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Hewson’s lament of Abbott’s takeover

John Hewson has forceably asked the obvious question – why don't Liberals take ownership of the climate change agenda by rediscovering their faith in markets to adapt?

Oldies don't believe in global warming

It seems the older you are the less likely you are to believe in global warming. Yet across all age groups belief in global warming is completely out of whack with surveys of scientific research and scientists. And what's this got to do with Richard Tol?

The Lomborg man behind the IPCC mutiny

The IPCC lead author grabbing headlines for withdrawing his name from the IPCC summary report for being 'alarmist' has long been the economic brain behind Bjorn 'Do-Nothing' Lomborg. But what do his economist peers think of his work?

Direct Action might actually work!

While the Emissions Reduction Fund is plagued by a series of flaws, the government appears willing to make some sensible adjustments which would make a very big difference for energy efficiency.

WA's by-election has left renewables vulnerable

The release of the renewables target review discussion paper has coincided with the results of the WA election. Taken together, they pose an ominous threat to solar, wind and other renewables.

What's wrong with business solar?

Even though solar output tends to be well correlated with commercial business peak demand, residential systems make up a vast majority of Australia's capacity.

Could ARENA defy Abbott's axe?

It's possible the ARENA board could do a 'CEFC', where its board simply ignore government's cuts to its budget because their funding is defined by legislation that can only be overturned by a majority in the Senate. How do the senate numbers stack-up and does the WA senate election matter?

ARENA’s future in doubt

In a highly unusual move ARENA's CEO has issued a letter to potential funding applicants which suggests the organisation's future is in serious doubt. And the response from the Minister to the letter is not reassuring. Is the RET next?

Power companies caught in a tight solar spot

Even McKinsey is warning utilities of the need to adapt to solar, but power companies' options in a distributed energy future are heavily constrained.

The limits to climate change adaptation

If you delve a bit deeper into the IPCC's latest report on impacts of climate change (try chapter 19) you'll find stark warnings about the limits of what we might want to try to adapt to.

The IPCC's limp-wristed climate assessment

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In trying to cover off on all possibilities, the latest report from the IPCC summarising impacts from climate change is likely to leave politicians and the media confused as to what's in store if we fail to act.

Has the Vic Government committed an own goal?

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The Napthine government has cut an energy efficiency loans program that would have saved it more money on its energy bill than the carbon tax impost.

Can solar change the WA senate result?

The Australian Solar Council believes its campaign to preserve the Renewable Energy Target has reached a very large proportion of the WA electorate, including the mortgage belt.

Can solar emulate Apple's computer revolution?

History shows us energy system transitions take decades, if not centuries. But could solar’s growth follow a growth path more like personal computers than power stations?

Solar's 100GW king-hit

A leading solar market analyst says solar PV sales will hit 100GW in 2018. Comparing this to International Energy Agency forecasts suggests we're in for a radical shake-up of the power industry.

Why the regulator gets power prices wrong

The environment minister references IPART's estimates as the authoritative numbers on electricity prices, including renewables. But the NSW regulator is overestimating – and admits it.

Rio Tinto's clean coal idealism

The head of Rio Tinto's energy division argues that that 'coal is here to stay' and the focus needs to be on cleaning up coal. A 2003 speech from a Rio Tinto executive reveals how realistic that is.

Clive Palmer casts big shadow but Labor gets Save Solar tick

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Clive Palmer illustrated in just few short minutes yesterday that he is hopelessly out of his depth once you get into a fraction of legislative detail. Meanwhile, Labor has said it will stick by the RET as currently legislated.

Market decides bigger solar is better

Shrinking cost differentials have made bigger systems more tempting for customers, meaning the fall away of feed-in tariffs is not translating to a system size retreat. In fact the average system is up almost a kilowatt on last year.

Clive Palmer – renewable energy’s unlikely saviour

Out of nowhere, the Palmer United Party has declared its support for the Renewable Energy Target. But is the chameleon Palmer's support a Senate certainty?