Repealing carbon tax immoral: Combet



A federal opposition plan to repeal the carbon tax if it wins government has been labelled immoral by a senior Labor minister, who says such a move cannot go ahead.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said plans by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to scrap the scheme would leave a $20.7 billion hole in the forward estimates.

"He's given us no indication at all how he would achieve those savings," Mr Combet told reporters.

"He cannot and he will not be able to remove the carbon pricing regime."

During his budget-in-reply, Mr Abbott outlined $5 billion in savings to fund tax cuts and fortnightly pension and benefits increases tied to the carbon tax compensation for households promised by the government.

However, Mr Combet said the opposition leader's figures didn't add up.

He committed Labor to opposing Mr Abbott's plans should the party find itself in opposition after the September 14 federal election.

"(A carbon price mechanism) is the right public policy position for this country," he said.

"All nations at the moment are working on an agreement to be concluded by 2015 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take account of the scientific advice.

"With all of this policy that is working, that is environmentally effective, that's economically responsible and socially fair, and what's more is essential if we are to tackle climate change and protect the interests of future generations, Mr Abbott's position on abolishing these measures is completely immoral."

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Immoral was imposing the carbon tax after promising it was not going to happen.


Agreed Dennis, This government tries to take the high moral ground when poeple disagree with them but they have lied to the Australian community for years and then want to attack the opposition for saying things must change. If we stay on our present course there'll be nothing left. I am well and truely over labor.


Don't blame me I voted Coalition


Sorry Michael, we are going to blame you anyway! :o/


Not environmentally effective when most of the world is not participating - it is environmentally futile at this point especially the point where we are leading the world on climate action. Perhaps in future with China, US, India, and Canada leading on the issue may be a better time to "do a fair share."


The Carbon TAX is based on a lie and as such is IMMORAL


Really, combet, immoral, really? A $20.7B hole in forward estimates? If they are anything like swan's previous estimates, I wouldn't be too worried ;o)
Another quick question, if the Libs get in next election, why will they not be able to remove the carbon pricing regime? Sounds like an odd thing to say indeed! If you had been listening, you maybe would have heard Abbott indicate how he would achieve those savings, so how don't his figures add up?
As others have said, it may be a better idea to wait for the rest of the world before we end up doing it all alone. But you oppose away, combet, knock yourself out! lol :o)


Yeah, it's a good thing the libs didn't get in in 1990, things (climate policy) would have been a right mess by now. At least the libs have got it right this time.


So am I now to understand that this failed Labor government and ex union stooge are proposing to run interference against the clear mandate of the people? I hope they do exactly what Combet says so that Abbott can bring on his double dissolution and mop up any remaining Labor/Greens held seats in both houses.


Not only is Abbott's promise to repeal the carbon tax immoral in that it dangerous to the safety of Australia in the long term. Human induced climate change is supported by 97% of climate scientists (see Climate Spectator), which means that all prudent steps to avoid disaster must be taken and soon. Australia's immediate threat is of high summer temperatures, if the average temperature goes up 1 degree Centigrade (C) this can add 4 degrees C to summer maximums. Temperatures over 50 degrees C means mass death of vegetation and uncontrollable bushfires without immediate ability to save those in danger.
With the carbon tax which is working to change our production of CO2 and is an example to the world on responsible action, others will at least be impressed that Australia is acting to limit the risk to our children and grandchildren. Electing an Abbott government will demonstrate to the world that we Australian's don't care and will not as the worst polluters in the world per capita take any responsibility. While no short term trouble is expected, when it happens (97% probability) Australia as the leading per capita polluter will be made to make reparations to the rest of humanity, unless we be become a fully armed nuclear state like the USA. There are people in the LNP who do wish to really act on climate change, but with the leadership beholden to the deniers I will vote for my grandchildren.


Simon Morgan,

You need to re-read that paper on the 97% consensus. A total of 12,000 papers on Climate Change were assessed, 4,000 of which the authors suggested human involvement - 97% of which were convinced. So the real rate of consensus is closer to 32%.


Cook et al (2013) classified 11,944 papers. Of those, 4,014 expressed a position on global warming. 3,896 of these or 97.1% attributed the cause to humans.

Or if you prefer, only 78 out of the 11,944 disputed the scientific consensus.

That is not hard


Simon, carbon is not the enemy, never has been. Science 101. This was and always has been about tax by stealth, nothing more, and politicians greedily latched onto the heresy. The environment has not benefitted one iota from these sleazy taxes.


>"Repealing carbon tax immoral: Combet"

No. It is the Labor carbon tax that is immoral. It is all pain for no gain. It damages Australia's economy for no benefit.

In fact, using Treasury figures it would cost $10 for every projected $1 of benefit But the benefit will not be achieved because it assumes there will be a global carbon price. there will. be no carbon price, so the benefit will not be achieved.

Damaging the economy damages human wellbeing. Clearly, it is Labor's carbon tax that is immoral.


It's good to see the regular crowd of commenters who hate Labor and/or action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have come out. I'm probably wasting my time making this comment, but you do need to take regard of the laws of physics. After all, the physics of the additional radiative forcing (to use the technical term) from increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has been known for about a century, and there are no exemptions to the laws of physics. Anthropogenic global warming is real, and is a threat. We need to respond more vigorously than we have so far. If Australia is leading, it is doing so in the manner of the Duke of Plaza-Toro.


The Carbon Tax is a crock. The Carbon Tax is the biggest sham and scam forced on the public ever. Politicians who bought into this ridiculous way of sorting pollution were immoral. None of them stopped to ask them selves 'What is this really about?'. Any high school science student could tell them it was based on a fallacy. If you want to stop pollution, hunt down the polluters. Politicians sadly do not have the balls to do that.