Tech start-ups need tax breaks: report

Tax breaks offered to property investors should be shifted to boost start-up sector.

Picks of the week

In this week's essential reading guide, Kohler assesses our addiction to dividends, Bartholomeusz reflects on Qantas' massive loss, and Gottliebsen talks about how CEOs can learn from a new young player.

SMSF alliance defends tax breaks

Super sector says wealthy individuals entitled to tax breaks: report.

New super tax reels in $300m

Close to 100,000 high income earners have copped extra tax due to new super rules: report.

Dividend franking is Australia’s beautiful curse

We need to kick our addiction to dividends to enable more investment in companies and infrastructure, which in turn will promote entrepreneurialism and growth.

SMSFs pay little tax: report

Almost 300,000 self-managed funds pay little to no tax due to credits and exemptions.

Major projects linked to phoenix scams

Eight of the largest construction developments under investigation: report.

Cormann warns of tax hikes

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Finance Minister says higher taxes likely if budget doesn't pass through Senate.

ATO targeting cash economy: report

Tax Office increases audits in sectors known for trading in cash.

Short-sightedness on tax reform will stifle Australia

Neither political party seems willing to tackle the ongoing deterioration in the budget, which stems from inadequate revenue collection. Bold tax reform is necessary but requires political courage.

Parkinson laments budget sell: report

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Treasury secretary says govt should have talked more about tax reform in budget pitch.

Cut company tax rate: Edwards

RBA board member says there is a need to consider competitiveness of tax system.

ATO freezes assets of Perth investor

Tax Office freezes accounts of investor and a $9.5m share portfolio in crackdown.

Prescott warns on top tax rate

Economics Nobel Laureate says excessive marginal tax income rate may stifle growth: report.

Without real reform, Hockey’s budget pain will be for nothing

Peter Costello is right to discredit the government's proposed GP co-payment. Far more rigorous reform in healthcare, aged care and tax is necessary to avoid long-term fiscal catastrophe.

Palmer urges Hockey to split MRRT

PUP leader says Senate will back scrapping of mining tax, five associated measures: report.

Barnett again lashes GST

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WA premier labels tax split a 'disgrace', says govt must fix 'fundamentally broken' system.

Australia’s addiction to dividends is killing us

The introduction of dividend imputation in the '80s has encouraged companies to increase their dividend payout ratios rather than retain earnings, which has led to chronic underinvestment and massive tax distortions.

Still $14bn in lost super

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Some 49,000 accounts were consolidated in past month, billions of dollars still unclaimed.

Employee share scheme rules set to get a makeover

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The Australian start-up sector looks set to receive a much-needed boost from changes to tax legislation around Employee Share Option Plans.