Parkinson warns on GST focus

by AAP
Outgoing Treasury boss says it is a mistake to focus on GST when discussing tax reform.

Rio Tinto chief warns on multinationals

Jan du Plessis says too many multinationals 'get away with murder' on tax.

What major economies got right, or wrong, after the crisis

Why is it that the US and UK have fared better than Japan and Europe in the wake of the financial crisis?

Tax shifting fight gathers steam

ATO assessing structures of 100 multinational companies amid profit shifting row: report.

ATO picks up multinationals chase

Tax Office to use extraordinary powers to hunt liabilities owed to Commonwealth: report.

Can Juncker survive 'Lux Leaks'?

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The release of thousands of leaked documents implicates European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker in a major corporate tax scandal, putting his career on the line.

IMF’s Lagarde offers support for GST lift

Christine Lagarde sees benefits to raising tax provided poor are protected: report.

Wages offer new hit to budget

Falling wage growth likely to see individual tax payments fail to meet forecasts.

MYEFO is Hockey's chance to set the record straight

Forget the political blame game. The Treasurer should use MYEFO to fully inform the public about the budget and the need for tax reforms.

KPMG warns on tax crackdown

Top accountant warns crackdown on corporate profit shifting could drive away investment.

How harmful tax competition leads to profit shifting

Countries often strive to have a 'competitive' tax system that attracts investment, but what is an acceptable level of competition?

Tax avoidance solution 18 months off

by AAP
Government says days of multinational companies avoiding tax could be numbered.

The best of this week's The Ticker

Taxes, elections and Christmas. We've got it all here.

Luxembourg leaks shine spotlight on global tax schemes

ATO commissioner vows to investigate local claims amid fallout from leaked documents: report.

BCA cautions on G20 tax onslaught

Business Council concerned about potential for global tax warfare: report.

ATO to target top tax divide

New Tax Office analysis will improve understanding of corporate tax evasion and avoidance.

ATO targets rich tax schemes

Tax structures of wealthy set to face heightened scrutiny from Tax Office: report.

WA Libs urge GST reform

by AAP
West Australian MPs deny defying PM by arguing to get 75c of every GST dollar raised in WA.

Macquarie involved in EU tax probe

European authorities expand probe into complex stock trades made by global banks.

Time to carve up ATO: accountants

Coalition govt urged to split Tax Office in two by accounting industry leaders.