Facebook phone on sale for 99c

US telco AT&T is looking to clear its range of Facebook Home enabled HTC smartphones less than a month after its debut.

The telco has begun selling the HTC First for 99c on a two-year plan – a typical clearance strategy that it uses when it’s looking to move old iPhones.

Despite the rather glossy headline figure, those who take up the deal will end up paying a minimum of $59.95 per month for 24 months. Customers will also have to pay a once off $36 activation fee, and varying level of tax depending on which state the phone is being purchased in. The minimum cost, excluding tax, is around $1470.

This entitles users to 450 minutes of calls and 300 MB of data.

AT&T is currently the only US provider to stock the new smartphone.

HTC currently has no plans to launch the device in Australia.

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