Social TV app, zeebox achieves over 100,000 downloads in two weeks

International social TV company  zeebox is thriving in Australia, with the company saying its app has achieved over 100,000 downloads within the two weeks of its launch.

The figure serves as the first indication that zeebox may be set to dominate Australia’s emerging second screen social TV scene, and outpace its two rival apps in Australia; Seven Network’s Fango and Nine Network’s Jump-In.

zeebox Australia’s CEO Craig Blair says the early usage figures have exceeded all of the company’s expectations.

“The number of downloads in Australia is many multiples higher than the UK or the US (adjusting for population) proving that Australians actively embrace new, world class platforms,” Mr Blair said.

“More important than downloads is viewer engagement. Our average viewer is spending over half an hour a visit engaged with zeebox,”

The next challenge for zeebox will be to monatise its growing audience. The company previously flagged that it would start offering its first ad bundles to advertisers in January.

However, Mr Blair said that the company’s focus is still on improving its service and engagement of its app.

“We look forward to increasing our audience engagement as we roll out new channels and features over the coming months,” he said.