Tristan Edis

The power sector is collateral damage in our culture war

As more details about the renewables review leak out, it seems the Australian Industry Group's renewed called for electricity bipartisanship will fall flat. With everyone stuck in their positions, Australia is stumbling towards the worst of all systems.

Why wind wreckers are often left snatching at air

The know-how in the wind industry is increasing every year – from blade technology, to installation, to grid penetration – leaving critics who use even slightly out-of-date data blurring the reality of this resource's cost.

Is Abbott crazy enough to axe the RET?

Reports the Coalition is hell-bent on total abolition of the RET wreak of political expectation-massaging. But then again, Abbott could be plotting a Machiavellian shock.

Alan Moran dumped by IPA – a lesson for Abbott?

The IPA's leading anti-renewables campaigner has pushed too far, a reminder for Tony Abbott who must balance his partyroom's sometimes extreme positions with a more moderate populace.

Is it Grimes or Greg Hunt who is misleading us?

Environment Minister Greg Hunt claimed yesterday that the Solar Council chief was dishonest because Hunt was 'crystal clear' about the government's commitment to the renewables target. So why can't Hunt answer my questions about what this commitment actually means?

Origin hit by solar and efficiency demand drop

Just like AGL, Origin Energy has suffered a 23% decline on earnings per customer in large part due to reduced sales thanks to solar and energy efficiency. But they see a silver lining for their newly acquired coal power station on the horizon.

Origin hit by solar and efficiency demand drop

Just like AGL, Origin Energy has suffered a 23% decline on earnings per customer in large part due to reduced sales thanks to solar and energy efficiency. But it sees a silver lining for its newly acquired coal power station on the horizon.

AGL's tense shift towards energy solutions provider

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After another year of falling demand, the energy giant is wisely moving beyond just volume sales to cover all facets of households' power use. So why'd they buy MacGen?

Imagining where Warburton went wrong

Yesterday we put forward the likely case for abolishing the renewables target. Today it's the turn of the renewable energy industry to tell Tony Abbott where Warburton went wrong.

Jinko posts fifth quarter of profits in row

Panel manufacturer financial results looking up.

Reading Dick Warburton's mind

How might the RET Review panel chair Dick Warburton and his colleagues frame their argument? Here's a preview of what might be the opening letter of their report.

Warburton not extreme enough for Abbott?

Reports that Tony Abbott has urged RET Review panel head Dick Warburton to look again at abolishing the scheme may be more about political calculations than an actual intention to kill the scheme entirely.

AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia’s 'shame' of self-interest

New analysis shows how handsomely big power companies – and how little consumers – stand to gain from a reduced RET. Campaign groups are onto it; but can you blame business for being all about business?

Is Maurice Newman a nutter or a genius?

Tony Abbott's business adviser Maurice Newman believes we must beef up our military to prepare for war driven not by global warming but global cooling. Could he just be a genius who, in addition to being an investment banker, is rather handy at atmospheric science?

Joe Hockey's petrol blunder in 3 charts

Can the Bureau of Statistics help Hockey out his hole over claims 'the poor don't drive and thus hikes to petrol excise are fair'?

Avoiding a new era of retail electricity rip-offs

People already encounter traps in signing up to electricity contracts, so opening the market to more complex retail offerings, incorporating products like solar, batteries and smart appliances could be overwhelming. Mobile phones offer some lessons.

Port Augusta council approves solar thermal horticulture expansion

Important milestone for Sundrop Farms' greenhouse and solar thermal project.

Are households the wrong people to be buying power stations?

The reality is that many purchasers of solar systems have little idea of what they're buying. Readily avoidable quality and performance problems are the end result. A better alternative for selling solar electricity is available though.

Abbott's crisis of legitimacy

Recent comments by the Prime Minister suggest the government has already decided to cut the Renewable Energy Target, even though the Warburton Review is yet to deliver its findings. Commissioning 'independent reviews' which deliver pre-determined outcomes doesn't fool anyone - and ultimately hurts the government's credibility.

Three lessons from a power investment binge

Power generators will be screaming to be rescued as the Australian Energy Market Operator declares they'll still face a massive oversupply in ten years time unless over 10% of capacity is closed. Will the public continue to wear the mistakes of our power industry?