Greens slam Coalition workplace package

By a staff reporter

The Australian Greens have called on Labor to guarantee they would join with the Greens in blocking Tony Abbott's workplace proposals if they come before Parliament.

Tony Abbott today flagged a crackdown on unions, an increase in individual flexible agreements and the reinstatement of the Australian Building and Construction Commission if he forms government after the election.

“The Greens will use our numbers in Parliament to stop any attempt to attack Australians’ rights at work,” Mr Bandt said.
“Labor needs to make clear where it stands before the election so voters know that the Greens would be able to block these laws if they come before the Parliament.”

Federal employment minister Bill Shorten told a media lunch in Brisbane today that his main concern was what it offered workers.

"So the real question for me is - what is in it for people ... have they ruled out attacking people's positions?"

Mr Bandt said Mr Abbott was "a wolf in sheep’s clothing".

"The history of WorkChoices shows that the Coalition promises one thing and does something else in government.”