WA deserves more GST revenue: Bishop

AAP, with a staff reporter

Federal deputy opposition leader Julie Bishop says Western Australia is entitled to a fairer share of goods and services tax revenue.

Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett, who is campaigning for a second term, said last week he'd continue pushing the federal government for a greater slice of GST revenue for the boom state.

Fellow WA representative Ms Bishop says the premier has a point.

"We agree that Western Australia should have a fair go," she told Sky News.

"We'll certainly be looking at the GST in government."

While she wouldn't comment specifically on the changes the coalition may make to the GST, Ms Bishop acknowledged that WA's share of revenue from the tax was reducing.

"We'll certainly have a hard look at it, whether it means a new system or not remains to be seen," she said.

"You cannot punish a state like Western Australia for being successful and putting in place pro-development policies that drive not only the Western Australian economy but the Australian economy."

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