Aust foreign policy worries China

The Chinese government has perceived a modification of Australian foreign policy by the Abbott government and the change threatens to hurt the nation’s relationship with Beijing, according to The Australian Financial Review.

The report suggests experts have spotted a cooling of relations since Prime Minister Tony Abbott won the September federal election, pointing to government comments over the air dispute over the East China Sea and closer ties with Taiwan and Japan as signs of change.

“I think there is an obvious shift in foreign policy under the new government, compared to the previous Labor government,” Wang Zhenyu, a research fellow at a think tank linked to China’s Foreign Ministry, told the AFR

If the current tension is not remedied, the Strategic Partnership signed between the two nations in April could be rendered “meaningless”, Mr Wang added, according to the report.

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That's fine. Australia has enough of its own corruption to deal with, we don't need to import more from China.
Abbott the Hun and his children are doing remarkable damage in both foreign and domestic affairs – though entirely comparable to the class warfare waged and social destruction caused in Europe and Imperial America. As with Indonesia, Abbott and Bishop are damaging the bilateral relationship. Our problem is that they think their obsessive adherence to an extreme Mad Hatter’s Tea Party mentality doesn’t matter. They clearly still believe that their approach to foreign police has the Divine imprimatur, so costs to the relationship with China, Indonesia and littoral states will be succeeded by a general recognition of their infallibility. Prime Minister Gillard government was credited with stabilising relations with Beijing after a difficult period under former prime minister Kevin Rudd. Despite the usual vilification, she was able to establish a formal strategic partnership with Beijing that commits both countries to an annual meeting between the Australian prime minister and Chinese premier, plus counter-party meetings for the treasurer and foreign minister. Beijing was obviously going to be hostile to Abbott’s reference to Japan as an “ally” and Australia’s “best friend in Asia” (neither of which are true), the Abbott government’s extreme reaction to China’s creation of the Air Defence Zone, the Coalition’s pledge ahead of the election to restore annual ministerial-level visits to Taiwan, and “have a strong relationship with China while managing differences over sensitive issues like ministerial contact with the Dalai Lama” (while institutionalising brutality towards refugees and the vilification of anyone deserving). While the formal strategic partnership has not yet been cancelled, it could be downgraded. What was achieved by Prime Minister Gillard will be destroyed by Abbott and Bishop. However one benefit is that an FTA may never be achieved, if the main obstacle is indeed Australia’s alliance with the US rather than economic and IP terms.
Julia Gillard damaged Indonesia relationship by stopping live export suddenly. Oh, Aussies have serious memory lapses. Mahathir and Lee Kuan Yew called Australia the poor white trash of Asia. Nothing has changed. All Aussie PMs never respect Asia, but Australia has been a lucky country despite making up of second rated leaders.
NO Indonesia damaged there relationship with us,buy cruel behavior. we punished them, WITH live export band ..
Ambrose, I have to agree regarding the FTA with China as it is heading to a least best outcome for Australia and either needs to be substantially turned around or not entered into. There are other ways Australia can get around some of the restrictions but this is not the forum for that conversation.
the whole free world is having problems with china at the moment over their newly declared zone, japan, america etc. I don't really expect Labor voters to understand long term thinking, so I am not even going to put my thoughts on this down. Labor = no pain in the short term, disaster long term Coalition = short term pain, long term gain
Abbott is using the default 'holier than thou' approach, and lecturing the neighbours on what's right and wrong, without even understanding the diplomatic context. Not unlike a child who shouted a few words and quickly hide behind the mother's skirt. Maybe some slogans would help.
China has on many occassions stated that it will not tolerate opinions of other countries when it comes to its foreign policies, it should then shut its mouth when it comes to Australia and its foreign policy. I don't care about any ramifications including trade not everything is about money, some times pride and honour are far more important.
And that's how wars get started. People start blustering about pride and honour, when a simple civil conversation can fix many issues.
Yes Oz Bubble but the conversations Australia has with other countries always seem to end up with results being one way, in the favour of the foreign country. Some times wars are required
Steven " always seem to end up with results being one way, in the favour of the foreign country." I take it you are talking about the US FTA. A Howard gov bowing down to its lord and master.
"steven" WTF The christian religious right haven't got a clue about Honor. That is why they need to confuse it with righteousness. One question for you Are you of Military age.?
Kowtowing to our Asian friends might improve trade relations short term, but I will not earn any respect, none whatsoever !!
Well, shouting and trying to bully people isn't exactly working either, is it? Nobody is kowtowing but nobody in this government has actually tried diplomacy either.
"eric" this is not about kowtowing. It's about respect. Abbot and Bishop only portray their self righteous indignation, towards trading partners. That is not respect that is self righteousness. This will have more of a detrimental effect on Australia's economic future than any budget shenanigans could.
China is a corrupt dictatorship. They have an appalling human rights record, persecuting their citizens at every turn. The Chinese government simply doesn't like anyone pointing out their faults and will try to bully other nations into silence, just like they do their own citizens. China will not have the genuine respect of the rest of the world until they learn to "cop it on the chin" (absolutely no pun intended) when individuals and other nations criticise them for their actions. They behave like a spoilt bully of a child who doesn't like it when they are pulled up for their misbehaviour. They need to grow up and behave like a mature, responsible nation if they want to be treated that way and have the respect of the rest of the world.,
Graeme Just reminding you The stolen generation ,the Tasmanian Aboriginal genocide, Not to forget the slave trade from the pacific islands running up untill the 1950's. White Australia. Cronulla riots, caused and encouraged by the nationalistic religious right. media Alan Jones. What is it that those christians use to say. Something about though salt not judge. Those with out sin should cast the first stone. I know its a part that has been buried, and forgotten about, so that the religious right can feel ok about their judgmentalism. These self righteous christians need to understand that their days of crusades are over. The 21st century belongs to reason not self righteousness. If you want proof of the stupidity of the christian self righteous war mongering attitude being dangerous and a failure in the modern world. Answer this question who won the oil rights of Iraq.?
“doug” Read the bible where is says ‘kill them all, show no mercy’. You seem not to like the Abrahamic religions, not that I totally disagree. To answer your question: The same mob that organized the demise of Mossaddegh.’
Doug, Australia has faced up to and admitted many of the errors of it's past. Kevin Rudd and the apology for one instance. Even if we hadn't done so and even if there are still some things from our past, or indeed our present, to atone for, you and anyone or any other nation in the world is free to point out our mistakes. We don't jump up and down and threaten to take our bat and ball and go home if anyone says something we don't like about something we do. The abuses of human rights and persecution of of their citizens continues in China. I know where I would rather live and express an unpopular opinion. Try going to China and publicly expressing a view that is contrary to the policy of their government and see how you get on.
Try making a public stand in Victoria, against a government policy. Same result. At least China understands they must do the right thing by their people, Australia with it's dictatorial duopoly has been able to spin despotism and call it benevolence. Hypocrisy in human rights: this was shown in the NT intervention. If they were worried about the kids in the camps. Why not do the exact same thing to the catolic church. The east china sea has nothing to do with Australia, that was A, B, Abbot and his bishop were acting like children saying he did it the hide behind's skirt.
It's nothing like the same thing and you know it. You sound very dissatisfied with Australia and Australian society, perhaps you should find somewhere better and emigrate there. Best of luck in finding somewhere better, I don't think there is anywhere better but then, I think we live in the best nation on this planet. Not perfect mind you, but damn close to it.
I suppose I have to accept your opinion. But that is purely objective,
The most important thing is; we all have the right to express an opinion. Even when we are wrong.
I keep on mixing objective with subjective . Your opinion is totaly subjective not objective.
I do not remember China colonizing any countries. History showed that China preferred to trade. I cannot say the same for fair-skinned hypocrites who continue to show disrespect and behave like spoilt rich kids.
Josh, can you honestly say that the citizens of China are happy with their system of government, satisfied with the level of freedom they have to express an opinion or practice their religion? Do they hold genuine respect for the positions of leadership in their nation? I don't mean the individuals who currently hold those positions, I mean the offices of their system of government. I don't mean towing the line and being good citizens because of fear. I mean a genuine respect for the way government in China works. If they don't like the way the individuals in power at any given time do their job, are they free to turf them out on their ear at the next election?
I expect to see a friend of mine again in about September, Hes' only a young bloke 23 he managers bands over in Shanghai, Yes acording to all reports they are very happy with the way things are run. And in a lot of ways they have more freedom than this 3 tier dictatorial duopoly can.
Josh, A couple of countries you might like to defer to in regards conduct of China over time... ...Tibet ...Japan ...Siberia ...Middle East (old USSR boundaries) ...Myanmar ...Taiwan ...Fiji (and a few other South Pacific Island nations) and by the way hypocrites and spoilt children come in a lot more colours than just "fair skinned". 0419 504 255
Oh Ian Your going to have to explain your list a lot more
Invasion of Tibet? Invasion of Sinkiang? A somewhat less revisionist view of history would be nice.
What so you thimk that the british and the US won Iraq oil rights; wrong do your research properly. They just spent $2billion dollars to distroy the place. China spent $2 billion to rebuild the place. The answer to the question is China.
The various comments (24 at this count) inspired by a 4 paragraph summation of other press articles indicates the intensity of the topic. The boiling under the surface is intense as can be seen by many of the comments and this "boiling" is one problem Australia is not facing. It will get a lot worse over a very short period of time and eventually "boil" over into something substantially less jocular.
Another thing to note is though China's Export figures have been improved significantly, their Import figures have been dropped noticeably, which is a bad sign to Australia's Exporters. So, a meaningful fall of AUD is needed to attract more purchase from China and the other Asian countries.
Dulong greetings The real bad news for Australian exports is the growing stock pile of mining commodities. And a government not giving a shit about any other industry.
Bishop is a puppet of the USA ,To wards china
If China believes it will be to it's advantage they will trade with anyone, regardless of how "good" or "bad" the relationship is. Every so often, they start blustering about relations being soured, trade being threatened etc. This is mainly to try and gain a trade advantage by making the other country start to worry about the relationship and so make concessions. In fact, the Chinese don't care about the relationship as long as the terms of trade are in their favor.
China is the best thing that has happened to the world ever