Family Business

The meat and potatoes of Australia's dining boom

The difference between the meat and potatoes businesses are dramatic. But for the Thomas family, combining them made as much sense as serving the two together at the table.

Ask the experts: Managing new roles

A successful handover between generations can't happen until everyone accepts their new roles. What can you do if someone is clinging to their old habits?

As far as the eye can see: The families who own the most of Australia

Five Australian families lay claim to a combined 2.8 per cent of the country -- these power farmers have changed the landscape in their favour.

UK family business sector tipped to grow

First-generation family businesses expected to contribute £218bn to UK economy by 2018.

Westfield restructure 'fair': experts

Independent experts find proposal is fair, reasonable, in shareholders' interests.

Simplot eyes family dips business

The food giant is in line to buy Black Swan after a family feud landed it on the market.

Tell him he’s dreaming: why you need to know what your business is worth

Knowing your business’ real sale value can drastically change the way you operate. It’s about understanding where your value is coming from and protecting it.

Scouring for profit: how the Michells fleeced themselves

A decade after a massive buyout, the Michell Group is rich in assets and revenue, but cash-flow poor. And tough conditions in the wool industry give little cause for optimism.

SMEs warming to Abbott govt

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Research shows business sector's dissatisfaction with the government is down 18 per cent since September.

How the shine wore off Bevilles Jewellers

Bevilles' change of strategy was designed to better serve the needs of customers, but it couldn't keep the creditors at bay. Now the family jeweller is fighting for its very survival.

A manufacturer makes it against all the odds

Rising costs and cheap imports have caused many Australian clothing manufacturers to bite the dust. Koala Clothing had to twice rebuild its business from scratch, but it's still standing -- and stronger than ever.

My business, my money: How to know what you should be paying yourself

Would you be embarrassed if your pay slip became public knowledge? It’s never as simple as ‘bigger profit, fatter wallet’.

Bevilles enters voluntary administration

The 80-year-old family-owned jeweller faces heavy layoffs and store closures.

A financial jolt for gender inequality

New research shows female-led family companies are up to 18 per cent more profitable. Australia's typically male-dominated family firms can no longer afford to look the other way.

Robin Murphy's two Alan Bonds

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After selling his business for $1 million Robin Murphy was able to buy it back with the loose change in his pocket -- just two dollars. Lightning struck again when he picked up another business out of the bargain bin.

Private Business: The five step guide to the all-new Privacy Act

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The Privacy Commissioner will soon start flexing its new muscles and complacent businesses will be dragged to court or slapped with huge fines. These five tips will keep your business on the right side of the law.

Abbott's red tape bonfire has fizzled

Tony Abbott’s red tape ‘bonfire’ is just blowing smoke as far Australia’s small and family businesses are concerned.

The problem of milking a business for retirement

Sometimes a business built as a de facto superannuation plan develops its own imperatives, as when a single-herd goat farm grows into a multi-million dollar cheese retailer.

The retirement chair: Why half-leaving doesn't work

It's common for a CEO to want to semi-retire and sit on the company's board but it's a move loaded with trouble, especially if the incoming CEO is a family member.

What the new family business chief has planned

Family Business Australia’s new CEO has come from the depths of the business sector. She explains her plans to to shine a new life into Australia’s unappreciated family business heroes.