The rebalancing act needs more than a cheap dollar

It's unclear how much lower the Australian dollar can go without another rate cut from the Reserve Bank.

The key to raising business investment

With monetary policy in advanced economies already pushed to its limits, we need to look elsewhere for ways to boost growth.

Australia is ripe for women start-ups

This may surprise some, but Australia is the second-best place in the world for women to start up businesses.

Australia needs to wake up and smell the disruption

The flat-footed response of Australian business and policy-makers to the challenges of technological disruption doesn't bode well for the country's ability to adapt to the new normal.

Tapping a new vein of wealth creation

By fine tuning our tax system we can make Australia an international hub for advanced manufacturing.

Why a start-up might be your worst idea, and your best

Entrepreneurs should prepare for the hard slog, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

CSIRO staff running out of patience

CSIRO scientists committed to industrial action if an enterprise bargaining “impasse” is not resolved by the end of the month.

GE’s ten strategies for success

GE’s head of global operations offers advice on how to run a business in the 21st century.

The race between human productivity and the machines

Improving productivity is not about cutting wages, but raising the output per person.

KGB Interview: CSIRO's Larry Marshall

CSIRO chief executive Larry Marshall discusses the prospect of industrial action at the organisation and the relationship between scientific research and practical commercial outcomes.

Can China hatch a middle income escape plan?

Without making difficult political, economic and industrial reforms, China is set to stagnate.

How technology will reshape the workplace of tomorrow

What sort of strategies do we need to consider as technology transforms the way we live and do business?

Chinese innovation and the Haier model

The man who helped turn a Chinese state-owned fridge maker into a global white goods giant plans to transform the company into a platform for innovation.

How China's richest will fund Australian innovation

The government's plan to channel funds from the significant investor visa program into sectors that are hungry for capital is a smart move.

Rich migrant changes make little sense

The government has a long line of wealthy investors wanting to come to Australia for four years. So why introduce a one-year plan for some to jump that queue?

Will Australia's economy age gracefully?

Australia’s ageing population will have huge impacts on the make-up of our economy and pose serious challenges for policymakers.

Automation threatens job growth: B20 panel

SEEK founder warns on problem without 'much of a solution', OECD eyes new opportunities.

The rise of robotics will thin out the middle class

Rather than simply destroying jobs, robotics will polarise the labour force by reducing wages in a number of sectors, thereby diminishing the middle class -- and the trend has already started.

Flushing Australia's luck down the loo

In the digitally-powered economy, many industries will need global scale to underpin their survival. Australia’s paltry marks for innovation and export-oriented jobs should have policymakers very worried.

GovHack sparks international interest, whets VC appetites

The federal government's annual hackathon keeps going from strength to strength.