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America's all right Jack – too bad about Russia

When the US embarked on its QE experiment and zero interest rate policy, the rest of the world had little choice but to follow suit. As America prepares to turn off the money tap, emerging markets will be hit hard.

EU to speed up Russian sanctions

by AFP
EU foreign ministers pledge stronger economic sanctions in wake of MH17 disaster.

US existing home sales at highest level since Oct

Housing market gathering steam in US after months-long slump.

Zeroing in on the limitations of monetary policy

In Australia and abroad, neutral cash rates have tumbled as economic optimism and growth remain subdued. Central banks are only just getting used to the 'new normal' and its consequences for policy.

Is another financial crisis on the cards?

Financial markets seem complacent about the levels of risk within the system at present, but changes to the US regulatory environment could bring about some unintended consequences.

IMF raises Germany growth forecasts

by AFP
The International Monetary Fund now expects growth in Germany to hit 1.9% in 2014.

Are students revolting, or is it economics?

Mainstream economists have long ignored the dynamics of private debt, money and banks to their detriment. Now more than ever, a realistic and non-orthodox approach to economics is needed.

Uranium sales to India close: Robb

Trade Minister upbeat on uranium deal, says China FTA on track to be sealed by year's end.

Bishop expects Russian support on MH17

by AAP
MP calls on all UNSC countries to back bid to secure international access to MH17 crash site.

Lagarde warns on low European inflation

IMF chief says weakness could damage European growth.

The BRICS score a banking goal in Brazil

A BRICS development bank is unlikely to rival the clout of the World Bank and IMF, but it is a politically significant gesture that counters the Western dominance of international institutions.

The Week Ahead

Policymakers will keep a close eye on June quarter CPI figures at home, while 'flash' manufacturing gauges will be released in Europe, China and the US.

KGB Interview: Neal Soss

Credit Suisse's chief economist, Neal Soss, explores the significance of the conclusion of the Federal Reserve's quantitiatve easing program and the implications for global markets.

B20 issues GDP, job growth blueprint

Business leaders call for reduction of trade barriers, harmonised anti-corruption laws.

Abbott wants orderly exit from QE

by AAP
PM says economic stimulus in US, Japan has reached its limits in driving growth.

How Australia can get the job done on the employment

The G20 growth target may turn out to be nonsense, but it should not prevent Australia from pursuing concrete reforms to boost employment for the young, the old and women to encourage economic growth.

Bank rules too strict: Smith

ANZ chief executive says regulators’ response to GFC has been too stringent.

US economy growing modestly: Fed

by AFP
Fed beige book finds seven regions seeing 'modest' growth, other five in 'moderate' expansion.

Fed's Fisher calls for earlier rate hikes

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas president says rates should rise early next year, at the latest.

Yellen not fearful of asset bubbles

Fed chair says threats to financial stability are only at a 'moderate level'.