Global Financial Crisis

Brace for the unintended consequences of the ECB's QE

The ECB joining the currency wars will see the dangerous side-effects of central banks' monetary policy experiments continue to build and has merely pushed out the day of reckoning.

IMF's Lagarde disappointed by US inaction

by AFP
As the IMF's largest shareholder by far, Congressional approval remains critical.

G20 economic growth picked up in Q3

OECD says G20 economies grew at faster pace, large parts of global economy remain weak.

Greece hopes for talks breakthrough

Greece is hoping to jump-start stalled talks over its austerity program.

IMF slammed for 'premature' advice

Fund's auditors argue IMF pressed for budget restraint too soon after financial crisis.

On the brink of monetary catastrophe

The US has run lazy fiscal and monetary policy for too long. Action from developed nations to restore monetary discipline is urgently needed to prevent a calamity.

Fund fiscal policy, not greedy banks

Central bankers have handed trillions to banks who have used it to boost profits and bid up asset prices. Using it to fund government spending is a much better idea.

IMF issues shadow bank warning

Fund says risks shifting to shadow banks, undermining global financial stability.

Did we learn nothing from the GFC?

A global survey of debt shows Australia in the middle of the pack overall, but with exceptionally high debt in the household sector.

Paulson testifies in AIG bailout case

Henry Paulson drawn into lawsuit that alleges AIG shareholders were cheated of $US40bn.

Building a new economics for the #Occupy generation

A new generation of economists is demanding that the discipline engage more closely with the real world.

IMF fearful of slow global growth

by AFP
Christine Lagarde warns global economy may be facing prolonged period of 'mediocre' growth.

US, Europe in derivatives impasse

Regulatory deadlock seen in push to coordinate on international rules for derivatives.

Fears of GFC-style complacency

Leading fund manager says markets are starting to show worrying signs.

Australia's global disconnect on inclusive growth

As the rest of the world takes decisive steps towards increasing total employment through inclusive growth, Australia is clearly lagging.

US tweaks bank liquidity rules

US regulators adjust a new rule designed to prevent banks from running out of cash.

Cautious consumers aren't helping the US recovery

Household spending used to be a reliable source of growth, but with consumers remaining cautious post-GFC the US needs to look to business, public spending and exports for support.

BofA reaches $US17bn settlement

by AP
Bank of America agrees to pay $US17bn to resolve mortgage-backed securities probe.

Two charts that show the world's economy is thriving

Policymakers are thrashing about with concerns about a weak global economy but these two charts prove they are wrong.

The world must inflate or bust; Australia mustn't join in

Central banks around the globe are desperately trying to inflate the world's excessive debt away, but for Australia, it would be more damaging in the long term to take part in this inflation race.