Coalition threatens double-dissolution

AAP, with a staff reporter

The opposition is reportedly planning a double-dissolution election within five months of taking office if it wins the election but is blocked from repealing the carbon tax.

News Limited has obtained a working draft of the coalition's environmental plans and a timeline for winding back the laws.

The draft reportedly sets key dates to merge federal departments, outlines a direct action plan to offset or reduce carbon emissions, and includes details about a 35-year Great Barrier Reef protection strategy.

The Australian reported that opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt confirmed the working draft of the plan, which also lays out a timeline for merging federal departments, a direct action plan to offset or reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

According to the plan, on the first day of an Abbott government, the federal environment department would be instructed to prepare legislation to abolish the carbon tax.

A coalition government would bring laws to scrap the carbon tax before parliament on day 30, and if they were not passed, plans would be made for a double-dissolution election in five months, News Ltd reports.

Among other measures in the plan outlined by The Australian, a Coalition government would go ahead with its pledge to merge the climate change and environment departments.