UBS charged with tax fraud in France

by AFP
Swiss bank will have to pay a total bail of €1.1bn on claims it hid money in home country.

Tax avoidance and the rise of creative M+A

Tax inversion deals are skyrocketing, with several hundred billions' worth of bids lobbed in the last month or so. Are the politically inflammatory deals cheating public revenues, or righting corporate taxation wrongs?

Mining tax repeal leaves budget hole

by AAP
Senate backs repeal push, but changes to bill likely to see govt vote it down in House.

The carbon tax is just one factor for miners

The mining industry walked a tight rope in its opposition to the now-repealed carbon tax, highlighted by its quiet campaign against the tax's burden on cost competitiveness.

Everything you need to know about Bitcoin and GST

The ATO is yet to release its advice on the legal status of cryptocurrencies for GST purposes, but when it does it will likely be just the beginning of a bigger legislative tussle.

Global tax treaty unlikely: PwC

PwC's global chairman says he doesn't expect a global tax treaty in his lifetime: report.

ATO cuts could slash govt revenue

Staff reduction at Tax Office may see govt lose $1bn in potential revenue: report.

RET cut may hit super funds: report

Climate change investment group concerned for retirement savings in the renewable energy sector.

Calls for $2.5m cap on super

Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia to call for cuts to tax breaks on earnings in large personal funds.

Parkinson urges tax reform

by AAP
Treasury boss says it is crucial reforms to tax system and federation be considered together.

ATO delays decision on Bitcoin tax status

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Bitcoin-friendly businesses in limbo as Australian Tax Office seeks further legal advice.

How to bring corporate tax systems into the 21st century

Existing corporate tax structures are enabling base erosion, lowering investment and stifling prosperity. If the G20 is serious about fiscal sustainability, its leaders must first agree on big reforms.

Google Australia boss wary on skills shortage

Maile Carnegie says Australia short on computer science grads, calls for tax reform.

Reform push 'very difficult': Turnbull

Communications minister hints budget sell may have been hampered by limited explanation.

ATO zeroes in on tax avoiders

Tax Office will use amnesty program to identify individuals funnelling money offshore: report.

Aged care, tax among July 1 changes

by AAP
Several govt policy changes scheduled to be ushered in on Tuesday.

Glencore paid almost no tax: report

Coal miner reduced tax bill on $15bn in earnings through loans from associates.

GST conversation needed: Brumby

by AAP
COAG Reform Council chairman says increase in the tax is inevitable.

$1bn lost in business tax gaps: ALP

Labor says loopholes are allowing multinational tax giants to avoid more tax: report.

Gruen urges reduced super fees

Treasury executive says even small reforms to super fees would benefit economy, society.