Supratim Adhikari

The NBN makeover

While NBN Co's new boss Bill Morrow is wasting little time in stamping his authority, the toxic politics of the NBN continues to bubble under the surface.

New FCC guidelines could undermine net neutrality

Latest guidance could pave the way for the likes of Netflix, Google and Disney cut a deal with internet service providers to get their content shipped to the consumer through faster lanes.

Apple’s ‘halo effect’ lives on

Apple’s latest numbers are in and they are a lot better than expected. There are a few blemishes but the ‘House that Steve Jobs built’ is still on stable ground.

Crime Commission turns the screws on data retention

Law enforcement agency calls for stricter measures to compel telcos and internet service providers to play ball.

Heartbleed fix to cost millions

The Heartbleed bug leaves behind significant financial damage in its wake, with the cost of revoking the SSL certificates leaked by the bug expected to run into millions of dollars.

iiNet adds new blood to board

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Perth-based ISP brings on board two industry heavyweights as it looks to build a future beyond pipes.

NSW ‘talking truck’ trial shows faith in Cohda Wireless

Connected vehicle technology provider set to play a crucial role in the five-year anti-collision device trial initiated by the NSW Centre for Road Safety.

NBN Co cops a serve from the Competitive Carrier’s Coalition

Telco group labels NBN Co’s call for watered down level playing field rules disappointing and unnecessary.

UXC seals security partnership with Senetas

Listed ICT services provider joins forces with data protection outfit to provide encryption services to local government agencies and enterprises.

Why you won’t be paying with your wristband

Nike has reportedly called time out on its FuelBand, failing to get enough scale among its millions of customers. Payments companies are watching closely.

NBN FTTN trial delivers raw 105/45 Mbps speeds

NBN Co boss Bill Morrow says the results demonstrate the viability of using copper to deliver high-speed broadband across Australia.

Turning up the heat on TPG

NBN Co has signalled its intention to do whatever it takes to keep the likes of TPG at bay, but the tough talk needs to be backed up by resolute action.

No cuts to FTTP portion of the NBN: NBN Co

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Company refutes reports that the FTTP footprint of the network has been scaled back.

Westfield Sydney welcomes Bitcoin ATM

The ATM, developed by ABA Technology, lets enthusiasts purchase bitcoins for cash and withdraw cash from their existing Bitcoin wallets.

NBN Co responds to TPG threat

NBN Co brings forward its rollout of the NBN to apartments and office buildings, with some premises to be connected by the middle of next year.

NBN Co cuts FTTP footprint: report

Fibre-to-the-premises deployment reduced from 24 per cent to 20 per cent, with 400,000 premises to miss out.

Telstra's NBN payday could be worth $100 billion

Telco reportedly stands to gain $98.2 billion from NBN Co over the next 55 years.

NBN Co's outgoing CTO stands by his team

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Gary McLaren says leaving the organisation before seeing the completion of the Long Term Satellite program will be his greatest regret.

Bitcoin price dives below $US400

Bank crackdown on Chinese bitcoin exchanges weighs on price. Meanwhile, NAB decides to completely steer clear of digital currencies.

NBN monopoly must be preserved: Switkowski

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NBN Co chairman warns private operators may not have the incentive to commit to an upgrade path.