Ericsson successfully trials 1Tbps technology in Australia

Ericsson has successfully completed a trial its one terabit per second (Tbps) optical transmission equipment on Telstra’s high-speed fibre cable connecting Melbourne and Sydney.

According to Telstra’s director transport and routing engineering, David Robertson the tests prove that the existing 995 kilometre pipeline can support 1Tbps technology in a real network environment.

"The trial has proven that our existing optical cable plant can support Tbps channels along with 40Gbps and 100Gbps channels simultaneously on the same fibre, verifying that we have the ability to increase capacity on our existing fibre cables when required," Mr Robertson said.

As demand for data and internet use continues to rise, Australia’s telcos will be forced to continually reinforce and expand their existing internet pipelines to cater to the trend.

"Like so many developed countries, Australia is a very technologically advanced market and Australians are sophisticated users of broadband and mobile technology,” said Ericsson’s head of R&D optical transmission, Alessandro Pane.

“Supporting all these services requires an ever-growing capacity in backhaul and inter-city transmission,” Mr Pane said.