Don't write off media laws: Conroy

AAP, with a staff reporter

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has dismissed complaints there has been inadequate time to consider the government's media reforms, saying it is too early to write off the support of key independents.

Senator Conroy is pressing parliament to pass the package by the end of next week - a result that now looks unlikely, with Craig Thomson and Rob Oakeshott expressing opposition to the changes, and other crossbenchers also raising doubts.

But the minister said it was "too early to make pronouncements about whether or not people are voting for the bill".

The government was listening to the issues raised by the minor parties and independents.

"The vote is next week, and there will obviously be a lot of discussions going on between now and then," Senator Conroy told ABC Radio.

A key concern of crossbenchers has been Senator Conroy's 'take it or leave it' rush to get the laws through.

But he rejected claims there had been insufficient time to review the proposed changes, saying there had been two major reviews of the media in recent years.

"We've had a public inquiry in the Finkelstein inquiry, we've had the Convergence Review that travelled around the country, took submissions, hundreds of submissions, hours of public consultation," he said.

"They produced their reports, they've been heavily debated.

"So for people to suggest that there hasn't been an effective debate around the country, they are just ignoring the facts."