How China's richest will fund Australian innovation

The government's plan to channel funds from the significant investor visa program into sectors that are hungry for capital is a smart move.

Rich migrant changes make little sense

The government has a long line of wealthy investors wanting to come to Australia for four years. So why introduce a one-year plan for some to jump that queue?

Will Australia's economy age gracefully?

Australia’s ageing population will have huge impacts on the make-up of our economy and pose serious challenges for policymakers.

Automation threatens job growth: B20 panel

SEEK founder warns on problem without 'much of a solution', OECD eyes new opportunities.

The rise of robotics will thin out the middle class

Rather than simply destroying jobs, robotics will polarise the labour force by reducing wages in a number of sectors, thereby diminishing the middle class -- and the trend has already started.

Flushing Australia's luck down the loo

In the digitally-powered economy, many industries will need global scale to underpin their survival. Australia’s paltry marks for innovation and export-oriented jobs should have policymakers very worried.

GovHack sparks international interest, whets VC appetites

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The federal government's annual hackathon keeps going from strength to strength.

Telstra keen to spark innovation: Thodey

by AAP
Chief executive says VC investment in Australia is like 'pulling teeth'.

The ACCC is sending out mixed signals on competition

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In attempting to broaden the scope of what it calls 'anti-competitive' activity, Rod Sims could end up killing the very competition that is good for the market, the economy, and ultimately consumers.

Australian female entrepreneurs slip through the cracks

New research finds entrepreneurial behaviour within companies is on the rise but women are being left behind.

Is Australia now the most boring place to do business?

Employed in Australia? Feel your job isn't creative? Here's why.

How hackers are making the world a better place

This weekend, more than 10,000 people around the world – including here in Australia – will take part in Random Hacks of Kindness, using technology to solve pressing community issues.

Telstra partners with NICTA for innovation research

Telco seals five-year research partnership with Australia's peak ICT body.

Mr Abbott, don’t let us become the dumb white trash of Asia

Australia’s international competitiveness is slipping and the federal government’s failure to invest in education and R&D will only accelerate the slide.

Lowe warns on Australia's appetite for risk

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RBA deputy governor questions if Australia has become too risk averse to adequately deal with the challenge of productivity.

A creative license to fix the economy

As the mining and manufacturing industries wind down, Australia has a great opportunity to leverage the collaborative potential of its growing creative workforce across all sectors.

Why Apple needs Tesla

While the tech giant’s reputation as an innovator wanes, investors are healthily rewarding Tesla’s disruptive capabilities. Combining their brand power could have spectacular results.

Stop the reviews, start the reforms

The latest CEDA/Business Spectator Big Issues survey outlines the business community's major concerns and highlights the need for the government to start taking action.

Macfarlane's 'problem child'

The fate of the car industry theoretically rests with the Productivity Commission but Ian Macfarlane won't want to be known as the man who killed motoring.

Killing off the lagging indicators

An American upstart is taking a huge leap in the stagnant world of data collection. Making economic indicators available every hour, rather than every quarter will change how markets work.