Westpac’s Hartzer may cull old job

New Westpac boss is preparing for a shake-up of bank's management structure: report.

Gyngell tops salary charts: report

Nine boss enjoys $19.6m salary, leads way from little-known head of investment firm.

Shareholder value maximisation is a dumb idea

Rather than maximising shareholder value, the dominant corporate strategy since the 1980s has led to short-term thinking and a blow-out in CEO pay.

Treasury's Parkinson confident of outlook

by AAP
Outgoing Treasury boss Martin Parkinson says Australia will seize future opportunities.

What lies beneath the Vic election: tax

The big tax squeeze is the key to the Victorian election results.

Class action risk has boards on edge

A fear of shareholder activism is deterring boards from offering earnings guidance.

Business heads lobby G20 leaders

Business leaders to lobby G20 leaders with policy initiatives they believe will help exceed global growth targets.

The G20 will put Abbott's political management to the test

The Abbott government wants to keep the G20 focused on economic issues, but climate change and Ebola have muscled their way on to the agenda.

From Green Army to national service

Australia scrapped conscription in 1972 but with a new generation of young under-employed with few prospects for work, perhaps it’s time to revisit the merits of national service.

China, Japan leaders break the ice

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have met for formal talks for the first time since both took power two years ago.

The delicate Abe-Obama balancing act

Heading into the APEC summit in Beijing next week, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ambitions are not all aligned with those of President Barack Obama.

BT calls for super independence

Head of BT Financial says industry super funds need more independent directors: report.

Raising the alarm on bloated dividends

Australian CEOs need to stop being so risk averse and to communicate directly with self-managed funds about the importance of positive growth strategies.

World Bank bonuses raise ire

by AAP
Bonuses paid to World Bank senior officials at a time of belt-tightening raise employees' concerns.

Without real reform, Hockey’s budget pain will be for nothing

Peter Costello is right to discredit the government's proposed GP co-payment. Far more rigorous reform in healthcare, aged care and tax is necessary to avoid long-term fiscal catastrophe.

Central bankers are happily behind the curve

Those urging the Federal Reserve and other central banks to raise their cash rates in line with economic recovery have missed the point: these days the game is about warding off deflation, not inflation.

The BCA discovers free enterprise

Is the Business Council of Australia a think tank or a lobby group? Its latest research effort marks a subtle shift away from the latter but ultimately leaves the council with a confused sense of purpose.

Flushing Australia's luck down the loo

In the digitally-powered economy, many industries will need global scale to underpin their survival. Australia’s paltry marks for innovation and export-oriented jobs should have policymakers very worried.

Wooldridge facing directorship ban

Former health minister faces ban as company director over role in Prime Trust: report.

Australia mustn't jump the gun on macro-prudential policy

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The effectiveness of macro-prudential policy in regulating financial systems has yet to be quantified, and the Murray Inquiry is right to advise that the RBA and APRA tread with caution.