Family Business

Three ways to help SMEs beat the lending crunch

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A pattern of weaker business credit is putting SMEs under increasing pressure, and limited access to alternative markets is only making the situation worse. It's time to explore other options.

How Oliver Mark rebuilt the Nilsen empire

OJ Nilsen created a large business, listed it on the ASX, but died with little to show for it all. Now, the fourth generation has completely turned things around.

Key lessons from some family business masters

These iconic family businesses are case studies in how to succeed. Their stories contain lessons for all enterprises.

How rich investors are turning to family business

Family businesses can raise cash through banks or private equity, but high net worth individuals are also keen for some investment action.

The right Way to start a business

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Jeenee Mobile is not your typical family business, but the family behind its creation is anything but typical.

In the firing line: A family business guide

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Terminating an employee is difficult, but how do you fire a family member? Here’s some handy pointers.

Uncovering Australia’s 'hidden' billionaires

They are heirs to massive family business fortunes, but they’re largely off the public radar screen and most prefer it that way.

Breaking the barricade: How to crack the export market

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The high Australian dollar has been a curse for exporters. But with the right connections and resources family-owned business can still conquer offshore markets.

Fishing for success in a sea of challenges

South Australia’s Stehr family is famous for breeding southern bluefin tuna in captivity. After years of selling their product to the Japanese at a premium, they've set their sights on China.

The blunders that toppled three family business giants

A successful business learns from its mistakes, but learning from the mistakes of others can be even more helpful. These family businesses found themselves underwater when they either failed to adapt or bit off more than they could chew.

The next Tim Cecil

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In the late 1800s Henry Bucks buttonholed the high-end market of men's fashion with a reputation of offering well-tailored shirts. Over 100 years later, and the business is still going strong -- despite the family running succession pretty close to the wind for generations.

Keeping the faith: a family business dynasty with religious conviction

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From the early days of building textiles machinery from secret plans to now becoming a major player on the global oil stage, the Schlumberger family’s religious values remain at the core of its work ethic.

What’s in store for family business’ future

Family businesses of the future will look very different to today's organisations. New opportunities will arise in a range of sectors, while ownership teams will be transformed.

Westfield Corp confirms dividend guidance

Shopping centre giant reports slight revenue lift in first results since restructure.

Kennards Hire awarded family business of the year

Family-owned hire company wins top award at national family business conference.

Picks of the week

In this week's essential reading guide, Kohler assesses the impact of the digital revolution, Bartholomeusz delves into the details of BHP's demerger, and Gottliebsen talks to the one minister who has a vision for Australia.

Richest Australian families boost fortunes in 2014

This year’s BRW rich families list shows a healthy lift in the bank accounts of nine of the top 10 richest business clans.

How to light a fire under the next generation

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A common theme in Asian family businesses is sending the next generation to expand the company abroad. It's a daunting and difficult assignment, but the independence can lead to triumph.

How Bobbie the bear became a Chinese sensation

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When Robert Ravens bought a run-down lavender estate in Tasmania, he never imagined his farm would become a tourism mecca... until an ingenious use for old dried lavender flowers changed everything.

Corporate Australia's family connection

Family businesses can morph into something unexpected regardless of whether they stay in private hands, become a showstopper on the stock exchange or the subject of takeover after takeover.