Dotcom's Mega looks to fill email security gap left by Lavabit

Kim Dotcom’s Mega service is developing a secure email service that may fill the void left by Lavabit, when it decided to close down its service in fear comprimising its users privacy. 

According to ZDnet, the site has already been asked by its users to build such a system. The closure of Lavabit has given the company an added incentive to move into the space.

Mega chief executive Vikram Kumar said it would be tough to provide a service that fits with Mega’s “end to end encryption” mantra.

"The biggest tech hurdle is providing email functionality that people expect, such as searching emails, that are trivial to provide if emails are stored in plain text (or available in plain text) on the server side," he told ZDnet.

"If all the server can see is encrypted text, as is the case with true end-to-end encryption, then all the functionality has to be built client side. [That's] not quite impossible, but very, very hard.”