European Crisis

Europe's lost generation

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With youth unemployment across Europe at 25 per cent, and in Spain and Greece at over 50 per cent, the head of the International Labor Organization says a generation could face vastly lower wages and life expectancy as a result of the great recession.

Draghi sees ways to expand stimulus

Expansion to riskier tranches of ABS would requite government backing.

Financial fears over Scottish independence

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Shockwaves sent through London financial markets as independence fears swell.

UK parties split on Scotland plan

UK's leaders scramble to head off the risk of Scotland breaking away, offer new powers.

The ECB's eurozone medicine is nonsense

The ECB's decision to increase the trivial interest rate on private banks' reserve accounts will do little to change their lending behaviour.

Half of UK households see rate hike within 12 months

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Bank of England survey shows highest expectations for a rise since May 2011.

Eurozone investment, inventory falls led to stagnation

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Revised second-quarter GDP data shows lift in consumer spending, exports.

Only Germany can save Europe now

Germany needs to show leadership to help rescue the eurozone, which needs both monetary and fiscal policies to support its recovery.

ECB in shock rate cut move

Central bank lowers interest rates; downgrades GDP, inflation forecasts; unveils stimulus plan.

Eurozone turning corner slowly: Schäuble

Germany's finance minister says political crises slowing progress, pain still ahead.

EU plans new economic summit

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EU leaders to meet in october to discuss new way to boost jobs and economic growth.

The sublime irony of Draghi's dilemma

ECB president Mario Draghi has the power to move European economies, but the policies he advocates also stall the chances of a genuine, sustainable recovery.

French unemployment hits new high

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Unemployment data offer fresh blow for embattled President Francois Hollande.

Sanction-hit Russian economy slows

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Local officials warn Russian economy now flirting with recession.

Crisis du jour: why French ministers are saying au revoir to Hollande’s agenda

Francois Hollande’s austerity measures and government overhauls are creating a deep chasm through the French political landscape that some believe he will not be able to recover from.

ECB's Draghi signals departure from austerity focus

Central bank president maintains 'more stimulus if needed' stance.

Euro zone business growth slows

Weakening factory output slows in August for major economies France and Germany.

There's only one cure for the eurozone's terminal disease

Anaemic growth rates in the eurozone are having a deleterious effect on debt levels, making it near impossible for countries to turn their finances around. There is a solution, but it's a politically messy one.

Hollande sticks to growth plan

French govt will continue on current path despite lack of growth this year.

Europe's malaise: The new normal?

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Germany needs to help pull Europe out of its current economic quagmire or the continent will be left treading water in a sea of unemployment and poor growth.