Dog days are here: Garnaut

Economist says currency needs to depreciate further: report.

No more jobs data changes in 2014

by AAP
Further refinements to employment data methodology will be delayed until next year.

To Labor GST means 'good scare tactic'

There is a good fiscal case for raising GST, but Labor will ensure it doesn’t happen.

It’s do or die for Australian manufacturing

Our manufacturers have a second chance to succeed, but to stay afloat they will need to totally reinvent the wheel.

New Zealand’s shifting demographics demand tough choices

With a rapidly ageing population, New Zealand faces serious fiscal challenges that should be addressed sooner rather than later.

Why younger Australians need a stronger welfare safety net

If the Coalition is serious about growth, it should lift unemployment benefits for the young and reduce middle-class welfare.

Business heads lobby G20 leaders

Business leaders to lobby G20 leaders with policy initiatives they believe will help exceed global growth targets.

Abbott’s flawed attack on youth unemployment

The federal government’s ‘Work for the Dole’ scheme has broad appeal, but it will only hurt young Australians and doesn’t address the key issues causing mass youth unemployment.

From Green Army to national service

Australia scrapped conscription in 1972 but with a new generation of young under-employed with few prospects for work, perhaps it’s time to revisit the merits of national service.

The best of this week's The Ticker

Taxes, elections and Christmas. We've got it all here.

A bleak jobs picture that’s set to worsen

The latest unemployment and workforce participation numbers underscore the tough economic conditions, and why the next rates move could well be down.

AIG releases Victorian wishlist

by AAP
Government urged to back coal seam gas and wind farms, build East West Link.

Hungry property investors are starving small business

Australia’s speculative housing boom is on an unsustainable path and crowding out lending to small business, which will translate to weak economic growth in the long term.

Red tape war ups regulatory bar

Govt to unveil new blueprint to improve performance and accountability of federal regulators.

'Dumb' rules offer $250bn hit to economy

by AAP
Red tape from both public and private sector is costing economy $250bn, Deloitte says.

Will Australia's economy age gracefully?

Australia’s ageing population will have huge impacts on the make-up of our economy and pose serious challenges for policymakers.

Quick fixes won't help post-boom miners

Low productivity remains a drag on our mining industry. As commodity prices fall, the big miners are struggling to fix the problem.

Manufacturing needs a management makeover

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Why aren't more manufacturing firms reaping the productivity benefits that come from training, motivating and involving their employees?

ACCC concerned by competition review

Consumer watchdog chairman Rod Sims says splitting the ACCC in two raises many 'high-level questions'.

Is the data real, or just another snow job?

The removal of seasonal factors in the labour data could be masking the true picture.