Reserve Bank of Australia

Economy 'needs more than low rates': RBA

Governor suggests lower interest rates are not the answer to lacklustre confidence.

The RBA plays a dangerous game with its dollar bet

Despite its best efforts, the RBA still hasn't been able to lower the exchange rate. Glenn Stevens better figure out how to drive the dollar down before mining investment collapses.

Dollar will fall at some point: RBA

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Stevens says Aust still attractive to investors, warns jobless rate won't fall for a while.

RBA warns of 'significant' uncertainty

Central bank reaffirms call for period of stable interest rates, again notes high dollar.

RBA cuts CPI, GDP forecasts

Central bank revises down key forecasts for economy, expects period of rate stability.

RBA keeps cash rate at record low 2.5%

Central bank has now kept interest rates at the same level for an entire year.

Australia is paying the price for our reliance on exports

An increase in export volumes may not be enough to offset the sharp deterioration in prices, which could see below-trend growth persist for longer than expected.

Central bankers are happily behind the curve

Those urging the Federal Reserve and other central banks to raise their cash rates in line with economic recovery have missed the point: these days the game is about warding off deflation, not inflation.

RBA to hold rates until 2015: analysts

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Analysts tip string of rate hikes next year, but rates to remain at record lows for rest of 2014.

Inflation benign in July: TD-MI

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Gauge suggests RBA may be able to remain in wait-and-see mode on interest rates.

Weekend Economist: Flat track rates

All the attention on whether rates will move up or down next ignores the reality that they won't move in either direction for some time.

Private sector credit beats forecast

Value of loans outstanding lifts in June quarter as personal, housing, business credit grow.

Weekend Economist: How high?

With inflation stirring, the debate is beginning to move from whether the RBA will cut or hike next, to how high rates might go.

The price we'll pay for the RBA’s low-rate policy

The Reserve Bank slashed interest rates while the economy was strong. Now we are left with an out-of-whack property market and rising inflation that may not be so easy to reverse.

Australia mustn't jump the gun on macro-prudential policy

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The effectiveness of macro-prudential policy in regulating financial systems has yet to be quantified, and the Murray Inquiry is right to advise that the RBA and APRA tread with caution.

Why inflation won't force the RBA's hand on rates

Despite inflation hitting the top of the Reserve Bank's target band in the June quarter, momentum is set to moderate, particularly given a soft outlook for the labour market and wage growth.

Freeing up the yuan could be seismic: RBA

Lowe flags more investment of foreign reserves in Chinese currency, upbeat on Aust clearing hub

QE hard to evaluate: Stevens

RBA governor says evidence of easing's effect in advanced economies 'hard to read'.

The RBA must shift out of neutral

The ongoing deterioration in labour market conditions, international trade and retail sales does not make for a pretty economic picture. Will it finally spur the Reserve Bank to act?

RBA uncertain on easing's effect

Central bank finds it difficult to judge extent to which low interest rates are working.