Global Financial Crisis

Top economies contract in Q1

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Slight rise on personal consumption not enough to convince corporates to spend: OECD.

Derivatives are still out of control

Despite ongoing efforts to step up regulation in the post-crisis global financial market, derivatives-hungry Wall Street is leveraged to the hilt and the problem of ‘too big to fail’ remains unresolved.

Lessons for Australia from the GFC

While Australia came out of the GFC relatively unscathed, a hollowed-out non-resources sector and long-term youth unemployment could precipitate a slowdown of our own making.

OECD sees central banks unwinding

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Co-operation says markets facing periods of 'considerable turmoil'.

Dubai wins $20bn crisis-era debt refinancing

Move seen as indicative of the emirate's return to economic health.

OECD jobless rate steadies at 7.6%

After three consecutive monthly falls, unemployment number pauses.

Global debt passes $100 trillion: Bloomberg

Report finds 40 per cent surge in debt worldwide since GFC.

G20 mulls ‘too-big-to-fail’ rules

Policymakers to pursue plans for banks to call on bondholders instead of governments: report.

Fed releases transcripts of GFC crisis-era meetings

Scripts show Bernanke transforming into crisis manager.

Madoff victim fund extends deadline

US victims now have until April 30 to sign up.

Fannie Mae to repay bailout next month

Mortgage-finance giant expects to remain profitable after repaying $US121.1 billion in dividends since crisis.

Carney’s about-turn steers the BoE forward

Mark Carney’s U-turn on forward guidance is an embarrassment for the BoE, but it was the right call to make. The governor must now take a similarly flexible stance on rates.

OECD underestimated crisis

Spillover effects of financial crisis hurt economic growth forecasts.

UBS banker warns on inflation

John Fraser fears central bankers are too focussed on economic growth.

The banks have got us by the capital

Bankers have sailed out of the 2008 credit crisis storm largely unscathed, despite the billions paid in fines. As regulators are discovering, the too-big-to-fail banks are now more powerful than ever.

Taper poses global risks: World Bank

Bank says global economic growth set to lift, warns of potential volatility.

Investment banks reformed: Rankin

Deutsche Bank’s corporate banking head says sector has turned corner: report.

A Sterling threat to the UK recovery

The UK’s unemployment rate is now at its lowest level since 2009, giving the Bank of England scope to consider raising interest rates next year. But the strengthening currency is cause for concern.

BoE governor spots global recovery

Mark Carney sees global growth acceleration ahead in 2014.

Growth in advanced economies stalling: OECD

Eurozone economic recovery slows, as growth outlook appears mixed.