Oppn calls off plans for no-confidence motion



The federal opposition has called off plans to lodge a no-confidence motion against the government, criticising independent MPs for failing to support the move.

Opposition manager of business Christopher Pyne said if there was no support for a no-confidence motion the coalition would not waste parliament's time debating the issue.

Mr Pyne met with a stinging response last week after writing to cross benchers in an attempt to gauge support for a motion against the Gillard government, which could have brought forward the federal election from September 14 to August 3.

"I made it clear to them ... that if we had an equivocal response from them we would take that to assume they were supportive of the government remaining in office and supportive of Julia Gillard," he told reporters in Canberra on Monday.

"Tony Windsor and Robert Oakeshott have indicated that they are in lock step with Julia Gillard."

Mr Pyne said he would not pursue the matter while parliament faced a mountain of work.

"There are 103 bills still to be debated in this parliament in the next three weeks," he said.

"So we won't be proceeding with the no-confidence motion unless we get an indication from the cross benchers that there's some prospect for its success."

Asked if parliament needed an additional time to deal with a stockpile of matters, Mr Pyne said the government had got itself in a "pretty pickle" by scheduling such a low number of sitting weeks.

"I assume that (Leader of the House) Anthony Albanese will want the parliament to sit for an extra week to deal with the backlog, but it would take at least a week," he said.

Despite the failed no-confidence motion, independent Queensland MP Bob Katter said he still planned to meet with government and coalition leaders to discuss the issues on which the proposal was based.

Mr Katter supports coalition plans to repeal the carbon tax, which he said was "the first of five reasons" for a no-confidence motion, outlined in Mr Pyne's letter.

Mr Katter acknowledged that if the no-confidence motion was to reach parliament, it would mean a shift in the polling day of only a few weeks.

"But we note also that six weeks can be a long time for people surviving on a week-to-week basis," he said.

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Windsor and Oakeshott are simply protecting their jobs

they must take the electorate for fools


The independents have an agreement with Labor on this sort of issue. It probably also includes some words about stable and good government. At this point it seems that the independents are bound to Labor/Greens as if there were no circumstances under which they would vote for no confidence. It would be interesting to see the text of the agreement. In my view the independents are not for a stable government - they want divided marginal governments so then they can be the kings pins in holding the sway of power.


How gutless. They'll have to stick with this Asbestos beat-up for a while longer then.


Pyne achieved his goal. Oakeshott and Windsor are strong supporters of Gillard. They are also more interested in collecting another 6 weeks pay ahead of their $150k redundancy when they are tossed out by their electorates. Those two fools alone have tarnished the independants forever more. A pair of idealistic fools who have cost this country dealy. I wonder how many hardworking decent Australians have had their lives ruined because of these two ALP pretenders. Shame on both of them. I will be pleased to see them go but also suspect they'll be well looked after by more tax payers and rate payers. They should apologise to the rest of Australia and not take any more from us.


What a waste of time trying to discredit the Government for personal interest and got backfired!!!!


Andrew, I can tell you that small business in this country is on the skids in a very severe economic downturn; this is not yet showing up in the official figures (or is being hidden). Businesses cannot pay their bills, employees are being laid off, the tax office is being ruthless with their debt recovery actions. In my opinion, this can be mainly attributed to the fact that the economy has basically closed down waiting for 14/9, and the PM is fully accountable for this because she foolishly announced the election date 9 months in advance. The sooner the election is held and we get some certainty the better; in the meantime we are in extremely dangerous economic waters my friend !


Andrew, there is no personal interest, it is in the interests of the country, but that probably does not matter to you in light of your comment. Either way the people of this country will vote in September and be rid of this disfunctional mob of losers. Having Labor in power for a further one day will just mean it will take that much longer to sort out the mess.


Sure thing Al... Christopher Pyne doesn't act out of personal interest. The man is a Saint... he's doing it for the benefit of his fellow man.
What have you been smoking????


103 Bills before parliament and what has the opposition got? Yes, one more useless negative that was dooemd for failure. Fortunately, we had some sane minds preventing further time wasting..
What a four years this country is in for. Greece, Spain, Italy, here we come, negative austerity!!!! Do the Howard again, put all the income under the mattess and do nothing.


No surprise, shown to be just another stunt, the list is very long.

When does the opposition ever follow through with threats and bluster.