Medibank was chickenfeed compared to looming state sell-offs

A wave of state asset privatisations in the new year will provide big opportunities for global infrastructure investors, and could even eclipse the Medibank bonanza.

Brisbane hail storm bill hits $804m

by AAP
The Insurance Council of Australia says Brisbane storm bill will top $800m.

IAG slugged by Brisbane hailstorm claims

Insurer expects claims for damage to reach $170m.

Suncorp to take $250m storms hit

The insurer discloses liability from last week’s freak Brisbane storms.

British insurer Aviva buys rival for £5bn

by AFP
British insurer Aviva buys Friend Life, creating the country's largest insurer.

Fund managers should face up to their own Medibank mistakes

The institutions who bid to be in the Medibank float made their bed, and now they must lie in it.

Medibank float: steady as she goes

Shares in the insurer stabilise just below the institutional offer price.

TIO sale legislation passes

by AAP
NT government secures parliamentary approval to divest Territory Insurance Office.

Medibank shares end first day up 7%

Shares in privatised health insurer surge as investors welcome biggest IPO since Telstra.

Why Medibank could have more upside to come

The pricing of Medibank's institutional offer could put some pressure on management, but the company's potential to lift its performance should not be underestimated.

Medibank windfall looms for investors

Retail investors should check their holding in Medibank Private before rushing to sell.

NT govt sells insurance business for $424m

by AAP
Northern Territory sells last Australian govt-owned insurance company.

Medibank IPO raises $5.679bn

Institutions pay $2.15 a share as govt allocates 60% of shares to retail investors.

Medibank allocation to be revealed Sunday

The government will announce the final price and share allocations for the Medibank float on Sunday, just ahead of the health insurer’s listing on Tuesday.

NT govt to sell off insurer

by AAP
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NT Chief Minister says sale would better spread risk in event of natural disaster.

Medibank float ‘well covered’ at $2.15

Fund managers are likely to find out the pricing of the IPO this afternoon.

Why investors have swamped the Medibank float

Strong demand for the Medibank Private float has pushed up the indicative price range, which will please retail investors but rankle institutions.

Medibank value could hit $6.3bn, as demand pushes up price range

Investors are betting a price of $2.15 per share, IPO could be worth $6.3bn.

US hedge funds join Medibank float

The Medibank float is on track to become the second-largest IPO in Australian history.

Big brokers already trading Medibank Private

Medibank Private’s institutional book build is expected to price at around $2.10, far above the indicative price range set by the government.