Freelancer acquires marketing site Warrior Forum

Online jobs marketplace buys world's largest internet marketing exchange.

Workforce 2020: are you prepared?

Millennials are increasingly defining the workplace, and they want connectivity and flexibility. Here are three things businesses can do to keep up.

Director time limit plan dropped

Council backs away from plan to cap service of independent directors at 9 years.

Rise of the machines... and the HR dilemma

Concern over the influence of ICT on jobs and wages demands a new role for HR managers. Doing nothing is not an option.

KPMG seeks acquisitions, alliances

The firm has bought Australian social media intelligence company SR7 as it seeks alliances with companies at the cutting edge of new technologies.

Finance jobs looking up

The news is getting better for finance professionals this year, according to recruiting firm Robert Walters.

Can India plug its brain drain?

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As a growing number of Indian executives achieve corporate success in the US, questions persist about India's inability to retain its best and brightest.

Govt looking into share schemes

by AAP
Coalition to consult on employee share scheme laws for start-ups.

Moelis agrees settlement: report

Investment bank reaches deal with former VP over bullying claims.

How complexity could slay your company

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A consistent corporate strategy, streamlined processes, and the alignment of personal incentives with organisational goals will help companies navigate complex business environments.

TRUenergy in sexual harassment suit

Senior staff member claims she was harassed by former CFO, then fired.

Managerial techniques remade in China

Western management techniques are giving a leg up to the largest, most successful Chinese companies. But local management styles and corporate structures are also blossoming.

Major firms exempt from Abbott parental leave levy

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Firms on partnership model not subject to income tax under proposed scheme.

Australia can afford Gonski: Garrett

Schools minister says nation can find funds for education reforms.

State-federal Gonski agreement crucial: Brumby

Chair of COAG Reform Council says funding squabble was expected.

SA premier backs Gonski reforms

Weatherill urges states and territories to support national plan.

Abbott has held own school funding talks

Oppn joins with WA, Vic to reject govt's 'one-size-fits-all' approach.

States to be informed of Gonski funding costs

Garrett expects to be able to inform states of specifics shortly.

WEEKEND READ: Brand America

Selling the naming rights to libraries, universities and sporting teams has become a huge American export.

WEEKEND READ: The childcare myth

Australia has a labour shortage, which is why the government should pour money into childcare and get mothers back to work – right? Wrong, says a new report.