Family Business

Surviving a break-up in the family business

Divorces can potentially wreck a family business, but there are legal protections and other structural safeguards.

The changing perceptions of HNWIs and family business

High-net-worth individuals have a lot to offer family businesses, but there must be a meeting of minds and aims.

How one family’s DNA is helping others to thrive

With 150 years of family business history to draw on, EY partner Richard Boyce knows better than most what it takes to succeed.

Why more families are turning professional

Cost pressures are forcing many family businesses to professionalise their operations, but getting it wrong can be disastrous.

How Storm McGrath saved his father’s company

Battered by a volatile exchange rate and other challenges, Storm McGrath has now put the family tutoring franchise back on course.

Setting the agenda for family business

With the 2014 year rapidly drawing to a close, and after 10 months in her role, Family Business Australia chief executive Robin Buckham reflects on a productive year.

The growing power of family businesses

Research shows the family business sector as a whole is increasing, and they’re outperforming their non-family peers on multiple levels.

Knowing the family history

In the US, families are taking history lessons in themselves to help define their mutual goals and objectives.

Do Australian family businesses have an offshore complex?

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When it comes to expanding offshore, family firms seem to have cold feet. In fact, Australian family businesses have one of the lowest international footprints in the world.

How the Beaumonts are flooring their rivals

From humble beginnings, the family tiles business has evolved into a national operation through a combination of dedication, inspiration, expansion and innovation.

Pepperstone founders take top EY gong

Founders of online foreign exchange broker Pepperstone named Australian EY Entrepreneurs Of The Year.

Why family business succession is China's biggest threat

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It’s a little-known fact that the Chinese economy is built on family businesses, and that could be its economic undoing.

A new remedy for family business oppression

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Family business disputes claiming oppressive conduct can be costly and time consuming, but a court pilot aims to both streamline the legal process and cut costs.

How to engage the next generation

Showing children what the family business is about, and getting them involved in different aspects, are important early steps in the succession process.

A family business that’s really hatched

From humble beginnings, the Hazeldenes have created one of the largest chicken farming operations in Australia. Now, the third generation is wanting more control.

Convincing overbearing parents you’re ready to shine

Taking over control of a family business is usually a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be if the succession process is handled well.

Breaking through the family glass ceiling

More women are taking up board positions across the family business sector, and Australia’s corporate sector should be taking notice.

Myer family restructures its investment empire

The Myer family is restructuring its multi-billion-dollar investment empire, including rebranding its prestigious family office.

EY appoints new Family Office Service leader

Richard Boyce is a fifth-generation member of a family in business, and will lead the firm’s Oceania Family Office Services practice.

Smooth sailing for a true family partnership

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From coffee to island resorts, there’s a lot more to the Oatley family business story than just Rosemount Wines.