Palmer to block Abbott in Senate

AAP, with a staff reporter

Mining magnate Clive Palmer says his party will block Tony Abbott's policy agenda in the Senate unless there's electoral reform.

Mr Palmer now says he won't win the Queensland seat of Fairfax because the electoral system is corrupt.

The Australian Electoral Commission website has Mr Palmer as the frontrunner in the race for the Sunshine Coast seat, with 51.83 per cent of the vote after preferences.

But the Palmer United Party (PUP) founder says his Liberal National Party rival Ted O'Brien is likely to get over the line by a few hundred votes.

"I'd be highly surprised if I won," he told AAP.

"But there's absolutely no way I will win based voting irregularities and the security of the ballots."

Mr Palmer says if he fails to win Fairfax, two PUP candidates expected to be elected to the Senate will block Tony Abbott's policies unless electoral reform is promised.

"We think it's a corrupt system. Until that's sorted out Abbott won't be getting any legislation through the Senate with our support," Mr Palmer said.

Earlier, Mr Palmer told The Australian Financial Review his party would look at each individual piece of legislation in the Senate on its own merits.

"We won’t be doing blanket deals," he said.

PUP is expected to win two Senate spots: Glenn Lazarus in Queensland and Jacqui Lambie in Tasmania.

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Comments Policy »'d better be in the Senate for the right reason. Are you ( or more correctly your party) in there to make life difficult for Mr Abbott or to do good for Australia?
Palmer is a clown, thinking his money can buy anything including his opinion. I do not believe he or his party will last, the Australian people are not all that dumb all the time
Err, we're dealing with Queenslanders here Alistair, not Australians in general!
Clive Palmer may find out that "his" Senate team once they are comfortable in their high paid job for a guaranteed six years may do what is good for THEM and not what is good for HIM. A Double Dissolution will be the LAST thing they want.
I voted in Fairfax on Saturday and up until his interview with Karl Stephanovic he had my vote. The guy comes across as the Overweight Bully boy in the School Yard who can push you around. He's a buffoon. If it's not Clive's way, it's the wrong way. Pity really.
The thing is, Clive Palmer hasn't changed - but the reporting on him has. Sure, he is a clown. It wasn't long ago though, that News Ltd ran stories on him, praising him, featuring special commentary on him - because he was savagely attacking Gillard and Rudd and was a National / Liberal member. He was promoted as a champion of the people, a voice of reason by News Ltd. His eccentricity and hair-brained schemes haven't changed, except he left the Coalition and competed against them. Suddenly, there are all these mocking articles, character assassinations, media write ups, reported 'break downs' in the media, and ex-Liberal mates bagging him as a joke. Amazing what happens when you change political preferences. Reminds me of Peter Slipper - one of Abbott's closest friends, a man of upstanding values and integrity, a true Liberal stalwart, etc etc.... until he decided to take the job as speaker, removing a vote from the Liberal floor, then overnight he was most reviled man in the media, a low-life scum and always had been, (all these old stories the media had on file but had never reported on came to light) and somehow a representation of Labor... I think this explains the 'unity' that the Liberal party show. Because the cost of stepping out of line is just extraordinary.
What sort of reforms do you propose Mr. Palmer?
Just how is Clive going to impose his wishes on the two probable PUP Senators?