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Renewables industry concedes ground, but government still asking for 20% RET

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The Clean Energy Council has laid bare its willingness to go to 35,000GWh yet Minister Hunt has reaffirmed his 27,000GWh position. However, the government may yet be willing to move.

Prime Minister Abbott to receive solar power Christmas gift

Christian group linked to former Treasurer Costello's brother to crowd-fund solar system gift in lieu of lump of coal.

Crossbench deal to cut RET may help renewables industry

A deal between the government and crossbench senators to cut the large-scale RET to 32,500GWh may actually work out better for the renewable energy industry than waiting out for a deal involving Labor. It offers greater upside and less risk of no deal at all.

SunEdison solar farm to deliver power at $US85 per megawatt-hour

SunEdison has now proved that the low power prices for large-scale solar power achieved in India and Brazil were no fluke, contracting to build 350MW in Chile. It will have all the competing technologies such as wind, gas and nuclear feeling decidedly uncomfortable.

Two views on the state of coal's decline

MYEFO has painted a stark picture of falling and flat coal prices but the International Energy Agency says that coal use will continue to grow on the back of China's huge, but slowing, demand.

Energy ministers reject plea for coal power bailout

The COAG position leaves the generators on the back foot as they try to steer supply and demand back in their favour. Utilities may now increase their focus on undermining new renewables, about which ministers were more vague.

Nobel prize winner: Aust Govt increasing the cost of power

Physics Nobel laureate Steven Chu has said Australian policymakers, by winding back carbon reduction policies, are actually going to make power more expensive. Is he nuts?

Solar powers on while utility-scale renewables drop away

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The latest data from Green Energy Markets shows solar PV installations powering on at 75MW for November but with QLD in decline. Meanwhile large scale renewable generation market share has been steadily declining thanks to seasonal factors and little new capacity due to RET uncertainty.

Bishop on a collision course with Abbott’s climate sceptic courtiers

One would hardly describe the foreign minister as an enthusiastic backer of action on climate change, but from her international vantage point she must realise Abbott's ideological blindness must give way to pragmatic reality.

The networks' plan to protect themselves from competition

The lobby representing power network companies wants these companies to have the power to mandate custom designed tariffs for specific customers. It's dressed up as being about protecting fairness but it creates a real risk of being used to protect them against competition from new technology.

Govt concedes on commercial solar, but games continue

The government has provided some good news for both rooftop solar and utility-scale wind and solar, telling Climate Spectator there'll be no changes to eligibility under the small-scale renewable energy scheme. But questions still remain unanswered.

Is there a secret Labor-Liberal plan to stop solar's next 4GW?

Solar PV has hit 4 gigawatts in Australia, but Minister Greg Hunt suggests Labor was keen to collude on hobbling its future growth. What's really going on?

China fingers Australia as climate bludger

Chinese climate negotiators say pledges to World Bank's Green Climate Fund inadequate, highlighting Australia's refusal to donate any money at all.

NAB issues $300m 'Climate Bond'

Bank first to issue bond certified as being dedicated to investments that reduce emissions. Will support 1.5GW of wind and solar projects.

Tony Abbott’s Julia Gillard moment

The PM has made an eerily similar 7.30 Report confession as Julia Gillard did several years ago. Does he realise how silly he sounds accusing others of 'intergenerational theft' while claiming the axing of the carbon tax as a great achievement?

Manufacturers' peace plan for RET dead on arrival

The government has been offered a pathway for achieving a compromise on the large scale RET that everyone should be able to agree on, if only logic prevailed. But it already looks dead in the water.

The Baird Government’s popularity is a lesson for Abbott

Privatisation is obviously not a dirty word but nor is climate change in NSW's corridors of power. One National Party MP has even declared the NSW Government will do all in its power to promote renewables. Abbott may be able to learn something from their different approach to Baillieu-Napthine.

Is this AGL and Origin’s dark and difficult future?

One of the world's largest power utilities, E.ON, has announced it will be offloading its conventional energy business to focus on renewables and distributed energy solutions. It carries ominous signs for Australia's power companies about how technology and policy are transforming energy markets.

New report finds gas is uneconomic at home

A highly detailed report looking at a range of geographic locations, household types and 'gas vs electricity' price relativities finds bad news for gas utilities, with the fuel uneconomic versus efficient electric appliances in a wide range of scenarios.

Could Napthine's loss be Turnbull's gain?

It is extremely odd that the Napthine Victorian government was tossed out after just one term. Anger over the Abbott Government is heavily to blame. They need Turnbull's talent in Treasury to turn the tide of anger.