Industrial relations

PM’s progress too slow: Ai Group

Leading industry lobby group critical of progress on IR reform: report.

Cheaper foreign workers under govt plan

by AAP
Employers allowed to hire foreign workers on salaries 10% below standard skilled migrant rates.

Audit won't bring forced job cuts: Tasmanian govt

by AAP
Forced redundancies ruled out as state audit gets underway.

Business want action on Fair Work review

by AAP
Business lobby groups pushing govt to expedite planned review of Fair Work Act.

Abbott is right to follow Gillard's jobs plan

In truth, Australia has both an unemployment crisis and a labour shortage at the same time. But immigration can help solve the problem.

BHP vows to fight Port Hedland strike plans

by AAP
Miner believes strikes would fall outside legal time period, will apply for court injunction.

CFMEU spent redundancy cash on striking workers: inquiry

by AAP
Royal Commission hears move threatened to set a precedent for the building industry.

BHP cuts another 95 jobs at Mt Arthur

Move comes less than a month after miner shed 163 positions at NSW coal mine.

US private sector hiring slows in July

Payrolls growth disappoints expectations, markets await Labor Bureau print.

How much is worker happiness costing firms?

Happy employees might be productive, but high worker satisfaction could also signal that workers are being overpaid for their services.

The union inquiry is splitting the Coalition in two

Big companies are just as much to blame as unions for lowering productivity but some conservatives' black-and-white view of IR could get in the way of justice.

An ideological war will ravage Australia

A grand compact between unions and business is needed to usher in the economy's structural transformation, but such long-term vision is likely to be a casualty of ideological warfare.

Appeasing unions is taking its Toll

Toll’s deal with the Transport Workers Union underscores that cartel-style agreements are not confined to construction and are damaging Australia’s productivity.

Shorten must go cold turkey on union cartel cash

The new building codes of conduct have severed a lucrative funding source for Labor but any incoming government must resist winding them back if they care about supporting the community.

One million strike in UK over pay, spending cuts

by AAP
Public sector workers form biggest austerity protest since Cameron took power.

One million strike in UK over pay, spending cuts

by AAP
Public sector workers form biggest austerity protest since Cameron took power.

An open letter to Boral’s Mike Kane

Company executives have as much explaining to do as the union heavyweights driving the stink in construction. The royal commission’s scrutiny must apply across the board.

Unions ‘conspire outside the law’: Boral

Mike Kane calls for a police investigation into alleged blackmail of his company by construction union.

Something rotten at the Grocon picket line

Grocon construction workers were expressly opposed to forming a picket outside Myer last year – so who was protesting? It’s time for the competition watchdog to sharpen its teeth.

Charting the politics of fear

Irrational joy at the carbon tax repeal recalls two-and-a-half decades’ worth of fear and wrath over industrial relations shifts, which data shows have actually changed nothing.