Content industry rallies against IT price inquiry findings

Australian online media companies have labelled the IT price inquiry’s goal of abolishing geoblocking as naïve, implying that the bipartisan committee tabling the report has failed to understand how the practice impacts the content industry.

“The idea that Australia would unilaterally decide to change the way in which intellectual property rights are managed globally seems quite ridiculous to us,” Foxtel’s director of corporate affairs Bruce Meagher told The Australian Financial Review.

“We think it’s a very naive view that the committee has taken and we’ll certainly be talking to both the government and the opposition to encourage them to take a more sophisticated view of the way these things work,” he said.

A campaign from the government to promote using a VPN or DNS service to access to Netflix or Hulu, could also exaggerate the tense relationship between the studios and media companies.

QuickFlix CEO Stephen Langford said the companies providing video content to Netflix would not condone the service not acting to further any access attempts by Australian users. 

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