Zeebox to launch developer platform

Social TV developer Zeebox is gearing up to launch a platform that will allow budding developers to create their own content for TV shows and feature it on its social TV app.

Talking to Technology Spectator, Zeebox’s co-founder and CTO Anthony Rose said that soon anyone with the know-how and an idea on how to improve a show’s second-screen experience will be able to create their own multimedia for Zeebox.

“Over the coming weeks, we’ll be launching out Zeebox developer platform that is going to let initially industry developers create a lot more content themselves around shows and place that inside Zeebox,” Mr Rose said.

“We already provide tools to broadcasters… but we want to go further and make this a lot more of an open platform.”

“If you create a crazy game that you can play around a particular TV show, you should be able to wire that up through Zeebox through HTML5.”

“It should be a great publishing platform that brings the context of TV to particular experiences for particular shows,” Mr Rose said. 

Zeebox launched in Australia last November and has recently unveiled an Android version of its social TV app.

The UK-based company also has a presense in the US, but says its app has had a higher uptake rate in Australia than anywhere else in the world. 

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