PPL scheme benefits questioned

Govt defends leave scheme after PC report suggests diverting $1.5bn to childcare.

Microsoft's mobile phone failure

Satya Nadella's vision to angle a leaner Microsoft towards 'productivity and platforms' is unconvincing without a strong slice of the mobile market.

Foreign investment laws ‘restrictive’

Productivity Commission calls for holistic review of nation’s foreign investment rules.

The ACCC is sending out mixed signals on competition

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In attempting to broaden the scope of what it calls 'anti-competitive' activity, Rod Sims could end up killing the very competition that is good for the market, the economy, and ultimately consumers.

Clouds still hover as Britain gets back to work

While the Bank of England will welcome a sharper-than-expected fall in UK unemployment, low productivity growth and negative real wages present a more sober picture for the broader economy.

The paradox of productivity

An improvement in productivity benefits the nation as a whole, but for the individual it means longer hours and more stress as short-term personal wellbeing is sacrificed for the greater good.

Australians spend record $3.19bn on software

GDP figures show first-quarter sales are 8.9 per cent higher than last year, seasonally adjusted.

Minimum wage to lift 3%

Fair Work Commission announces increase of $18.70 per week to low-paid workers.

ACTU to fight for penalty rates

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Trade unions slam ACCI's calls for changes to current penalty rate regime.

Robb taps corporates for advice

Business advisers assembled for Australia's first trade and investment council.

Corporate ignorance is threatening Australia's future

Companies' overemphasis on yield and short-term incentives could come at a great cost as the failure to invest in productivity jeopardises the nation's growth.

Weekend Economist: Dollar dialect

The RBA abandoned its 'uncomfortably high' tag for the Aussie dollar after the inflation data. Now that the dollar has risen again, will that language return?

Australia falling behind on productivity

Local economy hurt by widening gap in productivity compared to most other developed economies: study.

Why she’ll be right in the long run

While job losses have dominated the headlines in recent days, the manufacturing sector has been shrinking for two decades and those jobs will eventually be offset by new jobs in other sectors.

Parkinson makes case for GST hike

Treasury secretary sees economic benefit in raising GST, lowering income taxes.

IR needs reform: Murray

Former CBA boss says Australian productivity is limiting growth potential.

Arthritic Australia: What the ageing population will do to growth

It will be impossible for Australia to maintain its growth rate with the working-age population dwindling. Japan’s experience offers a worrying preview of the impact an ageing population has on an economy.

Clifford chides Rudd-Gillard govts

Qantas chairman blames previous Labor governments for sliding productivity.

Lowe warns on Australia's appetite for risk

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RBA deputy governor questions if Australia has become too risk averse to adequately deal with the challenge of productivity.

Productivity Commission urges major infrastructure rethink

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Report calls for reform to entire approach; industrial laws, building codes.