Ireland leaves the door ajar for artful tax dodgers

The closure of Ireland's notorious corporate tax loophole comes as a global crackdown on tax avoidance gathers momentum, but other inventive strategies could be on the cards.

Ireland mulls end of corporate-tax loophole

Major companies said to be preparing for an end of the 'Double Irish'.

Chevron faces tax dodge claims

Oil giant could face payout of $322m to ATO amid claims of complex tax schemes: report.

Succession is still a taxing issue

How a family business is structured is often a key factor in whether it is passed on to the next generation or sold.

ATO keen to extend Wickenby

Tax Office seeks permanent extension to information-sharing laws behind tax avoidance operation.

The clock is ticking on negative gearing

The government may not want to touch the negative gearing of investment properties, but plunging tax revenues may force it to act.

Capital management or tax avoidance?

While politicians point the finger at Apple and Google for avoiding tax, Telstra's share buy-back highlights the fine line between investing and dodging the ATO.

Picks of the Week

In this week's essential reading guide, Kohler discusses housing policy, Gottliebsen gives his view on negative gearing and Bartholomeusz digs into a report on corporate tax avoidance.

Senate targets corporate tax avoidance

Upper House backs creation of inquiry into adequacy of Aust law to combat global tax minimisation.

'Bitcoin' inquiry set for March

Senate committee will report on regulation for digital currencies by March 2015.

ACCC wants toll roads, lower fuel taxes

by AAP
Consumer watchdog chairman wants toll roads to fund new roads, lower fuel tax.

ATO caught short on tax dodgers

Abbott govt warned of inability of Tax Office to deal with tax shifting after staff cuts: report.

Corporate tax avoidance reports are avoiding the real facts

Claims that a large chunk of Australia's top companies are avoiding tax are completely baseless, and many of them aren't even Australian.

EU to accuse Apple of illicit Irish aid

by AAP
European Union to accuse US tech giant of taking illegal aid from Irish state through sweetheart tax deals.

New report slams company tax avoidance

Examination of ASX 200 companies shows 84% pay below the 30% company tax rate: report.

ATO to tackle Apple, Google: report

Report says showdown between tax office and tech companies on the cards.

Put GST at heart of reform: IMF

The IMF puts GST, resource rent tax and housing taxes at top of tax reform priorities.

Pharmacy protection should be lifted: Harper review

The draft Harper report recommends scrapping restrictions on the ownership and location of pharmacies.

What big Aussie super funds can learn from the US

Many Australian super funds outsource their investment management, with consequences for brokerage and tax costs. But there's a way to vastly improve their performance.

G20 deal could swell Treasury coffers

A global crackdown on tax evasion could add billions of dollars to federal revenue.