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NBN FTTN trial delivers raw 105/45 Mbps speeds

NBN Co boss Bill Morrow says the results demonstrate the viability of using copper to deliver high-speed broadband across Australia.

Turning up the heat on TPG

NBN Co has signalled its intention to do whatever it takes to keep the likes of TPG at bay, but the tough talk needs to be backed up by resolute action.

No cuts to FTTP portion of the NBN: NBN Co

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Company refutes reports that the FTTP footprint of the network has been scaled back.

Westfield Sydney welcomes Bitcoin ATM

The ATM, developed by ABA Technology, lets enthusiasts purchase bitcoins for cash and withdraw cash from their existing Bitcoin wallets.

NBN Co responds to TPG threat

NBN Co brings forward its rollout of the NBN to apartments and office buildings, with some premises to be connected by the middle of next year.

NBN Co cuts FTTP footprint: report

Fibre-to-the-premises deployment reduced from 24 per cent to 20 per cent, with 400,000 premises to miss out.

Telstra's NBN payday could be worth $100 billion

Telco reportedly stands to gain $98.2 billion from NBN Co over the next 55 years.

NBN Co's outgoing CTO stands by his team

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Gary McLaren says leaving the organisation before seeing the completion of the Long Term Satellite program will be his greatest regret.

Bitcoin price dives below $US400

Bank crackdown on Chinese bitcoin exchanges weighs on price. Meanwhile, NAB decides to completely steer clear of digital currencies.

NBN monopoly must be preserved: Switkowski

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NBN Co chairman warns private operators may not have the incentive to commit to an upgrade path.

Senior executives leave NBN Co

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NBN Co’s chief financial officer, Robin Payne, the head of corporate and commercial affairs, Kevin Brown, and chief technology officer Gary McLaren are all leaving the company.

NBN Co looks to cut rural wireless and satellite footprint

30,000 or so regional customers could potentially be shifted to the fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) network, saving NBN Co $300 million.

Final nail in Labor's NBN coffin

Malcolm Turnbull puts FTTP NBN to rest but one wonders what the fuss with all the audits and reviews was all about.

Mega breaches, ransomware attacks on the rise: Symantec

Cybercriminals usually like to stage quick smash and grabs to line their pockets but are evidently turning their sights on bigger prey.

Just how bad is Heartbleed?

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OpenSSL may not be first thing one thinks of when surfing the net or sending emails but this is one security bug with the potential to cause a lot of trouble.

Multi-technology NBN set in stone

NBN Co given instructions to continue the NBN rollout using a mix of fibre-to-the-node, fibre-to-the-premises and hybrid fibre coaxial technology.

NSW taxi reform delivers a big tick for mobile booking apps

New reforms promise to save Sydneysiders money while encouraging the use of apps like goCatch and Uber for better customer experience.

Twitter snaps up Cover

Social network moves to carve out a place of prominence within Android ecosystem, buying context-aware lock screen app developer Cover.

Sizing up Telstra's competition

Telstra's quest for growth will require it to step out of its comfort zone, and under David Thodey’s guidance the telco is showing it won't rest on its laurels anymore.

NBN Co falls behind on rollout roadmap

NBN Co misses deadline to provide access seekers with the necessary one-year and three-year NBN construction plans, citing change of build methodology as the key impediment.