Advertising and Marketing

Silicon Valley’s next big thing

Although the growth in Google’s advertising revenue is below that of its peers, the sheer size of the revenues it is pulling out of the market dwarfs all rivals.

The YouTube superstar you haven't heard of yet

Irreverent video gamer and online star PewDiePie just might hold the key to the future of the video platform – and Google is listening.

Shoppers with smartphones spend the most: Mi9

Report into grocery buying habits shows 'one size fits all' marketing days are over as shoppers chase personalisation.

Facebook is changing social media 15 seconds at a time

Facebook is tackling Google’s YouTube head-on as it unveils its video ad campaign. And the social media giant's huge store of user data will provide advertisers with the perfect hit-list of targets.

Carsales lifts stake in iCar Asia

The online advertising business has added to its holding in iCar Asia, with an increase to 22.9 per cent.

Guvera scores grandstand streaming deal with Lenovo

Australian-owned music streaming company's service to be pre-installed onto all Lenovo mobile devices.

Seek buys out Asian firm for $580m

Seek continues its aggressive expansion by buying out the remainder of Asian online jobs firm JobStreet, lifting its shares to a record high.

Carsales books rise in H1 profit

Results largely driven by organic growth, group says international investments performing well.

Five brands bridging the data-execution gap

Managing a data rich world requires a new perspective. Forget big data it's about "all data".

ANZ’s Chinese grand slam

ANZ's and Jacobs Creek's ability to connect with millions of Chinese viewers at the Australian Open highlights the immense potential for Australian brands to tap the world’s largest consumer market through sports.

Facebook tests ad network business on other companies' mobile apps

Test currently limited to a "few" advertisers and mobile app publishers.

Australia fails to get a mention in Gartner mobile ad forecasts

Japan, South Korea, India and China all expected to lead growth within the sector.

Why China went bullish on Bobbie the bear

A purple Tasmanian teddy bear has a few lessons for Australian businesses trying to crack the Chinese market.

The year ahead in media

Another year of disruption will intensify the pressure on the old school powerhouses of Australian media.

Top five business blunders of 2013

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Investor confidence in the US picked up strongly over the past year, with markets hitting record highs. But a number of high-profile businesses still found time to make some pretty disastrous errors in judgement.

Buffering Google's video future

With unparalleled online power, Google has the ability to rewrite digital advertising as it pleases. Traditional banner ads are being replaced by video, and the market will follow.

The CIO holds the keys to 'outside-in' play

Customer experience and thinking around the ‘customer journey’ may have traditionally been the purview of the marketing team but it's time the CIO stepped up to the plate.

Memo to Zuckerberg: Facebook is failing marketers

The social network offers marketers access to the largest audience in media history but while every large company now markets on Facebook, very few find success.

Nine takes full ownership of Mi9

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Media group buys out Microsoft's stake in digital advertising business.

Big Data is good for answers, not for questions

Big data is good at predicting outcomes, but does a poorer job of explaining the causes that drive them. It can only provide answers for the right types of questions.