Tristan Edis

A note about Climate Spectator

It is with a degree of sadness that we bring to a close the publication of Climate Spectator.

How the Greens plan to deliver 90% renewables by 2030

The Greens want to shut down all the coal-fired power stations while they simultaneously try to use electricity to replace oil in transport and gas in heating.

Coal power station sold for $1 million – is it the steal of the century?

Things have been grim for NSW coal generators, so grim that the NSW government could only manage to get $1 million for a 1320 MW power station with a replacement cost of $2 billion. Yet there are signs it could be the steal of the century.

RETRACTED: Councils plan big renewable energy auction to bypass power retailers

A Melbourne City Council official has informed Climate Spectator that while Melbourne City Council has teamed-up with several other councils to procure renewable energy the amount they will seek will not ever approach 1200 megawatts in spite of this being the goal of the council for its own municipality.

My error: Council announces ambitious target and I believed it

An article published yesterday about councils aiming to procure 1200 megawatts of renewable energy is incorrect. A Melbourne City Council official has clarified that this is just a goal of their council, but they don't intend to achieve it. So why have such a target in the first place?

Turnbull govt undermines deal to cut coal power plant subsidies

Australia and Sth Korea secure loopholes to allow financing of inefficient coal power plants.

Could Turnbull hopes turn to tears?

Malcolm Turnbull has completely reversed the Coalition’s fortunes in the polls built on what people hope he will do. On climate change are these hopes justified given the Environment Minister has said he doesn’t need to do anything more to achieve his targets to 2020?

Rottnest Island adding solar to go almost half renewables

Energy management controls will align desalination plant power use with solar & wind output, avoiding need for batteries.

ARENA's big solar auction to beat price and volume expectations

The auction looks set to realise major cost breakthrough in large scale solar projects in Australia, with the CEFC chief indicating prices will be comfortably below $135/MWh ARENA threshold.

Going off-grid part 3 – it’s a waste of solar panels

Going off-grid may cost a lot of money but the biggest issue is that your solar system will go to waste. In my case, 80 per cent of solar generation would be surplus to my needs and dumped. Far better to use it to displace fossil fuel generators supplying my neighbours.

By 2020 batteries still don’t add up, but neither does an SUV

One of Australia's leading authorities on solar and batteries has found that even by 2020 the economics of battery systems won't add up unless you live in Adelaide or Alice Springs. But they aren't eye-wateringly bad either and that may be good enough for many consumers.

David vs the Goliath monopoly utility

Because it cares so much about the poor, a network monopoly, partly owned by the richest man in Asia, says it needs to hit customers with higher charges just for owning a solar system. But a small community organisation thinks it can convince a judge otherwise.

Weaning myself off gas and then the power grid – Part 2

Following on from a look at what happens to your power consumption when you switch off the gas central heater, I’ll now look at what type of battery and solar system might get me through winter without the grid connection.

Second Direct Action auction - 4.5m tonnes/year & well short of target

Minister Hunt will no doubt be trumpeting the second auction as a spectacular success, but he's spent half his budget to achieve little more than a fifth of what he promised. Is that a success?

Government authorities are buying renewables but retailers are still missing

The SA Government has joined with several other state government authorities in launching a plan to procure a big chunk of low carbon power. Meanwhile the private sector power retailers are yet to commit to one single project since the RET was re-legislated.

Is our power system operator predicting blackouts?

If you believe some in the media we are apparently at imminent risk of suffering serious blackouts as a result of proliferating solar panels and wind farms. But is that what the energy market operator actually said?

The Turnbull Government fights for coal despite International Energy Agency warnings

The contradictions in the government’s approach to climate change are being flushed out via a diplomatic dispute with the US. But it’s not just Obama making things difficult, with the International Energy Agency changing its tune on coal demand.

The method in environmentalists’ madness over a single pipeline and coal mine

Why are environmentalists so worked up about the Keystone pipeline that will make little difference to oil supplies and the Adani coal mine that they reckon is unfinanceable anyway?

Weaning myself off gas and then the power grid

What happens to your power consumption when you switch off the gas central heater? And what does it mean for taking the next step of disconnecting from the power line too?

SunEdison’s US$70/MWh bid wins Indian solar auction

Record low price in 500MW solar auction raises eyebrows about financial viability.