Gillard brushes off latest Labor poll slide

AAP, with a staff reporter

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has brushed aside the latest opinion poll which puts support for her Labor government at its lowest levels since the carbon tax was about to be introduced almost 12 months ago.

Ms Gillard would not directly comment on results of a Fairfax/Neilsen poll released today, which shows just 29 per cent of voters support Labor.

"Ask me about the $14.5 billion dollars for schools - they're the only numbers that are worrying me," Ms Gillard told the Nine Network.

Ms Gillard's historic partnership agreement with China and a $2 million strategy to tax high-end super were not enough to help the popularity of the federal government.

The latest Nielsen poll shows Labor's primary vote has slipped two percentage points to 29 per cent, Fairfax reports.

The government hasn't been this unpopular since June last year - just before the carbon tax came into effect.

About the same time, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's anti-carbon tax scare campaign was at its height and so was the coalition's popularity, garnering 49 per cent of first preference votes.

Today's Nielsen poll shows the coalition is once again attracting almost half the primary votes, with 49 per cent of people saying they would give their first preference to the coalition, according to Fairfax.

If an election was held now, the coalition would easily win with a national swing of seven per cent after preferences.

In the two-party preferred vote, the coalition claims 57 per cent of votes to Labor's 43 per cent.

Mr Abbott gained ground as preferred prime minister, up one percentage point to 50 per cent.

He leads Prime Minister Julia Gillard by eight percentage points after her support dropped one point to 42 per cent.

Ms Gillard's approval rating also dropped in the latest poll.

The prime minister currently has a negative approval rating of minus 22 per cent, meaning more people disapprove than approve of her performance, Fairfax reports

Mr Abbott's net approval did not change.

His negative approval rating was steady at minus 10 per cent.

Kevin Rudd still outstrips Ms Gillard as preferred Labor leader at 57 per cent.

However, the failed leadership tilt by Mr Rudd's supporters improved Ms Gillard's standing by four percentage points, up to 35 from 31.

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When you are not Governing for the people then the people's opinion does not matter.
Another poll slide, another attack on voters, another poll slide? Gonski. The plan is to take away from uni students - most eligible to vote - and give more money to primary and secondary kids - not eligible to vote. The relatively younger university student voters were generally a relative group of support for Kevin 07 - now are these supporters taken for granted in 013? Even Gonski has criticised this plan. Missing: is what this funding will pay for? Is it just more money for schools particularly public, "disadvantaged." and non Western Australian? What about for overcrowded schools. What about for them? There is a growing number of schools in Sydney where there is no space for playgrounds because portable classrooms were put on the playgrounds. Are these schools now considered disadvantaged according to the plan?
gillard always brushes off polls that show how unpopular she is, what else can she do? Must be a difficult place to be sometimes! Yes, those numbers would be worrying me too! $14.5B for schools? The big question is, where exactly is the money coming from? Where else can you cut to get all these dollars, as you are keen on slashing uni and self education money with a machete. Too bad for the kids wanting uni after high school, hope they have rich parents. Didn't gillard want 45% of high school kids going onto get a degree of some sort? It's all well and good having a need to leave some sort of legacy in your wake, knowing full well that your time left as PM is very limited, but, for the sake of all Australians, please don't completely ruin everything else on it's way!
Gillard does not give a Gonski about opinion polls! When you live in a parallel universe you don't need to worry. What is it about Labor Governments and grandiose plans? NBN, NDIS, Pink Batts, School Halls, Gonski etc - we need none of these at this point in time - we need a few years of quietly sorting out our problems - not more grandiose pie in the sky un-costed and impractical schemes.
There is a simple solution to all of this, but it lies predominantly in the hands of 2 independents, namely Oakeshott and Windsor.
Tick, tick, tick, tick. Time is running out for tis PM and this government. If she really had the interests of the Labor party at heart she would hand the job to someone else. Anyone else would do. Is the North Korean leader available? He would probably be more popular.
Yes, in the Time Magazine poll the North Korean leader was much more popular than our Julia!
No Carbon Tax,East Timor Solution,Malaysian Solution,more boats than ever,Kevin Rudd,Bruce Wilson ,Ralph Blewett, AWU scandal that wont go away,Peter Slipper,Craig Thomson,much wasted expenditure in BER ,heading for six deficits in a row despite a "rolled gold commitment to a budget surplus in current financial year,repeated handouts to unions,broken word to Wilkie re poker machines,hanging on to failed Treasurer Swan,superannuation differences within own party,robbing education to pay for education,class warfare,resignations from ministry and divided party ,tin ear etc.This prime Minister seems to have never ending problems.
Will you join me in support for a Parliamentary Public Interest Advocate with over watch on the processes of parliament and the conduct of its members? The government is not the best yet the processes point to kind of a broken situation needs fixing. How did the NBN get through the "House of Review" (aka Senate) without a business case? How do certain members of Parliament spend more time on attacking each other than discussing issues? Question Time has been called a circus. Parties are not responsible for preparing detailed 5-10 year plans annually on a range of issues. Graham I am sure you may make a list longer than mine.