Small Business (SME)

How long until Australia’s luck runs out?

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Tech giant Microsoft and consulting firm PwC have issued a wake-up call to business and government to better harness the untapped potential of SMEs.

Tell him he’s dreaming: why you need to know what your business is worth

Knowing your business’ real sale value can drastically change the way you operate. It’s about understanding where your value is coming from and protecting it.

SMEs warming to Abbott govt

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Research shows business sector's dissatisfaction with the government is down 18 per cent since September.

Private Business: The five step guide to the all-new Privacy Act

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The Privacy Commissioner will soon start flexing its new muscles and complacent businesses will be dragged to court or slapped with huge fines. These five tips will keep your business on the right side of the law.

Abbott's red tape bonfire has fizzled

Tony Abbott’s red tape ‘bonfire’ is just blowing smoke as far Australia’s small and family businesses are concerned.

How being a crowd favourite saved SPC Ardmona

Social media played a big part in the resurrection of SPC Ardmona. It’s a lesson family businesses can’t afford to miss – just ask one of South Australia’s favourites, Spring Gully Foods.

HSBC finds $250m for SMEs

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Bank sets aside loan facilities for Aust businesses expanding offshore: report.

Are banks playing it too safe in low gear?

All the majors are experiencing historically low levels of bad and doubtful debt charges. There is an argument the banks as a group aren’t taking sufficient risk for the good of the economy.

Busting the business crash diet myth

Family businesses have focused on creating a leaner cost base as a means of boosting productivity, but slimming down in the short-term will only work if there’s also long-term sustainable change.

The disaster of the 2010 election

Business investment is now emerging from deep hibernation following the 2010 election. But as the aftermath rolls on in closures and redundancies, investment remains tentative.

A sweet taste of manufacturing success

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The sickly Australian manufacturing industry should look to fast-moving and adaptable family businesses like Robern Menz. The confectioner has weathered every storm thrown at it for almost 100 years.

MYOB targets new markets with portfolio refresh

Accounting software provider announces a new product line-up with special focus on micro-mid-sized businesses.

EU prices are headed down, down

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A credit squeeze in the euro zone is contributing to the emerging deflation crisis and small businesses are struggling to survive.

Business needs the Billson booster

Bruce Billson's deregulation campaign is gaining ground in the tax commissioner's office. His efforts are made all the more important by approaching waves of unemployment.

Value Investor: Revving up returns with ARB

ARB Corporation has a credible growth strategy underpinned by product innovation and expansion, and it boasts a pristine balance sheet. No wonder its share price delivers average annual returns of 38 per cent.

Harnessing the power of the one-man brand

Self-employed individuals can strengthen relationships with consumers and add value to their services by building a personal brand. The first step is to think of yourself as a business.

Govt to tackle franchise imbalance

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Billson says the way some big franchises treat their franchisees is concerning.

Govt scraps small business tax breaks

Instant asset write-off reduced from $6.5k to $1k with MRRT repeal.

Abbott must fix small business in 2014

While Australia’s worsening economic problems mean some election promises will be trimmed, Tony Abbott has no excuse when it comes to delivering his 12-point plan to help SMEs.

Australia's growth is all in the family

Family businesses are not often glamorous, but their strong entrepreneurial spirit – not to mention the contribution they make to the economy – plays an important role in Australia's future prosperity.