Napthine happy with wind farm regulations

Victorian Premier Denis Napthine has outlined his fondness for wind farms, but will not push for a weakening of Victorian restrictions on their development.

Speaking at the opening of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest wind farm – the 420 MW Macarthur in Victoria’s south-west – Dr Napthine said the government recognised the importance of developing alternative sources of energy.

“At the same time, the government recognises the need for wind energy facilities to be developed in appropriate locations, to minimise impacts on our natural environment and local communities while providing certainty to wind farm developers,” he said.

Dr Napthine added that his experiences with wind power had been particularly positive.

"I remember years ago seeing wind turbines in Wales and parking on the side of the road and just watching them," he said, according to The Border Mail.

"I think they are absolutely fantastic, they're not right in every place, but in places like this, the wide open plains, I think they are really valuable in term of the energy they produce."

"I think they are majestic, and I actually love them."

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There must be comparitively few takers for a job like the Premier's. Clearly he has to walk a fine line between his awestruck personal feeling as he looks upon a turbine, and somehow accommodate views of country squires who hate the look of them. Since infrasound as a health concern has been thoroughly demolished, this is what the presence of turbines is about - looking after our own little patch.
Perhaps someone should suggest to the premier that he like most people are economically backward and scientifically immature.The people that are touting and building wind farms stand to make a lot of money out of an flawed technology Turbines,etc. are expensive to build. expensive to maintain and run,and guess what; no wind,no power.The economics of other alternative sources of power are largely ignored. The greatest source of power available with out licensing,costs,non polluting,eternally available is wave and tidal power. Unless someone puts a licensing scheme in to place to stop the moon from creating this immense power, it is available to all countries in the world that have an ocean frontage. Will this power be harnessed? Not as long as politicians are bound by big business that make money out of flawed technologies.