Small Business (SME)

How China's richest will fund Australian innovation

The government's plan to channel funds from the significant investor visa program into sectors that are hungry for capital is a smart move.

Melbourne start-up takes aim at SME funding gap

Moula ready to carve out a new channel to capital for small to medium businesses through an online platform that can provide a loan in minutes.

The hard sell on succession

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Amongst Australia’s baby boomers in business, a high percentage are looking to sell out.

Succession is still a taxing issue

How a family business is structured is often a key factor in whether it is passed on to the next generation or sold.

Why can’t Colbeck see the wood for the trees?

Oppressive laws on the importation of wood products will put many small businesses on the chopping block. The government is either very short-sighted or is deliberately intent on culling the industry.

Three ways to help SMEs beat the lending crunch

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A pattern of weaker business credit is putting SMEs under increasing pressure, and limited access to alternative markets is only making the situation worse. It's time to explore other options.

The government should lend small business a helping hand

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Tax barriers, high compliance costs, and excessive red tape are preventing small and medium-sized businesses from succeeding, but is the federal government prepared to help the sector?

China's SMEs struggle to jump the credit hurdle

Small and medium-sized businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to gain financial support in China and can be crippled by high interest rates while larger, state-owned companies are enjoying an easier ride.

The real reason so many small businesses fail

Starting your own small business can be an exhilarating and rewarding adventure, but many entrepreneurs find the road to success is a rocky one.

Bookstores shake off the dust jackets

The internet might be hurting bookshops but they're not ready to become a bookmark in history just yet.

Confidence slips for mid-sized businesses: CBA

Firms look past federal budget to focus on growth, while mining confidence drops.

Politicians must dial down the volume of big business

The Abbott government's push to repeal the carbon and mining taxes underscores the great influence large corporates wield in public policy – sadly, to the detriment of the broader community.

The cooperative way out of retail strife

Co-branding could be a way around some of the crippling issues facing small retailers. It's something the big players like Hard Yakka and VB are doing with great success.

PIN-only: a boon to business or a major setback?

The phasing out of signatures for most Australian credit and debit cards from August 1 could catch some small and medium enterprises flat-footed.

Billson’s big promise to Australian start-ups

Much-needed reforms to benefit local tech start-ups may finally be on the cards, but supporting the sector from the small business portfolio comes with its problems.

The secret weapon every small business needs

The performance gap between businesses that leverage ICT and those that don't is staggering, but with cloud computing it's easier than ever for SMEs to bridge the gap.

Mid-size firms worried about staff recruitment: survey

Research finds attracting and keeping staff are key concerns for managers.

Why small business shouldn't cheer the budget

Small business has been deemed one of the few winners of the federal budget, but the lower corporate tax rate and a small and family business ombudsman may not deliver the benefits many expect.

Shining a light on Australia’s shady behaviour

Barry O’Farrell’s resignation has brought accountability into the spotlight, and it’s not only public officials feeling the pressure. Corporates are also finding that spin just won’t cut it anymore.

Reaping the rewards of a fair go for small business

There's a compelling moral argument for reviewing Australia's competition laws in favour of small business, ensuring a system that is equitable and just for all.