Family Business

The Toyoda family: Japan’s answer to Henry Ford

Four generations and two wars later, the Toyoda family still presides over the largest carmaker in the world. But there is much pressure on the current heir to steer Toyota through difficult times.

Six families float their way to fortunes

Many Australian family businesses are too small to list on the ASX, but those that have done so have reaped considerable financial rewards.

A pearler of a family business

This is the story of an English Lord, a hard-working bus driver and a little pearl farm that has grown into a shining retail and tourism empire in WA’s sunny Broome.

How the Morgans became an American banking dynasty

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Once modern-day Medicis, the Morgans were the bluest of blue-blooded banking dynasties. A century after the death of its legendary patriarch, the family name still carries prestige.

The delicate matter of family succession in a public company

Handing over power to the next generation can be a tricky process for a publicly listed family business. Controlling shareholders must tread carefully if they want to avoid disaster.

A bleak year awaits Aussie farming families

Times have never been tougher for Australia’s farming families, and with earnings likely to fall significantly this year agribusinesses are hanging on for dear life.

Menora Foods mulls ASX listing

Food marketing and distribution business could be floated after strategic review.

Defence Dept snubs family bootmaker

Rossi Boots has lost a bid to supply boots to Australia’s Defence in place of an Indonesian competitor.

Where the world's oldest family businesses call home

In a list of the world's 100 oldest family businesses some countries feature heavily while others hardly register. This community of ancient family businesses has been around for many hundreds of years.

How to brew a family business

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Bundaberg Brewed Drinks was bought for a steal nearly 50 years ago. Many exploded vats of fizzy drink later, this third-generation family business now puts the pep in supermarket shelves across Australia.

Salteri family to sell Tenix: report

Sydney family set to launch sale process in deal that could value contractor at $400m.

The rise and fall of the Barings banking dynasty

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Barings Bank was one of the most prominent and oldest merchant banks in the world, with the family even earning the nickname 'the sixth great power'. Then it all came crashing down.

The rich getting richer: A year of profit for Australia’s wealthiest families

The Pratt, Shahin and Perich families starred in BRW's Rich List, all recording staggering increases to their wealth.

The Keech cousins leap into a 3D future

The Keeches built their fortune pouring metal into moulds. Now, while other foundries are closing left and right, they’ve transposed their business into the 21st century with 3D printing.

The cooperative way out of retail strife

Co-branding could be a way around some of the crippling issues facing small retailers. It's something the big players like Hard Yakka and VB are doing with great success.

Australia's biggest abalone farm sold to feed Asian bowls

Craig Mostyn nabs Great Southern Waters.

Far out Brussels sprout

Three great families underpin Australia’s Brussels sprout industry. Each in its own way has beaten the odds to cultivate a healthy business in a tough sector.

Blood and money: Five huge family feuds

Fighting within a family business isn't uncommon, but the stakes are raised when billions of dollars are in play. Here's five of the world's biggest family feuds.

Giving it away: When sweet charity turns sour

For many family businesses, philanthropy is a fundamental part of their corporate ethos, but it can also be used as a wealth management strategy or to bolster tarnished reputations.

Sting won't leave fortune to kids

The singer has says his six children know they have to earn all their own money.