Interest Rates

Weekend Economist: Oil stain

The upcoming inflation figures will give us a much clearer picture on how plunging energy prices could influence the RBA's thinking.

Draghi's dose of QE won’t be enough to save the European patient

The eurozone economy won’t get back on its feet until fiscal policy starts working in conjunction with monetary policy.

ECB unveils €1.1 trillion QE program

Buying to commence in March at rate of €60bn monthly, higher than market expected.

Canada cuts rates. Can the US really hike?

As other central banks either slash rates or print money to stimulate their economies, and with US inflation already soft, the Fed might want to rethink its timing for lifting rates.

Canada makes shock rates move

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Canada's central bank has lowered its key lending rate to bolster oil-hit economy.

ECB's QE program could top €600bn

Details of possible ECB stimulus emerge, may involve bond purchases of €50bn a month.

ECB set to introduce QE this week

by AFP
German fears largely tempered ahead of likely stimulus moves on Thursday: report.

Kill the NAIRU

For decades economists have decreed that inflation can only be kept in check if the unemployment rate is above 5 per cent. This theory is now falling apart.

The slide in oil leaves Fed with a slick dilemma

On the one hand, falling oil prices act as a big tax cut for consumers, potentially fuelling the recovery. But it could also wreak havoc on the Fed's plans to raise rates.

Fed wary of offshore growth risks

Minutes of Fed meeting talk up US economy, hint at expectations for ECB stimulus.

ASIC probes senior ANZ trader

Paul Woodward named as one of seven ANZ traders stood down on full pay amid ASIC investigation.

Inflation to hit home in 2015

by AAP
Business survey suggests weak local currency will force prices higher in first quarter.

Dog days are here: Garnaut

Economist says currency needs to depreciate further: report.

Weekend Economist: Down, then Up!

Weakness domestically early in 2015, strength internationally in 2016; when it comes to rates, the market is underestimating these two themes.

US Fed to remain 'patient' on rates

Central bank drops talk of 'considerable time', unlikely to hike in 'next couple of meetings'.

Fed officials see slower pace of rate hikes

Forecasts point to slower pace of rate normalisation strategy than previously tipped.

The UK’s soft inflation blessing

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A low inflation read-out has taken the pressure off the Bank of England to raise rates quickly, and the UK should begin 2015 on a strong note.

Aust recession unlikely, OECD says

by AAP
OECD believes RBA rate cuts possible next year, but risk of recession is low.

Russia raises key interest rate

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Russian central bank announces dramatic hike in key rate from 10.5% to 17% as rouble slides.

Weekend Economist: Two-way bet?

It's curious the Governor has increased the barrier for a rate cut, while arguing for a lower Australian dollar as well.