Raising the alarm on bloated dividends

Australian CEOs need to stop being so risk averse and to communicate directly with self-managed funds about the importance of positive growth strategies.

World Bank bonuses raise ire

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Bonuses paid to World Bank senior officials at a time of belt-tightening raise employees' concerns.

Without real reform, Hockey’s budget pain will be for nothing

Peter Costello is right to discredit the government's proposed GP co-payment. Far more rigorous reform in healthcare, aged care and tax is necessary to avoid long-term fiscal catastrophe.

Central bankers are happily behind the curve

Those urging the Federal Reserve and other central banks to raise their cash rates in line with economic recovery have missed the point: these days the game is about warding off deflation, not inflation.

The BCA discovers free enterprise

Is the Business Council of Australia a think tank or a lobby group? Its latest research effort marks a subtle shift away from the latter but ultimately leaves the council with a confused sense of purpose.

Flushing Australia's luck down the loo

In the digitally-powered economy, many industries will need global scale to underpin their survival. Australia’s paltry marks for innovation and export-oriented jobs should have policymakers very worried.

Wooldridge facing directorship ban

Former health minister faces ban as company director over role in Prime Trust: report.

Australia mustn't jump the gun on macro-prudential policy

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The effectiveness of macro-prudential policy in regulating financial systems has yet to be quantified, and the Murray Inquiry is right to advise that the RBA and APRA tread with caution.

The G20 has the muscle to fight climate change

The global effort to mitigate climate change is shifting towards collective action to stamp out ‘free riders’, and this year's G20 provides a crucial opportunity to advance the cause.

Politicians must dial down the volume of big business

The Abbott government's push to repeal the carbon and mining taxes underscores the great influence large corporates wield in public policy – sadly, to the detriment of the broader community.

Pessimistic CFOs play it safe

Deloitte survey finds govt policy uncertainty, high Aust dollar weigh on confidence.

Policy myopia angles Australia towards recession

Too scared to enact suitable reform, economic policymakers have sheepishly followed global trends at the great expense of securing stable, long-term growth for the nation.

A star fund manager's guide to China

Legendary fund manager Anthony Bolton's previously unblemished record took a beating when he delivered meagre returns on his China-focused fund. Now he's sharing his unique perspective on the Middle Kingdom.

Australian female entrepreneurs slip through the cracks

New research finds entrepreneurial behaviour within companies is on the rise but women are being left behind.

Is Australia now the most boring place to do business?

Employed in Australia? Feel your job isn't creative? Here's why.

Billson’s big promise to Australian start-ups

Much-needed reforms to benefit local tech start-ups may finally be on the cards, but supporting the sector from the small business portfolio comes with its problems.

On Wall Street, Mary Jo sharpens the knife

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Mary Jo White’s appointment as head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission promised a regulator with more teeth. A year on, it looks like she’s getting ready to deliver just that.

How hackers are making the world a better place

This weekend, more than 10,000 people around the world – including here in Australia – will take part in Random Hacks of Kindness, using technology to solve pressing community issues.

Five ways to cover up a massive blunder

Time and time again, corporate leaders and politicians make atrocious decisions with terrible consequences. Here’s how they get away with them.

Shareholder activism to rise in Australia

Australian boards need to start preparing for surge in investor activism: report.