China set to build NBN faster, cheaper than Australia

Business Spectator

China's plans to build its own national broadband network over the next three years that is forecast to come in at a third of the price of Australia's own scheme and will serve 10 times more households, according to The Australian.

The Chinese system will use the same fibre-to-home broadband technology used by Australia's NBN, and shares other similarities but is scheduled to cost China's telecommunications companies only $10 billion, compared to the $37.4 billion Labor expects to spend to reach 12.2 million households by 2021.

China's network will lag Australia in speed, with plans to reach 20 megabits per second in city areas by 2015 and four megabits per second in developing regions, while Australia's network speeds will range between 12 megabits per second and 100 megabits per second.

But even so the new network will be a huge upgrade for China, which currently has an average broadband speed that ranks 90th in the world, The Australian reported.