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  • The secret to Alibaba’s success

    Peter Cai 5

    Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has positioned itself perfectly to capture the strong growth in China’s consumer market by creating a credit culture in a country where trust is still a weak spot.

  • No stimulus from Beijing, so what's next?

    Peter Cai 1

    Beijing's stance against reckless stimulus is its clearest signal of departure from GDPism. If this extends to successful structural reform, the country could add up to $1.9 trillion to GDP.

  • Abbott makes his mark in China

    Geoff Raby 1

    By changing his stance on Chinese investment, the Prime Minister has shown he’s willing to eschew ideology in favour of pragmatism. His chances of clinching an FTA within a year are now much better.

  • Joyce's silence is golden in China

    Fergus Ryan 1

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott will have to rein in his junior Coalition partner to clinch an all-important FTA agreement with the country's most important trading partner.

  • Chinese banks are passing the buck

    Peter Cai 4

    Investors are becoming increasingly concerned about the deteriorating loan quality of Chinese banks, with a number of trends only serving to aggravate the issue.

  • Can China win the war on air pollution?

    Daniel K. Gardner

    China consumes slightly more coal than all other countries in the world combined. Bold structural reform will be required to kick the habit.

  • Chinese medicine to stem a Japanese-style crisis

    Peter Cai 2

    A spike in Chinese banks’ non-performing loans bears a striking resemblance to Japan's banking system before it crashed, but a new report shows how Beijing is better-placed to deal with any potential crisis.

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