457 visas 'a form of slavery': Sheldon


ALP national vice president Tony Sheldon says some employers bringing in foreign workers on 457 visas are engaging in "human trafficking" and a "form of slavery", according to The Australian.

Mr Sheldon, who is also the national secretary of the Transport Workers Union, reportedly told the ALP national organisers forum in Canberra that the party must campaign "strong and hard" in support of the government's proposed crackdown on 457 visas.

"457 visa holders have no right to criticise their employers when they are being ripped off or sweated, and no real right to join a union without the employer sacking them," he is quoted as saying.

"And once sacked, they can be deported within 28 days unless they can find another job.

"That's why it's actually no exaggeration to say that for some workers, the 457 visa is a form of slavery.

He also said some companies wanted to bring in workers on 457 visas in order to exploit them.

"If you are trafficking people into this country to exploit them against the standards and ethics, and legal requirements of this country, the appropriate title is human trafficking," he said.

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