Reserve Bank of Australia

Why the RBA will keep its cool on inflation

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Inflation on tradable goods is at the mercy of commodity prices and the exchange rate. But there are a few compelling reasons why the Reserve Bank won't fight against the upward pressure.

Corporate bond issuance to remain soft: RBA

Debelle says issuance from banks, miners likely to remain subdued.

Aust dollar lifts on RBA minutes

Local currency pushes slightly higher after RBA reaffirms neutral bias.

RBA reaffirms neutral bias

Reserve Bank of Australia notes further signs that low interest rates are supporting domestic economic activity in April minutes.

Hockey must work an economic miracle

On so many issues, Treasurer Hockey is between a rock and a hard place. Keeping growth alive will be an extraordinary achievement.

Weekend Economist: Conditional confidence

The uneven nature of economic growth and volatile investment spending pose serious questions for emerging economic optimism.

Fitch warns on surging house prices

Ratings agency says lift in house prices has potential to destabilise banks.

Why she’ll be right in the long run

While job losses have dominated the headlines in recent days, the manufacturing sector has been shrinking for two decades and those jobs will eventually be offset by new jobs in other sectors.

Aust will lack workers, not jobs: RBA

Stevens warns on medium-term challenge of not having enough workers despite public announcements about job cuts.

Examine super fees: RBA

Central bank asks govt to consider whether super cost structures are reasonable.

Can the RBA have its cake and eat it?

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The central bank has to weigh up several conflicting forces when it comes to monetary policy at the moment. Rising house prices and the currency are just two of them.

Aust dollar falls on RBA decision

Local currency breaches US93c then slips as central bank leaves rates on hold.

RBA holds cash rate at 2.5%

Central bank keeps official cash rate steady as widely expected, repeats view that period of stable rates is appropriate.

Economists see cash rate at 3.25% in 2015

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Survey of economists shows no change expected at today's RBA meeting, median forecast for cash rate at end of 2015 is 3.25%.

The RBA waits out Australia's credit conundrum

Managing rising levels of housing credit with weak business credit remains a tricky balancing act for the Reserve Bank, but it can only wait so long before taking action.

Private sector credit growth unchanged in February

Fall in personal credit offset by rises in business, housing credit: RBA.

Weekend Economist: Stevens sense

The RBA governor's slightly more optimistic tone gives an important context to utterances about stable rates if forecasts are met.

The five economic obstacles in the RBA's way

The economy has responded positively to low interest rates, but Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens will be wary of the structural and global hurdles looming in 2014.

Low interest rates not enough to drive growth: RBA

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RBA says sound environments for competition and investment are needed.

Investors test the RBA's homing instinct

The Reserve Bank has a fairly rosy outlook for housing in the near term, but house prices and net wealth are likely to take a big hit when investor demand is exhausted.