Reserve Bank of Australia

Why the RBA won’t cut rates tomorrow

Recent rate cuts around the world will increase the pressure for the RBA to follow suit, but our central bank could buck the trend.

Deloitte doubts rate cut this week

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Economist Chris Richardson suggest falling currency gives RBA room to wait.

Weekend Economist: Crude figures

The oil price the RBA based its last set of inflation expectations is long gone. An update will provide more room to cut rates.

Australia has been caught in the currency war crossfire

The policies enacted by central banks in Japan, Europe and the US have triggered a wave of competitive devaluations around the world and there is mounting pressure on the RBA to respond.

Private sector credit rises 0.5% in Dec

Reserve Bank of Australia financial aggregates show personal credit flat.

Two rate cuts by June: JP Morgan

Chief economist Stephen Walters says the official cash rate will be cut to 2% by June.

Interest rate spotlight on loan demand

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Financial markets have rate cut priced at 50/50 chance ahead of RBA's first 2015 meeting.

Saul Eslake hoses down rate cut chance

Bank of America Merrill Lynch economist says the RBA will not cut rates further.

A rate cut is still on the cards

An increase in core measures of inflation shouldn't sway the Reserve Bank from making a rate cut in February.

ANZ boss cautions against rate cuts

Mike Smith urges RBA to be cautious on rates given rapid decline in Aust dollar: report.

Will the RBA make the right rate call?

The RBA will be worried about its credibility should it lower rates without first signalling its intentions, but it should be more concerned about the risk posed by continued inaction.

Australia is getting QE done to it

Unlike other central banks, the RBA won't have to print money or buy bonds to push the local currency and bond yields lower. They're both on the way down anyway.

Weekend Economist: Oil stain

The upcoming inflation figures will give us a much clearer picture on how plunging energy prices could influence the RBA's thinking.

Canada cuts rates. Can the US really hike?

As other central banks either slash rates or print money to stimulate their economies, and with US inflation already soft, the Fed might want to rethink its timing for lifting rates.

ANZ tips two first-half rate cuts

Bank says weaker growth, lower inflation will give RBA scope to take cash rate to 2%.

CBA sees RBA rate rise Q1 2016

CBA says Reserve bank will sit on sidelines in 2015, to lift rates in first quarter 2016.

Inflation to hit home in 2015

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Business survey suggests weak local currency will force prices higher in first quarter.

Subdued lending could stall the economy

Housing credit growth continues to surge but lending activity appears to have peaked, which could put the economy's rebalancing process at risk.

Credit growth hits new five-year high

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Low interest rates boost private sector credit growth.

What we learned from the RBA this year

The Reserve Bank released 14 research discussion papers. Here's a selection of its most thought-provoking insights for the economy.