European Crisis

EU needs 'flexible' approach on budgets: Hollande

French President renews push for budget leeway ahead of leadership summit.

EU seeks more information on Italy's budget

Commission criticises 2015 budget's 'significant deviation' from EU fiscal rules.

ECB asset purchases could be more powerful than QE: Broadbent

Bank of England official says buying private sector assets may encourage productive risk-taking.

Don't blame BoE for wealth gap: Broadbent

Deputy governor for monetary policy hits back at criticism of ultra-low interest rates.

UK retail sales fall in September

ONS data shows decrease smaller than expected, brings eighteenth consecutive month of annual growth.

Spain grows 0.5% in Q3

Eurozone's fourth-largest economy tips annual growth of 1.6 per cent in the quarter.

Eurozone PMI lifts slightly in October

Markit survey shows output still at second-lowest reading for the year.

UK car production spikes in 9 months to September

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Year-to-date figures show the biggest nine-month rise in six years.

Spanish unemployment falls in Q3

Solid tourist season drives the decrease in joblessness.

French manufacturing sentiment lifts in October

Print surprises expectations for a fall, business owners say orders still below normal.

France's indecent proposal is an affront to policymaking

France's plan to press Germany for more fiscal stimulus isn't just informed by spurious logic -- it's also economic blackmail.

Irish home prices soar, fuel boom fears

Year to September sees fastest growth since 2007.

No plan B discussed: ECB

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Central bank responds to reports on corporate bond buying, says no proposals on table.

EU won't change fiscal rules: Junker

Incoming president's keynote speech says budgetary disclipline, structural reforms imperative.

BoE gloomier on growth outlook

October minutes highlight overseas, local headwinds to UK economic strength.

ECB considers corporate bond-buying

Central bank has no specific plan, no discussion timetable on liquidity move.

European banks eye stress-test results

Banks move to manage market expectations ahead of Sunday's ECB, EBA reports.

British public sector borrows more than expected

September figures show greater risk that the government will overshoot austerity targets.

Europe should regulate shadow banking: Constancio

ECB vice president plugs greater macroprudential policy to restore balance between banks and non-banks.

France presses Germany on stimulus program

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Paris seeks €50bn plan in Berlin as policy confrontation deepens.