Thomas Duryea takes lead in Oxfam Australia’s IT revamp

Australian IT solutions firm, Thomas Duryea (TD) has been awarded a leading role in a tri-partnership to overhaul Oxfam Australia’s IT infrastructure.

Working with two other firms that Oxfam has not disclosed, TD will refresh one of the firm’s data centres, decommission another, and then move the majority of Oxfam Australia’s public facing services and data recovery systems to the cloud.

The revamp is pitched as a strategic stepping stone in a plan to virtualise all of Oxfam's IT systems and move them onto cloud in the next four years. 

TD is set to handle around 70 per cent of the work on the project, which is set to be completed by mid-October.

“Based on the full tri-partner approach including Thomas Duryea Consulting’s awarded share, we expect a 20 per cent saving in costs, over the next four years,” technical infrastructure manager at Oxfam Australia Grant Holton-Picard said.

“This is a great result, as it means we will be able to put more back into our fight against global poverty,” he said.

The deal came as a result of TD’s longstanding work with Oxfam Australia, which has seen the firm deliver IT services to the charity for the past four years. 

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