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Vic Labor's lame plan to move the climate dial

The Andrews Opposition has released its (very brief) climate policy – while it contains one sound move, the rest is symbolism and delusion.

Clever Leyonhjelm gives Abbott a RET-wrecking template

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Libertarian senator David Leyonhjelm has devised a scheme where he gives the Coalition a political path to its 'real 20 per cent', basically by gutting new wind development in favour of handouts to existing hydro.

WA's utility death spiral in 4 charts

University of WA analysis suggests the WA grid could experience zero demand for central grid power in the middle of the day as early as 2026 based on plausible declines in the cost of solar systems. And cheap batteries don't help the situation.

Newman and Bishop's bizarre reef whinge to Obama

The personal offence senior Coalition politicians have taken from Barack Obama's statement of concern for the future of the Great Barrier Reef appears to indicate either they didn't actually read his speech or they suffer from a profound ignorance of scientific research that is decades old.

Lambie clueless, but does it matter?

Jacqui Lambie announced today she would help the government cut the RET and the CEFC. Her reasons illustrate profound ignorance which insiders say is a product of a puppet master inside her office opposed to wind power. But it matters little.

The Greens get an F in maths for Hazelwood shut-down

'Let's shut down the dirty Hazelwood and Anglesea coal power stations!' may sound great at an environmental activist rally but it shows an astounding lack of understanding of the power market. It's the best thing that could ever happen for other polluting coal generators.

Aluminium and renewables industry in joint plea for RET agreement

Unprecedented joint statement urges Labor and Coalition to restart negotiations which grant aluminium an exemption from the Renewable Energy Target while also providing 'strong target that supports the future of renewable energy'. Will it achieve it anything?

$1 per watt solar is spreading - utilities must become cannibals

$1 per watt solar systems are being advertised now for even small 1 kilowatt installations. The cost of electricity is so much lower than what power companies can offer that they are left with a stark choice: be eaten by others or do it yourself.

How now to call for climate inaction?

After all these years of saying 'we can’t act because others aren’t', you would think the US-China deal would be a cause for celebration among climate policy blockers - but early signs suggest not.

Why you can’t take the BCA too seriously

The BCA says Labor will hurt consumers by refusing to cede to government demands to slash the RET. But delving into their history and that of RET critic and Liberal MP Angus Taylor reveals a rather different story.

Newman gambles taxpayers' money on coal

Desperate to see the Galilee coal mines go ahead, the Queensland Government has said it will 'invest' hundreds of millions to help pay for the Adani mega mine's infrastructure. It's likely it will never get that money back, and is more a 'gift' than an 'investment'.

Climate is on the agenda in spite of Abbott

The G20 summit has been like a series of cascading shirt-fronts – even from the UK Tories and Turkey - for a government that didn't think anyone cared about climate change.

Why solar creams clean coal

The coal industry is getting really desperate in its response to the China-US climate deal - it's talking up clean coal. Meanwhile, it belittles solar - yet just two weeks of 2014 solar production will avoid more CO2 than all clean coal projects ever built.

Abbott shirtfronted by China-US climate deal

The US and China have announced an agreement to contain their global emissions which has left Tony Abbott naked - just in time for the G20 meeting that was supposed not to talk about climate change.

Labor gives up RET negotiations, will the Libs buckle?

Labor has little to lose from playing hardball with the Coalition on this issue. The question now shifts to how vulnerable the government feels.

NSW Government leaves energy efficiency in limbo

Businesses have shown themselves to be spectacularly effective at delivering on NSW's energy efficiency target. Yet, despite today's announcement, the government still dithers over its longer-term plans for the target.

One chart exposes the big lie behind slashing the RET

The government says it wants to slash the RET to protect manufacturers. But this one chart shows why that argument is clearly a con.

$1 per watt solar – it’s here now

One of Australia’s larger and more reputable retailers is selling a 5kW fully installed solar system at $1 per watt - the holy grail price point. With batteries coming down in cost it prompts the question - why bother with utility-scale solar?

Moree solar farm construction begins with warning on RET

Developer notes Renewable Energy Target vital to 70MW solar project and asks Government not to slash it.

Why is Greg Hunt spruiking clean coal - Cory Bernardi, of course

As UN chief Ban Ki Moon urged divestment from coal, the Environment Minister seemed desperate to talk-up 'clean coal' technologies. Yet he would know they are too expensive to win under his Direct Action auction so what's going on here?