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Hungry property investors are starving small business

Australia’s speculative housing boom is on an unsustainable path and crowding out lending to small business, which will translate to weak economic growth in the long term.

ACCC keeping close eye on electricity prices after carbon tax

by AAP
Consumer watchdog 'painstakingly' sifting through prices to check carbon savings are passed on.

Producer prices lift in Sept qtr

Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows a slight rise in producer prices compared to June quarter.

Export price slide set to hit MYEFO

by AAP
Economists tip more positive terms-of-trade outlook after third consecutive quarterly decline.

Export prices slip in September quarter

Official data shows export prices slide less than expected in Q3, 9.5% weaker over year.

House prices rise strong in Oct: RP

by AAP
RP Data home value index shows housing prices grew an average of 1.2%, after a slow September.

How Australia missed the fracking boat

The long-term environmental and economic benefits that the US extracted from the shale gas boom are yet to be realised in Australia.

Keating warns on China snub

Former PM latest to label rebuff of infrastructure bank as a mistake: report.

Mortgage Choice CEO slams RBA

by AAP
CEO Michael Russell says central bank's talk of curbing property investor activity is 'perplexing and fruitless'.

A long-life hit to dairy prices?

While many expected the local dairy industry to milk record profits from the Chinese market, not all has gone to plan.

Lies, damn lies and GDP growth data

In theory, the RBA's three measures of GDP should tell the same story about the economy. That fact that they rarely do has finally been addressed.

Aust should join China bank: Raby

Geoff Raby labels govt decision not to back China-led infrastructure bank a mistake.

Red tape war ups regulatory bar

Govt to unveil new blueprint to improve performance and accountability of federal regulators.

'Dumb' rules offer $250bn hit to economy

by AAP
Red tape from both public and private sector is costing economy $250bn, Deloitte says.

Grey cloud hangs over startups

by AAP
Study finds fuel costs as the biggest hurdle for new firms seeking to grow their business.

Why we shouldn’t hate the GST

Australia faces a tough choice between eroded public services or an increase in the tax base. To achieve the latter, a GST increase is the clear winner.

Consumer confidence hits 12-week high

by AAP
ANZ-Roy Morgan consumer confidence index rises 2.7% as budget worries subside.

Stop dipping into super savings

Early release of superannuation funds is increasing, including to help people deal with mortgage stress. It's a dangerous trend that should not be encouraged.

EU trade deal may cut car costs

Tariff on European-built cars among possible changes if free-trade deal worked out with EU.

Low-doc loans back in favour

Non-banks make controversial loans easier to obtain as lending standards ­loosen.