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NZ outperforms Australia on economic indicators

by AAP
NZ government expects budget surplus, while unemployment rate falls to 5.4 per cent.

Taking Australia's economic pulse after a challenging year

A glance back over the year reveals the depth of the challenge ahead for Australia's policymakers.

Could the Aussie dollar really hit 75 US cents?

At 81.5 cents, the dollar already looks pretty cheap to global investors hungry for yield. It might eventually slide towards the RBA's target, but it's uncertain if it will stay there.

Dog days are here: Garnaut

Economist says currency needs to depreciate further: report.

Weekend Economist: Down, then Up!

Weakness domestically early in 2015, strength internationally in 2016; when it comes to rates, the market is underestimating these two themes.

Picks of the Week

In this week's essential reading guide, Kohler looks for a lesson in Russia, Bartholomeusz weighs Woodside's gamble on gas and Gottliebsen warns of a looming economic storm.

The Week Ahead

Data on domestic private sector credit will drop on New Year’s Eve, while US consumer spending, confidence and housing market figures will be released before Christmas.

Sizing up Hockey’s budget task

To rein in the budget deficit, the Coalition needs to do much more than chip away at Senate obstruction and target the real problem: excessive social spending.

China could deliver a double blow to Australian exports

The RBA is likely to have underestimated the impact of China's rebalancing, which is likely to hit Australian exports doubly hard amid sinking commodity prices.

Abbott needs to get his house in order

Tony Abbott was a very effective opposition leader but, if he wants to rank alongside the likes of Hawke and Howard, he needs to clean house.

Farewell to Australia’s favourable demographics

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As immigration eases and the population ages, demographic trends will continue to subtly weigh on growth.

Property boom to head north

Brisbane may top Sydney and Melbourne as best performing housing market next year.

The axe will fall hard on mining jobs

As projects wind down, the mining sector is primed for job cuts, but it's unlikely that residential and non-residential construction will be able to absorb the losses.

Hockey rules out GST hike

by AAP
Treasurer says Australians can't afford lift on 10% rate despite OECD calls for a hike.

Treasury experts in $290bn miss

Total of $290bn in downgrades seen to four-year budget estimates since 2010.

Miners an easy tax target: Rio

Tax take from miners rising globally, risk of projects becoming ‘uninvestable’: report.

Economic growth to slow in 2015: WBC

Westpac-MI survey shows GDP expected to grow by 2.7%, compared to 3.2% forecast

Lessons for Australia in Russia’s pain

Russia is staring economic disaster in the face as it scrambles to halt the collapse of the rouble, while back at home the Reserve Bank is insisting the dollar needs to drop. Be careful what you wish for.

OECD urges GST reform in Aust

by AAP
OECD says nation can make better use of GST by eliminating $20bn worth of exemptions.

Aust recession unlikely, OECD says

by AAP
OECD believes RBA rate cuts possible next year, but risk of recession is low.