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INSIDE INVESTOR: Digging for gems in mining services

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Mining stocks have fallen out of favour with most investors. But counter-cyclical investors would do well to take a closer look at oil and gas companies.

INSIDE INVESTOR: A return to the golden days of ore

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The massive growth of China’s steel industry and its demands for infrastructure have seen iron ore prices defy investors’ expectations.

INSIDE INVESTOR: Why gold prices are strengthening

The yellow metal is mellow no more. Gold prices have been in recovery for the past two months, as a supply contraction and demand increases from central banks and investors push up prices.

INSIDE INVESTOR: What’s held the big miners back?

While BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto were spending up on capex, financial stocks were doling out dividends. Now that big miners are cutting costs, investors should see the benefits.

Inside Investor: The Australian dollar. Where to from here?

Our local currency may be destined further south in the long term, but a recovering US and slowing China should stop it falling too far in the near future.

INSIDE INVESTOR: How to profit from the transition

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As the global economy shifts direction, what is the best way to optimise your portfolio?

INSIDE INVESTOR: Navigating the year of the taper

At this point, Federal Reserve tapering is scheduled to begin gradually later this year. But don't be surprised if that changes.

Inside Investor: What you need to know about the US taper

The US recovery is already boosting Australia's economic prospects as our dollar falls. The QE taper couldn't have come at a better time for local investors.

INSIDE INVESTOR: How to reduce your tax and provide peace of mind

Paying income insurance is a great way to get a rebate on your tax bill, but if you actually need to use it you'll still be taxed as usual.

INSIDE INVESTOR: How to reduce tax and build a share portfolio

Investors can use negative gearing for their share portfolio in much the same way as property investors do, but with more liquidity.

INSIDE INVESTOR: How to reduce tax with investment property

An investment property can be a great way to make money via negative gearing, but it's still a case of buyer beware – the property must increase in value.

INSIDE INVESTOR: The back door to property profit

Investing in the companies set to benefit from the housing recovery is a smart way to make money without the commitment of buying a property.

INSIDE INVESTOR: The quiet revolution in property investment

Investors chasing yield have a short-term window to generate strong returns on an investment property.

INSIDE INVESTOR: Debunking house price delusions

A common misunderstanding says Australian property is the most expensive in the world. The reality is far more encouraging.

INSIDE INVESTOR: The gentler, patchwork housing recovery

Australia's real estate market has been the beneficiary of interest rate cuts over the past 18 months, but this recovery is different from previous upturns.

INSIDE INVESTOR: Where to for Australian interest rates?

As debate continues about whether the Reserve Bank will cut further, hold steady or begin lifting rates, ripples are being felt in the stock market.

INSIDE INVESTOR: How central banks created the stock market rally

The debate on Reserve Bank cuts is alive again. On the one hand rate cuts have boosted the stock market, but many parts of the economy remain weak.

INSIDE INVESTOR: How markets are reacting to central bank moves

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Gold's wild ride over this last decade, and particularly in recent weeks, highlights the key correlation between the market and central bank moves.

INSIDE INVESTOR: How central banks have manipulated markets

Actions by central banks in the US, Europe and Japan explain why a large part of Australian business is struggling.

INSIDE INVESTOR: Getting central bank savvy

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A single decision by a powerful central banker can have ramifications for portfolios the world over. Investors should be on the lookout.