NSW, VIC Govt tech policies ineffective and wasteful: reports

The Victorian and NSW state government’s technology strategies have been left in tatters after two separate reports presented a scathing assessment of their effectiveness.

In NSW, the Sydney Morning Herald reports that the head of Freelancer.com, Matt Barrie has criticised the direction of the NSW Digital Economy Industry Action Plan.

Mr Barrie has labelled the agenda setting plan as “window dressing” saying it will “deliver little benefit to the economy as far as technology is concerned”.

Mr Barrie’s complaints stems from his belief that the task force behind the plan contains no actual technology companies, but rather a variety of tech reliant corporations.

The group consists of IBM, Telstra, Optus, Foxtel, CSIRO, integrated media company Omnilab, electricity network Ausgrid, digital production company The Project Factory and venture capital firm OneVentures.

Meanwhile in Victoria, the eServices Government and Industry Working Party report has revealed several pitfalls in the state government's IT plans.

According to The Australian Financial Review the review claims that the Victorian government was employing under-qualified companies to undertake work and gave them the power to write their own evaluations on their efforts.

Victorian Technology minister Gordon Rich-Phillips has blamed Labor for creating the flawed system, despite the Coalition refreshing it when they came into power in 2010.

The Coalition government aims to solve the problem by creating a registry of qualified IT companies and creating a set of rules and regulations around IT contracting in the state government.

Mr Rich-Phillips said the registry would be up and running by June 2013.