Hockey rules out GST hike

by AAP
Treasurer says Australians can't afford lift on 10% rate despite OECD calls for a hike.

The trouble with Hockey's tough talk on tax avoidance

Talking tough on corporate tax avoidance is one thing but as Joe Hockey is finding out, designing effective policies to combat it is another.

CVC chairman in tax haven dispute

Chairman of listed investment company allegedly set up a bank in tax haven of Samoa.

Miners an easy tax target: Rio

Tax take from miners rising globally, risk of projects becoming ‘uninvestable’: report.

PM should take GST to election: Shorten

by AAP
Opposition leader says government needs to take any planned changes to GST to an election.

OECD urges GST reform in Aust

by AAP
OECD says nation can make better use of GST by eliminating $20bn worth of exemptions.

Settle in for Hockey's budget horror show

The fundamental problem with the Abbott Government's first budget is it just wasn't tough enough. And the 'do-nothing' approach will only make the situation worse.

Bartter escapes tax net on $1.5bn

Details of food giant's accounts released as private firms seek exemption from corporate tax list.

Fortune favours the babes of boomers, and it all comes tax-free​

Widening wealth inequality in Australia provides a compelling reason to consider implementing an inheritance tax.

Cormann appoints tax board members

Former KPMG chief Michael Andrew to chair Board of Taxation, help design tax law and regulation.

EU's Juncker pledges tax crackdown

by AFP
​EU Commission chief vows to fight tax avoidance after new revelations of Luxembourg deals.

Business supports increasing GST

by AAP
Committee for Economic Development of Australia survey shows businesses want GST rise

The fiscal storm confronting young Australia

Economic and demographic changes mean younger Australians are facing a perfect storm of bad luck -- and there’s no quick fix.

Hockey chases multinational tax dodgers

by AAP
The ATO has stationed staff in multinational companies in an attempt to crack down on avoidance.

Govt set to mull Murray recommendations

Hockey says recommendations relating to capital and payment systems a matter for RBA, APRA.

Britain and the ‘Google Tax’

Britain should not follow France's lead and make a political target of corporations.

Lew attacks government over GST

Chairman says Premier plans to ship online products to Australia GST and duty free.

Hockey in talks over 'Google tax'

by AAP
Treasurer confirms talks with UK government over 25% levy aimed at international tech firms.

Britain launches new 'Google' tax

by AAP
British government slaps new tax rate on multinational companies seeking to minimise tax payments.

How business can bypass the pollies on tax reform

While politicians dither on tax reform, an alliance between social services leaders and major business groups is set to shake up the tax debate.