Coal mines can't compete: report

More than half of thermal coal mines are operating at cash losses due to low prices, the until-recently high Australian dollar, elevated royalties, cost blowouts and the impact of the carbon tax, according to The Australian Financial Review.

Research commissioned by the Australian Coal Association (ACA) suggests Australian coal mines are increasingly unable to compete with rival mines elsewhere.

“I think [the coal industry] is in crisis,” former Macarthur Coal chairman Keith De Lacy told the AFR.

“It is running into a perfect storm.”

The research, conducted by consultants Wood Mackenzie, suggest more than 20 per cent of Australian coking coal mines have negative margins and 52 per cent have margins of less than $10 a tonne at current coal prices, including royalties and capital necessary to sustain production, the AFR added.

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Would have been a little bit more relevant pre-the AUD depression of late.


Yes, coal can compete. All that is required is the acceptance of science.

Leave the coal in the ground and flood an area with liquid CO2. The co-valent electrons will build up in the Liquid CO2. Einsteins superconductivity, tells you, that the electrons, will move slowly and in random fashion.

Now you have a very large battery, of electrons. So, sell them as electricity.

Coal has a lot of valence electrons, just tap them as I have described and you will save mining costs.

Burning coal, to create steam, to power a turbine, does not create electrons. Einstein told you "That energy, can neither be created, or destroyed". So, now I am telling you that electricity, is electron flow, so it is absurd to follow a process of burning coal, when the electrons are readily available.

It's all about cost reduction, so use the coal as an electron source.