on the London listing of its spin-off of second-tier assets is good news for UK investors and for all shareholders in the new entity.

The big banks prepare for diminishing returns

As the deadline for the Financial System Inquiry looms, the banks are bracing for changes to their prudential framework that will decrease their profits and increase the costs passed on to consumers.

Keep away from the edge as iron ore cracks

Fortescue believes rationality will prevail in China’s domestic production, but less competitive local producers should be considering a long-term price not far from $US70 a tonne, with potentially volatile periods in both directions.

How the effects test could thwart the competition agenda

The line between pro-competitive conduct and misuse of market power can be blurry, but any change to provisions in the Act could be damaging for consumers and the economy.

A lurking competition threat in the Harper review

The Harper review has taken a broad pro-competition stance in its inquiry, but one of its recommendations is likely to concern companies with substantial market power.

Don't bank on a break-up to solve the financial system's flaws

Breaking up the major Australian banks in order to boost competition would likely have a destabilising effect, and it wouldn't address the sector's biggest problem.

Where Arrium went very wrong

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One damaging misstep explains how an issue from a company as well regarded as Arrium, pitched at a 26 per cent discount, could be trashed so badly along with its share price.

Reading between the lines of the Fed's cautious communication

Normalisation of US monetary policy is likely to become a reality next year, but the Federal Reserve remains cautious in communicating this to markets for fear of sending investors rushing for the exit.

Qantas dreams of a dwindling dollar

A US80 cent Aussie would significantly reduce Australia’s attraction to the airline’s international competitors, while boosting Qantas’ international revenues.

What's next after Lew's Premier performance?

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Premier Retail's stellar performance has led to plenty of speculation about its growth ambitions. Myer could be a plum acquisition, but there are plenty of other options.

The telcos' grand iPhone 6 designs

Despite the diminishing effects of successive iPhone launches on dynamics between Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, the iPhone 6 is a big deal.

A Fed rate rise will be timely for Australia

The Fed's anticipated normalisation of interest rates is likely to cause some market volatility, but the knock-on effects could be helpful for the resources sector.