Interest Rates

Gold pulls back after Yellen speech

Gold traders concerned earlier hike in rates could weaken precious metal.

US rate hike debate heating up

Minutes of latest Fed meeting show intensifying debate over timing of rate hikes.

CBA cuts mortgage rates: report

Bank announces cuts to three and four-year fixed mortgage rates, now equal with NAB, ANZ.

UK recovery 'more than half way'

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Bank of England boss says rate hikes will be limited despite growing strength of economy.

Borrowers keen to lock in rates

Percentage of new loans with fixed component jumps in wake of record low rates: report.

The RBA must raise rates for a lower dollar

Global rates are going up, but rather than choose to lead the cycle the RBA is giving every indication it will keep playing 'follow the leader'. This will only put us at further disadvantage in the currency war.

Growth momentum has slowed: Draghi

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ECB president Mario Draghi warns eurozone recovery may already be faltering.

RBA keeps cash rate at record low 2.5%

Central bank has now kept interest rates at the same level for an entire year.

Central bankers are happily behind the curve

Those urging the Federal Reserve and other central banks to raise their cash rates in line with economic recovery have missed the point: these days the game is about warding off deflation, not inflation.

RBA to hold rates until 2015: analysts

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Analysts tip string of rate hikes next year, but rates to remain at record lows for rest of 2014.

Aust economy in a good place: Mervyn King

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Ex-BoE governor says rates setting won't solve problems.

Inflation benign in July: TD-MI

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Gauge suggests RBA may be able to remain in wait-and-see mode on interest rates.

Weekend Economist: Flat track rates

All the attention on whether rates will move up or down next ignores the reality that they won't move in either direction for some time.

The US bull market has further to run

The magic dust of modern business, digital technology, has flooded big US companies with excess cash and lifted sustainable price-to-earnings ratios. The S&P 500 could easily crack 2500.

The Fed may lift rates sooner than you think

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A recovering labour market should see the US economy finish the year on a stronger note. And with inflation also tracking higher, the Fed may have reason to lift rates earlier than expected.

Fed nears end of bond-buying program

Latest monetary policy statement offers little fresh insight on rate hike timing, as bond-buying program remains on track for October end.

‘Significant correction’ ahead: Greenspan

Former chairman of the Federal Reserve says correction on horizon, but stocks not ‘grossly overpriced’.

German bonds plunge amid Ukraine crisis

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German borrowing costs dip to record low as investors flock to perceived safe haven of bonds.

Spain, Italy borrowing costs hit fresh lows

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Interest on Spanish and Italian debt falls to record lows as investor concern fades.

Weekend Economist: How high?

With inflation stirring, the debate is beginning to move from whether the RBA will cut or hike next, to how high rates might go.