Reserve Bank of Australia

NSW real estate group blasts RBA

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NSW Real Estate Institute accuses RBA of mixed messages on risky lending to investors.

Inflation will stay the RBA's hand, for now

The outlook for inflation remains benign, but a continued decline over the coming quarters could spur the Reserve Bank to cut rates further.

Analysts tip benign inflation

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Inflation figures due Wednesday are expected to offer good news for borrowers.

Property market more risky: RBA

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Deputy governor says new lending rules will not be heavy-handed despite imbalances.

Why are market economists so bullish?

Many economists are bullish on a rate rise, but the RBA board's latest minutes make this look very optimistic.

RBA to keep rates on ice as $A declines

Reserve Bank intends to keep the cash rate at record low despite a big surge in housing investment.

Rate cut could return to RBA agenda

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Economist says volatile conditions could see interest rates fall instead of rise.

Australians should work longer: RBA

Assistant RBA governor says Australians should work later into their lives to aid productivity growth.

Weekend Economist: Watch for 2015

The spate of recent 'one-off' events have given forecasts of modest movements from central banks in 2015 and 2016 undue credit.

Weekend Economist: Dollar dazzler

Australian dollar pessimists underestimate the strength of the global economy, which should drive a substantial lift in the local currency.

RBA holds cash rate at record low 2.5%

Reserve Bank holds rates for 14th straight month, in line with expectations.

RBA tipped to keep rates on hold

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Economists expect interest rates to be left alone today, first hike forecast in early 2015.

Inflation edges up in Sept: TD-MI

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Repeal of the carbon tax has kept inflation low, rising 0.1% in September, 2.2% over the year.

RBA slowing housing market: Ray White

Ray White chairman says jawboning from Reserve Bank has impacted the property market.

Weekend Economist: The Fed factor

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The RBA's 'period of stability' line is unlikely to go until the Federal Reserve's intentions are clear. But when the Fed hikes, it could hike hard.

Australia's problem housing investors

The RBA has signaled its intent to target the housing investors it feels are putting Australian economic growth at risk. James Glynn from the Wall Street Journal explains how.

Rational talk on housing is lost in a bubble

In the current debate about house prices and bubbles, many seem to have forgotten what property indices actually represent.

ANZ not concerned by lending curbs

Mike Smith says people need to stop thinking house prices only go up: report.

The RBA's property argument is full of holes

The RBA looks to have sensibly ruled out higher loan-to-value ratios to slow house price growth, but its current proposal is still flawed simply because there’s no justification for taking any action at all.

Silence on property breeds anxiety

While the RBA continues to voice its concerns about the Melbourne and Sydney property markets, we don't actually know enough about the impact of investor activity because Treasury hasn't done any work on it.