CareerOne partners with Airtasker to corner casual jobs market

Job seeking site, CareerOne has joined forces with start-up Airtasker, in a bid to corner the short-term, casual job market.

The agreement will see CareerOne promote Airtasker’s micro-jobs to its 1.3 million job seeker network.

Jobs on Airtasker range from coffee runs through to casual construction jobs, and according to CareerOne can be used by job seekers to buffer their income while pursuing full-time employment.

"Employers, whether they be businesses or individuals are increasingly looking for people to help with individual tasks or short-term projects,” CareerOne CEO Karen Lawson said.

“The burgeoning ‘task economy’ is a natural extension of the online job market and we see plenty of opportunity for both job seekers and employers to benefit by making it easier for them to connect.”

“As we see the incredible growth of more flexible and what could only be called casual job opportunities in the workplace, CareerOne working together with Airtasker provides a way for Australian job seekers to tap into all types of employment opportunities in one place and employers to build a more dynamic network of individuals for jobs of all sizes.” 

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