Asian Economy

How Modi’s 'Make in India' is turning red tape into red carpet

The Indian Prime Minister is being hailed as a visionary for his efforts to transform the nation into a global manufacturing hub.

Why Asia must open up to foreign investment

Years of easy economic gains in Asia have delayed the need for foreign investment reform, but the tide appears to be turning.

Naval gazing

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Has the decision to purchase Japanese submarines opened up a fresh dispute for the government?

An opportunity for Australian investors in India

India's ambitious proposals to tackle corruption will be warmly welcomed by Australian firms, which will be looking to capitalise on the country's sizeable and growing economic base.

Abbott eyes India FTA by end of 2016

by AAP
PM unveils commitment to finalising negotiations, laments 'spluttering' progress.

It wouldn’t matter if China went into a recession

A recession in China might result in a temporary confidence shock here in Australia, but we'd get over that pretty quickly.

Palmer hurting China FTA talks: Robb

Trade Minister says PUP leader's comments "unhelpful" to ongoing negotiations.

Japan's tax blues are only part of the problem

Comprehensive reforms are needed to lift expectations and boost confidence in a post-consumption era.

IMF urges economic reform in Japan

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Fund says Japan must raise its sales tax once more amid fears over public debt burden.

BoJ holds stimulus program steady

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Japan's central bank slightly lowers growth forecast, says economy is recovering.

A sleeping economic giant on Australia's doorstep

Indonesia's growing political and economic clout has the potential to transform it into South-East Asia's next superpower, presenting Australia with opportunities that it cannot afford to ignore.

Packer praises Japan FTA

Crown chairman says free-trade deal with Japan ‘critically important’ to Australia’s future.

Abbott, Abe sign trade deal

by AAP
Japan invokes "special relationship" with Australia, opposition urges trade deal details.

Why India is looking east for economic growth

India's involvement in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership will strengthen its ties with East Asia, but domestic reforms are needed if it is going to consolidate the benefits of the agreement.

The Japan FTA marks a new chapter for Australian business

Australia will reap long-lasting benefits from the FTA signed with Japan, with agricultural and food exporters primed to capitalise on a wealth of opportunities.

Abe visit may bring investment

Mitsubishi chief travelling with Japanese PM, optimistic about investment in Australia: report.

Top economies contract in Q1

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Slight rise on personal consumption not enough to convince corporates to spend: OECD.

Japan eyes corporate tax cut

Details of Shinzo Abe's latest growth strategy are coming into focus.

Japan's economy expands at fastest pace since 2011

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GDP beats expectations for largest expansion in more than two years before tax rise.

TPP likely in 2015: Robb

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Trade Minister says Asia-Pacific free trade deal can be struck by end of next year.