Graduate jobs at 20-year low

Recent graduates finding it harder to get a job than at any time since 90s recession.

Flushing Australia's luck down the loo

In the digitally-powered economy, many industries will need global scale to underpin their survival. Australia’s paltry marks for innovation and export-oriented jobs should have policymakers very worried.

Navitas FY profit sharply falls

Education company weighed by university writedowns, upbeat about FY15 earnings.

A Napoleonic lesson in job creation

Federal budget tightness, and the questionable economic value of some academic degrees, point to the question of whether Australia would be better off varying its approach to the role of universities.

NICTA, Swinburne launch software innovation lab

Lab to house over a dozen R&D staff and a similar number of PhD and project students.

Abbott’s “Better Outcomes” needs long-term vision

Australia may be a leading exporter of educational services, but the use of technology in our classrooms is still light years behind. Fixing that requires action not words.

Overqualified and underemployed: meet Australia's graduates

More Australians are attaining tertiary degrees than ever before, yet many end up working in menial jobs with little or no relevance to their chosen field. Are they just wasting time and money?

Navitas boss says firm not for sale

Rod Jones says education services company is not vulnerable to predators despite share price slump.

Keep Gonski funding: Senate report

by AAP
Report warns of education inequality if government fails to act.

Mathletics maker gets low marks on debut

Online education company 3P has slumped 14% on its ASX debut, in the year's most expensive IPO

Navitas shares plunge 30%

by AAP
Shares in education services provider lose 32% after losing major contract with Macquarie University.

Geminder emerges as key investor in AKG

Melbourne packaging billionaire Raphael Geminder has stepped up his exposure to the education sector.

ABC Learning to repay govt, workers

Failed childcare group reaches multi-million dollar settlement.

Cisco, Flinders University in IOT tie-up

The South Australian university is set to become a key hub for Cisco’s Internet of Things push in Australia.

A thriving research sector is not just about the money

Stability of funding is more important than size if our best and brightest are to properly plan for long-term research and break the mould of merely surviving.

Google Australia boss wary on skills shortage

Maile Carnegie says Australia short on computer science grads, calls for tax reform.

Tinkering with education will tear through Australia’s social fabric

University fee deregulation is likely to skew students away from healthcare and education as they seek out degrees that offer the highest return on investment. The flow-on effects to the housing sector should not be overlooked.

Float hopeful 3P Learning does homework

The owner of Mathletics ready to capitalise on the trend of schools migrating from textbooks to online resources.

Deloitte warns on digital disruption

Worst is still to come for health, education and utilities sectors, consultancy says.

IPO for 3P Learning raises $285m

The maker of Mathletics software has priced its IPO in the middle of the range.