Reserve Bank of Australia

Dog days are here: Garnaut

Economist says currency needs to depreciate further: report.

Weekend Economist: Down, then Up!

Weakness domestically early in 2015, strength internationally in 2016; when it comes to rates, the market is underestimating these two themes.

Lessons for Australia in Russia’s pain

Russia is staring economic disaster in the face as it scrambles to halt the collapse of the rouble, while back at home the Reserve Bank is insisting the dollar needs to drop. Be careful what you wish for.

A fundamental change for Australia's banking system

New liquidity requirements will have a considerable impact on the banks' funding mix, and will mark a broad shift to a safer and more resilient financial system.

RBA notes expectations of rate cut

Minutes of December meeting show central bank still believes Aust dollar is too high.

Weekend Economist: Two-way bet?

It's curious the Governor has increased the barrier for a rate cut, while arguing for a lower Australian dollar as well.

The RBA needs to take care of business

Current financial and tax policy settings have channelled credit away from business towards property investment -- and the economy is struggling because of it.

Aust dollar sinks as Stevens tips US75c

Local unit touches new four-year low on RBA commentary, US data before minor rebound.

RBA's Stevens warns on triple-A rating

by AAP
Glenn Stevens says federal budget solutions need to be found within five years.

Interest rates to remain low, RBA says

RBA's Edwards says slow growth affords freedom on rates, cautions on govt surplus push.

The jobs market is stuck in a rut

The labour market figures haven't budged, but the potential for downside risks suggests the Reserve Bank might need to do more to support the rebalancing process.

Third rate cut a possibility: NAB

NAB chief economist eyes 3 rate cuts as business conditions return to long-run average.

Govt set to mull Murray recommendations

Hockey says recommendations relating to capital and payment systems a matter for RBA, APRA.

Weekend Economist: Basis to cut

The Reserve Bank has always stressed more rate cuts could come if necessary. If things keep going as they are now, we'll be there by February.

Westpac expects two rate cuts in 2015

Westpac expects RBA will cut interest rates in February, March next year, before hiking in 2016.

Three forces that could trigger Australia's next recession

Predicting a recession is fraught with difficulties, but it’s important to understand the risks facing the Australian economy.

An income recession spells more gloom for Australia

After today's uninspiring GDP result, many economists will be wondering whether the Reserve Bank has mistimed the collapse in mining investment.

Don’t count on the RBA’s rates wisdom

The Reserve Bank’s forecasting record is dismal, so the market is right in questioning its rates outlook.

RBA holds cash rate at record low 2.5%

Reserve Bank holds interest rates for 16th month straight, amid growing calls for a further cut.

Deutsche tips RBA will cut rate to 2%

by AAP
Bank's chief economist says the RBA will cut the cash rate to 2.25% in first half of 2015, with a second cut to follow.