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Hunt learns to love the CEFC but delivers veiled threat on RET

The Environment Minister has given the first sign the government is undergoing a pragmatic rethink of its jihad on carbon reduction initiatives and institutions in light of Clive Palmer's Al Gore moment.

Alice Springs gets big new solar power project

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Epuron to expand its Uterne solar PV project by 3.1MW with $13m non-concessional loan from CEFC.

Solar leasing model receives gov't green bank boost

Three companies offering solar systems via no money down, long-term electricity contracts and leasing receive $120m financing from Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Coalition's CEFC absurdity; ARENA axe still hovers

Addressing the clean energy industry in Sydney, the government's Bob Baldwin has reiterated the Coalition's determination to axe the green bank for budget reasons – just as it delivers a healthy year of results.

Gas suppliers failing to play by Abbott’s script

Rather than becoming a ‘cheap energy superpower’, a new study from business itself suggests Australia is facing a manufacturing wrecking ball in the form of gas.

Why Abbott's promised bill savings are wrong

The Government is promising average households will save $200 per year on their power bill from repeal of the carbon tax. The reality is most households will see far lower savings.

The carbon repeal hangover

Both the Australian Industry Group and the Business Council of Australia are now making sounds that we still need an emissions trading scheme. Meanwhile consumer savings from repealing the current carbon price are hard to pin down.

How Julia became Ju-Liar and sank the carbon price

In economics there isn't much difference between a carbon tax or a carbon trading scheme and neither are considered evil. But on 24 February 2011 when Julia Gillard said she was happy to use the word tax to describe her emissions trading scheme it made the world of difference and led to its subsequent repeal.

Carbon price falls - Kevin Rudd’s day of shame

Not all that long ago there was bi-partisan agreement to put a price on carbon. But thanks to an egotistical, control freak it all unravelled.

What Four Corners didn't reveal about renewables

While the Four Corners program aired last week lamented Australia's position in the global renewables race, I was actually left uplifted and optimistic looking back to an eerily similar 2007 episode of Four Corners.

Carbon price gone, but never dead

'Axe the carbon tax' was a good slogan but it won’t outlast sound principles of economics, nor the physics of the atmosphere. You can't kill a good idea - and an emissions trading scheme will become law again.

Business Council’s two-consultant trick exposed

The corporate lobbyist is at it again, plastering a new report on renewables with the good name of a reputable firm while the actual conclusions come from a different analyst firm.

Graphite stocks soar on hopes of battery boom

Australian resource stocks focussed on key battery input of graphite experience strong first half.

Govt denies price hikes for privatisation

NSW Government denies that network price hikes of 10% are to 'fatten up' businesses before sale.

Could the end of the carbon tax spell the end of Abbott?

Tony Abbott's rise has been built on the electorate's fear of a carbon tax hit to the cost of living. But after repeal when they next visit Woolies and Coles and open their next electricity bill they'll be sorely disappointed, even with Clive Palmer's intervention.

The state of solar in 3 charts and 2 tables

The annual assessment of the Australian solar PV sector points to a near billion dollar industry in spite of plunging costs and a significant 11,700 stakeholders. But prices need to fall a lot more before disconnecting from the grid looks likely.

No grocery price drop from carbon repeal

Woolworths says no reduction in prices likely from carbon tax repeal, Coles also refuses to guarantee price reductions.

ARENA saved but clouds remain

Ricky Muir and the PUP have delivered ARENA a reprieve, but the government still has room to move if it wants to curtail the activities of the renewables agency.

Pathways to a climate-contained, affluent 2050

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A multi-country group of researchers, led by Jeffrey Sachs, has shown how it is still possible to contain global warming and enjoy strong economic growth – with energy efficiency the first of three plausible steps.

Power market has already repealed the carbon tax

The underlying market in wholesale electricity contracts has already priced-in the repeal, with power selling at some of the lowest levels since the wholesale electricity market was created.