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Weekend Economist: Safe as houses

Despite what the Reserve Bank seems to think, there is very little danger of investor activity throwing Australia’s property markets off balance.

China cuts rates as growth slows

China's central bank makes first rates reduction in over two years amid growth fears.

The Week Ahead

Quarterly business investment figures will be a focus locally, while the US will release significant economic data including economic growth figures ahead of Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Picks of the Week

In this week's reading guide, Bartholomeusz weighs up the Medibank float, Gottliebsen looks at global energy prices and Burgess ponders the future for Australian youth.

The art of a good recession

'Work for the dole' schemes punish the young, rather than address the structural causes of their joblessness. A more creative approach is needed.

Australia will be tested by the mining boom's third phase

As China transitions towards a consumption-driven economy, the need to diversify our export base has never been greater.

Australia can play a role in India's economic rise

Australian businesses have an opportunity to forge enduring ties with India, but they will need to remember that their economic engagement will be a marathon, not a sprint.

Television is not dead, it's just changing channels

Local broadcasters need to move quickly into the online space or they'll risk losing the market to foreign streaming companies.

Australia’s power infrastructure debacle

Not only did we spend too much over the past decade creating excessive network capacity, but the system we have is already outdated.

Class action surge under fire

Chief Justice wants to limit costs relating to class actions as action swells: report.

Why younger Australians need a stronger welfare safety net

If the Coalition is serious about growth, it should lift unemployment benefits for the young and reduce middle-class welfare.

Girls who like boys who like girls who like work

Increasing female workforce participation has been touted as a way to boost economic growth, but bridging the gender gap is hardly a simple task.

Christmas spending to fall in 2014

by AAP
CommBank survey forecasts average spend per person $37 below 2013 numbers.

Tourism Australia, China Southern commit to $4.2m ad push in China

Money to be spent on tourism campaigns, promotional activities in mainland China.

Economy could pick up in mid-2015: Westpac-MI

by AAP
Index suggests growth will be below trend in first-half of 2015 but could improve in second-half.

Beijing billionaires group to visit Aust

Up to 35 business leaders from the China Entrepreneur Club will visit Australia following FTA.

The RBA's complacency is a dangerous gamble

The central bank needs to shake off its complacency and urgently address two key issues threatening Australia's economic growth.

Big retailers slam ‘effects test’

Australian National Retailers’ Association hits out at plans for ‘effects test’: report.

When the young abandon Australia

A tough job market and soaring house prices could push more young Australians to leave our shores. And we'll be worse off for it.

Stevens tips low rates to linger

RBA governor fearful of real estate 'over-exuberance', says corporates slow to recover.