European Crisis

France's indecent proposal is an affront to policymaking

France's plan to press Germany for more fiscal stimulus isn't just informed by spurious logic -- it's also economic blackmail.

Irish home prices soar, fuel boom fears

Year to September sees fastest growth since 2007.

No plan B discussed: ECB

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Central bank responds to reports on corporate bond buying, says no proposals on table.

EU won't change fiscal rules: Junker

Incoming president's keynote speech says budgetary disclipline, structural reforms imperative.

BoE gloomier on growth outlook

October minutes highlight overseas, local headwinds to UK economic strength.

ECB considers corporate bond-buying

Central bank has no specific plan, no discussion timetable on liquidity move.

European banks eye stress-test results

Banks move to manage market expectations ahead of Sunday's ECB, EBA reports.

British public sector borrows more than expected

September figures show greater risk that the government will overshoot austerity targets.

Europe should regulate shadow banking: Constancio

ECB vice president plugs greater macroprudential policy to restore balance between banks and non-banks.

France presses Germany on stimulus program

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Paris seeks €50bn plan in Berlin as policy confrontation deepens.

Italian industrial orders lift in August

First rise in four months buoyed by domestic and foreign demand.

Eurozone current account surplus narrows in August

ECB data shows shrinking services surplus, July data upwardly revised.

German annual producer prices fall in September

Low energy costs add downward pressure, prices flat on month.

The five-year curse afflicting Europe

Not all deflation is bad. However, the kind spreading across Europe is deadly and will take years to address.

Moody's downgrades Russia's rating

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Ratings agency cites poor growth prospects for Russia amid capital flight.

ECB to start asset purchases within days

Coeuré says bank has no target for euro, too early to say region entering recession.

ECB's Weidmann criticises asset-backed securities purchasing

German central bank president says deflation fears overblown.

Monetary policy working: ECB's Nowotny

Board member says no need for central bank to 'open up emergency toolbox'.

EU needs reforms to boost demand: Coeuré

ECB board member says halting reform would mean pain without gain.

BoE's Haldane shifts rates stance

Central bank's chief economist says he is now 'gloomier' about UK's economic outlook.