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Business runs out of growth options

Corporate Australia has run out of growth options and needs to expand offshore, or by acquisition, to generate immediate growth.

Weekend Economist: Not half bad growth

June's sudden GDP slowdown is unlikely to surprise or concern the Reserve Bank. But growth in the latter half of 2014 is on track be much higher than the bank expects.

Picks of the week

In this week's essential reading guide, Kohler assesses our addiction to dividends, Bartholomeusz reflects on Qantas' massive loss, and Gottliebsen talks about how CEOs can learn from a new young player.

The Week Ahead

A flurry of economic data including reads on inflation and GDP will dominate local news, while US employment and labour market data will also be of interest.

How to solve Australia's youth unemployment crisis

There's a lot of work to be done to tackle the nation's high youth unemployment. The CEO of Seek says younger people should tailor their studies to industries where there are jobs, but they also must be taught how to secure a job in the first place.

Shining a light on the damaging effect of a high dollar

A high dollar results in cheaper goods and lower import prices, but as seen with the demise of Australia’s motor vehicle sector, it comes at a devastatingly high cost.

PM’s progress too slow: Ai Group

Leading industry lobby group critical of progress on IR reform: report.

A weakening investment outlook for businesses

A modest quarterly uptick in capital expenditure in the non-mining sector suggests the economy is slowly rebalancing, but a deteriorating outlook for mining and manufacturing investment will weigh on growth.

Iron ore price nears $US88 a tonne

Commodity sees eighth straight trading day decline, hits fresh two-year low.

RBA warns on home lending

Central bank cautions on systemic risk linked to policies that boost supply of mortgage finance.

What the banks aren't telling you about the housing market

A housing downturn would have serious consequences for the major banks, which have binged on mortgage lending for the past two decades. No wonder they're in denial about the state of the property market.

Iron ore price slumps to two-year low

Price of key commodity falls further below $US90, closes in on post-crisis low.

Aust dollar 20% overvalued: BIS

by AAP
BIS Shrapnel forecasters warn currency strength will sap local growth for next 3-4 years.

Abbott needs to take charge and redirect the economic debate

The argument that a weaker Australian dollar is needed to ensure our continued economic expansion is severely misguided and places the country at greater risk of a recession.

SMSFs pay little tax: report

Almost 300,000 self-managed funds pay little to no tax due to credits and exemptions.

Aust housing may be 30% overpriced: expert

Former senior economist at RBA cautions on local property prices: report.

Cormann warns of tax hikes

by AAP
Finance Minister says higher taxes likely if budget doesn't pass through Senate.

Palmer hurting China FTA talks: Robb

Trade Minister says PUP leader's comments "unhelpful" to ongoing negotiations.

Weekend Economist: A telling tale

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Over the last six months, the difference between Australia’s long and short-term interest rates has narrowed. That would typically be attributed to a tightening monetary policy stance -- but here it's a little different.

Unemployed or lazy? Economists know better

Most people don't realise that you only have to work for one hour in paid employment per week to be classed as 'employed'. A greater understanding of simple terms such as employment and unemployment will help to enlighten public discussion