Asian Economy

HK finds no evidence of forex rigging

Hong Kong arm of global investigation says two attempts to manipulate the benchmark failed.

Oil price falls not trickling down to Asian consumers

Governments take opportunity to partially unwind hefty fuel subsidies.

Can China invest its current account surplus at home?

The amount that China invests at home and the amount of foreign government bonds the country's central bank must purchase are wholly unaffected by the currency that China’s trade is denominated in.

Abe pushes for higher wages

Japanese PM seeks to spread effects of lower yen, entrench positive economic cycle.

Japan FTA to enter into force in January

Australia-Japan free trade agreement set to deliver tariff cuts in first half next year.

Japanese vote a mandate for Abenomics: PM

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Abe pledges constitutional rewrite, economic push after weekend re-election.

Japan's Abe re-elected in landslide

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Incumbent Shinzo Abe secures easy victory in Japanese election, but low turnout clouds win.

A win would clear the way for Abenomics

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With a clear victory in sight this weekend, Shinzo Abe will have no excuse not to push ahead with reforms.

Japan credit on rating watch: Fitch

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Fitch warning follows Moody's downgrade as ratings agencies turn wary on flagging economy.

Japan's debt downgraded by Moody's

Moody's downgrades Japan's government debt rating by one notch, the first cut since 2012.

India factory output up in November

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Indian factory output rose at its fastest rate in nearly two years in November.

Aust firms miss Asia opportunities

New PwC report suggests Asian boom is 'passing us by', local firms too complacent.

India's quarterly GDP growth slows

Latest data feed doubts about Indian government's ability to end economic slump.

Japanese data paints gloomy picture

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Inflation hits its lowest level for more than a year.

When the going gets tough, China cuts rates

Australia should be wary of counting on Chinese growth to help propel its economy forward.

QE is no silver bullet for Japan's economy

It's unclear whether the Bank of Japan's stimulus program will end deflation or boost growth, but there's a bigger problem that is unlikely to be solved by monetary policy.

Why Europe is not Japan

Europe's problems are tiny in comparison to those of Japan. The region is not about to enter a 'lost decade'.

BoJ upbeat on economic outlook

Governor says Japan still on track for recovery, October stimulus not a 'mistake'.

Japan's snap election is about more than just Abenomics

Abe's decision will give his party a better chance of winning a new mandate.

Japanese PM calls snap election

Abe seeks mandate for delayed sales tax increase, will resign without majority.