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In this week's essential reading guide, Kohler takes on the bears, Gottliebsen analyses infrastructure investment and Bartholomeusz weighs up the risk of another financial crisis.

Parkinson warns on low rates

Treasury secretary says pressure needs to be taken off monetary policy.

Aust house prices still booming

by AAP
Winter not slowing down house price growth, Sydney leading way among capitals.

Inflation meets forecasts in June quarter

Official data show headline inflation edges to top of RBA's target range.

Inflation meets forecasts in June quarter

Official data show headline inflation edges to top of RBA's target range.

America's all right Jack – too bad about Russia

When the US embarked on its QE experiment and zero interest rate policy, the rest of the world had little choice but to follow suit. As America prepares to turn off the money tap, emerging markets will be hit hard.

The three forces pushing Australia towards recession

With ballooning household debt, huge banks leveraged to the hilt and a gargantuan Chinese housing bubble on our doorstep, complacent policymakers are letting Australia drift into dangerous waters.

How far must real incomes fall?

GDP growth parted company from income growth in 1999 – and there's every sign real wages are now set for a decline. How unions behave will make a significant difference for everyone.

Zeroing in on the limitations of monetary policy

In Australia and abroad, neutral cash rates have tumbled as economic optimism and growth remain subdued. Central banks are only just getting used to the 'new normal' and its consequences for policy.

Consumer confidence jumps: ANZ

by AAP
Weekly survey finds sentiment broadly back in line with pre-budget levels.

Why Garnaut is wrong about Australia's debt challenge

By focusing on Australia's supposed debt problem, Ross Garnaut has misdiagnosed the issues facing the nation. His policy prescriptions could harm Australia's long-term economic interests.

High-rise cities will boost Australia's growth

City centres are the engine room of Australia’s economy but poor town planning prevents us from making the most of them. Keeping a lid on urban sprawl will be essential to future growth.

Infrastructure investment needs a super shake-up

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Many self-managed super funds are about to get hit as bank shares come under pressure from disruptive new players. Opening up infrastructure investment could plug the gap.

NSW economy gaining momentum

by AAP
Mining states still leading way for nation's economy, but NSW gaining ground.

Editor's Picks

In this week's essential reading guide, Kohler looks at the retirement village industry, Gottliebsen weighs up the union inquiry and Bartholomeusz analyses the Murray financial inquiry's interim report.

The Week Ahead

Policymakers will keep a close eye on June quarter CPI figures at home, while 'flash' manufacturing gauges will be released in Europe, China and the US.

B20 issues GDP, job growth blueprint

Business leaders call for reduction of trade barriers, harmonised anti-corruption laws.

Abbott's infrastructure projects must have a solid foundation

The Coalition's focus on increasing infrastructure spending is commendable, and will go some way in boosting productivity growth. But it must ensure it invests in the right projects.

Economy-wide spending dips in June

by AAP
Data from CBA show annual growth still strong despite consumers tightening their belts.

Mining tax repeal leaves budget hole

by AAP
Senate backs repeal push, but changes to bill likely to see govt vote it down in House.