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US pending home sales fall in June

Decline in number of contracts signed to buy existing homes, housing recovery remains choppy.

Why the super rich are running scared of inequality

Even the wealthiest members of American society are worried about the dangers of rising inequality and private debt.

China's property market is no bubble

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There's no doubt that China's property market is headed for a correction, but there are a few compelling reasons why it won't result in catastrophe.

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In this week's essential reading guide, Kohler takes on the bears, Gottliebsen analyses infrastructure investment and Bartholomeusz weighs up the risk of another financial crisis.

The Week Ahead

Local data on house price growth will be watched by investors and policymakers alike, while a host of top-shelf economic indicators will be released in the US.

The bumps in the road to global recovery

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Advanced economies are battling high levels of public and private debt, while emerging markets are taking on structural reforms amid a tougher financial environment.

Three graphs that map Australia's 'brain drain'

Our talent is escaping overseas, but should we be concerned?

Homing in on a soft spot in the US recovery

The combination of a strengthening labour market and a subdued household sector will pose challenges for the Federal Reserve, which may need to raise rates sooner than expected.

Parkinson warns on low rates

Treasury secretary says pressure needs to be taken off monetary policy.

US new home sales slump 8.1% in June

New home sales reading well below forecasts put forward by analysts.

IMF lowers global growth forecast

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'Negative surprises' in China and the US threaten to hold back growth in 2014.

The problem with the eurozone's rebalancing act

Large surpluses in the eurozone's creditor economies have made it harder for debtor economies to adjust, contributing to weak inflation and highlighting the unevenness of the recovery.

New Zealand's no-nonsense approach to monetary policy

New Zealand's central bank says the level of its currency is 'unjustified and unsustainable' in light of declining commodity prices, which hints at further action on rates down the track.

RBNZ raises official cash rate

by AAP
NZ Reserve Bank governor flags a pause in future hikes to assess impact of policy.

A bumpy ride for the BoE

Declining wages and a falling unemployment rate highlight the uneven nature of UK economic growth, which is likely to see the BoE take a conservative approach to raising rates.

The political cost of Germany's uber-competitiveness

The frugal and efficient mentality that has driven Aldi's retail success also drives Germany's attitudes towards economic policy, but it is winning the nation few friends in the eurozone.

Geithner warns on market exuberance

Former US treasury secretary says pricing of risk is ‘implausibly benign’.

IMF again cuts US growth forecast

International Monetary Fund revises US outlook, tips 1.7% growth in 2014.

Spain shows 'best growth' for six years

by AFP
Spanish economy expands by 0.5 per cent in second quarter, recovery on track.

America's all right Jack – too bad about Russia

When the US embarked on its QE experiment and zero interest rate policy, the rest of the world had little choice but to follow suit. As America prepares to turn off the money tap, emerging markets will be hit hard.