Tristan Edis

The misguided energy superpower narrative

The government would do well to listen to the advice given by Ken Henry recently because its vision of Australia as an 'affordable energy superpower' fails to realise that, even were this true, it ain't worth much.

How shale gas shows cheap energy is no saviour

Data on manufacturing output since the US shale gas boom began suggests being an affordable energy superpower isn't what some would have you believe, with Germany's manufacturers doing better than the US.

Hancock gives GVK a payment reprieve

Developer of huge Galilee coal mine granted extension on payment deadline, fuelling doubts about the project.

Will China's dirty coal ban hurt Australian miners?

Some media are suggesting that a move by China to ban the use of dirtier forms of coal will hurt Australian coal exports – but the opposite could be true.

Does - REBATE TO BE SLASHED! - boost solar sales?

The latest solar sales data is in - so are customers responding to threats about the end of the rebate? And is it a fair claim, anyway, given the Senate is saying the Warburton Review is 'dead on arrival' and should 'go in the bin'?

Is Abbott enveloped in a London Fog?

Our first go at industrialisation saw Londoners choking on coal smoke. An extraordinary alliance of world leaders and economists has shown what commonsense already tells us - that is not the only recipe for economic success.

Shorten 'bins' Warburton: Where to next?

Bill Shorten has echoed Mark Butler, saying the Warburton recommendations 'belong in the bin'. It narrows the field of what's possible, pointing to a tricky target-date extension.

Too much supply does not equal blackouts

Yet again we are greeted with a newspaper headline telling us too much power supply will mean not enough power supply ... so the government has to cut the RET. What a load of illogical nonsense.

Renewables industry calls the government's bluff

The Clean Energy Council issued a statement yesterday telling Ian Macfarlane they're not interested in volunteering themselves to be sacrificed. It reflects a belief that while the government talks tough, they are in fact weak and vulnerable on the RET.

Macfarlane's ridiculous RET negotiating position

Ian Macfarlane is trying to switch the onus of RET negotiations to Labor, and the industry, to come to him. But given it is his government that wants to change the law, shouldn't he detail what needs to change and the problem it will solve, besides improving coal generators' profits?

Why Macfarlane is dreamin’

The Industry Minister may be hoping the renewables sector would prefer a quick and nasty deal over a years-long political battle. But that misreads the sector's commercial imperatives.

The real story behind ICAC, Peta Credlin and Brickworks

Did Brickworks' large donations to the Liberal Party give them sinister influence over Abbott's position on the carbon tax? The truth is actually more sinister and truly bizarre.

How Abbott misread the politics of renewable energy

Abbott is facing a grass roots revolt over the Renewable Energy Target, having badly misjudged it as the carbon tax mark II. If he had listened to the relevant ministers instead of his supporter base he may have avoided the problem.

Fossil fuels: An Abbott Government-guaranteed investment

The power sector has splurged on acquiring and building power generation and network capacity in full knowledge of the imperative for greater energy efficiency and cleaner power. Now there's not enough demand for this capacity, they are desperate to make it someone else's problem.

Capacity crowd at Eden-Monaro Save Solar forum

No show by local Liberal MP, Peter Hendy, causes anger amongst attendees.

Pacific Hydro: It's not easy being green

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Outgoing CEO Rob Grant has ridden the technological and regulatory waves of renewable energy, growing from small suburban beginnings into a billion-dollar international power project developer. It's a story Australia should be proud of, but some seem to favour power stations built by state governments decades ago.

Gas price rises to wipe out carbon tax savings

New report estimates a $300 annual hit to Victorian residential gas customers, swamping any saving from repeal of carbon price.

Royalla Solar Farm opens, but where's Solar Flagships?

The 20 MW Royalla solar farm opens today. It happened via the ACT's renewables auction process after just 2½ years. Meanwhile, the federal government's solar farm program is yet to deliver an electron to the grid – after five years. What's the lesson here?

Infigen up, Warburton down?

The wind developer's shares strangely rose after release of the government review recommending the withdrawal of support for wind power. Key executives in the renewables sector believe climate sceptic Dick Warburton is actually helping their cause.

Dick Warburton’s 10 minutes of woe

In an interview that went from trouble to farce, the chair of the renewable energy review fumbled questions about coal's windfall before admitting he has no figures to support his argument to slash the renewables target because Direct Action is cheaper.