Anglo Coal most affected by delayed Moura line

The announcement by coal carrier Aurizon Holdings Ltd that the Moura line running from central Queensland coal fields to the port of Gladstone will likely be closed longer than forecast is expected to have the most significant impact on Anglo Coal, according to The Australian.

Two rail lines serving the coal industry in central Queensland were knocked out of commission by severe flooding in the region.

Last week, Aurizon forecast that both the Blackwater line and the Moura line would open by the end of this week after closing on January 25.

However, the now says the Blackwater line should reopen on schedule but that the Moura line could be shut down for another three weeks.

"On the Moura system we have experienced track damage in a variety of locations, with approximately 3km of full earthworks formation washout between Stirrat-Clarke and Earlsfield. Recovery will require the full replacement of all track and earthworks in these locations,” Aurizon network vice-president Mike Carter said.

"Given the extent of the damage in these areas we are expecting to open the Moura system progressively west from Boundary Hill from February 18, with the last section impacting mines at Baralaba and Moura not open until February 25.”

Anglo Coal operates the Callide and Dawson mines on the Moura line and is expected to be most-affected, The Australian added.

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